Top 10 Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

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The natives have been taking advantage of the benefits of green tea since ancient times and now it is being popular all around the World. Due to its so many amazing benefits, it will not be wrong to call it the Wonder Beverage. What sets it apart from its black-tea counterpart is the processing method; unlike black tea, green tea processing avoids fermentation which allows it to retain maximum amounts of anti-oxidants and poly-phenols. In order to enjoy maximum benefits and flavor of green tea, it is imperative to brew it at the right temperature and for the right time. Boil the water to ‘first boil’ and let it sit for a while since the ideal temperature is 180 degrees F (80 degrees C) and brew it for about 1-3 minutes (depending on type). Here is a list of the top 10 benefits of drinking green tea so you can feel motivated and also enjoy its benefits by having it twice/thrice a day.

Green Tea

10. Skincare

There are three main qualities of green tea which add up to boost skin health. Firstly, it has hydration benefits-hydration is not only important for a person’s over-all health but it is also important for a glowing skin. Secondly, the anti-oxidants found in green tea deter pre-mature aging process by fighting off free radicals. This means it not only contributes to a person’s over-all longevity but also helps in preventing wrinkles. Lastly, along with your sun-screen, drinking green tea can provide you with maximum protection against Sun’s harmful UV rays.

9. Tooth Decay

There are hundreds of bacteria living inside our mouth which produce acid, leading to cavities and tooth decay. Green tea contains a compound called catechin which prevents this bacterial activity, thus, preventing tooth decay. This has been proven in an Egyptian based study. In addition, green tea acts as an anti-inflammatory which controls gum diseases-this claim has been validated by Japanese as well as German studies.

8. Depression

According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (conducted by Dr. Kaijun Niu) green tea can help against depression. The secret lies in the amino acid, L-Theanine which is present in green tea. This type of amino acid acts as a tranquilizer leading to relaxation and reduced stress. It also stimulates the hormone dopamine, hence, promoting a happy mood. Although depression must be treated in the care of a qualified physician, green tea can aid in the process.

7. Anti-bacterial/Anti-viral

We encounter numerous bacteria and viruses in our environment every day. Green tea provides a natural shield against many such micro-organisms by enhancing our immune systems. The Polyphenols and Flavanoids in the green tea are responsible for many health benefits including boosting of the immune system. In addition, vitamin C present in green tea helps against cold and flu. Moreover, the catechins present in this beverage have anti-microbial properties, thus, preventing the spread of many diseases.

6. Weight Management

If you want to cut down on your extra fat, fret not! Green tea increases the rate of calorie burning, helps to maintain a healthy metabolism, reduces bad cholesterol, and detoxifies the body. The polyphenols present in the green tea increases fat oxidization. Consumption of green tea and its correlation against obesity has been discussed in various studies such as Bell and Goodrick, 2002. Thus, it provides a natural method to maintain a healthy weight.

5. Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

These days memory loss is an issue not only for the old but also the young. A great and natural way to counter this problem is available in the form of this wonderful beverage. The polyphenols present in green tea help to main cognitive and mental health. Regular consumption of green tea will keep the brain cells from dying, hence, preventing mental degeneration and memory loss. This means that neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s can be controlled by drinking green tea regularly.

4. Cancer

Cancer is considered as one of the most fear inducing disease names present today in the World. However, there is a preventive natural solution which might not completely finish off the risk but will certainly reduce it. According to an article published by the Harvard Health Publications (Harvard Medical School), “Studies have found an association between consuming green tea and a reduced risk for several cancers, including, skin, breast, lung, colon, esophageal, and bladder.” The reason for this wondrous power lies in the anti-oxidants and other great compounds present in green tea which starve off cancerous tumors; they kill the cancerous cells without harming the healthy body cells. If you were in doubt before, now you should certainly add green tea to your diet.

3. Diabetes

Green tea can do wonders for type 2 diabetes patients by controlling the blood sugar levels. According to a study conducted by Jae-Hyung Park of the Keimyung University School of Medicine, when green tea is given along with polyethylene glycol, there is significant improvement regarding reduction in glucose intolerance and insulin resistance. Although the research is in process, but nevertheless, green tea has been linked with diabetes control.

2. Blood Pressure

Hypertension, commonly known as ‘high blood pressure’ is the most common cause of the development of heart diseases. According to a study conducted over a year and published in The Archives of Internal Medicine, drinking green tea reduces the risk of hypertension. It was revealed that drinking as little as half a cup of green tea per day can lead to a 46% lower risk of developing hypertension compared to those who do not drink this tea. And as the consumption increases, the benefits also increase-drinking more than two and a half cups of green tea per day can reduce this risk by 65%. So if you are a habitual Green Tea consumer of the correct amount, you have your armor up against hypertension.

1. Heart Diseases

Green tea can protect your heart by maintaining the health of blood vessels and preventing clotting. The flavanoids present in green tea help to relax the lining of the blood vessels, making it easier for the blood to flow. Also, it prepares the vessels to withstand blood pressure. Studies proving a link between Green Tea consumption and reduced cardiovascular diseases include Hertog et al.1993 and Keli et al. 1995 (against stroke). In addition, as discussed earlier, by controlling hypertension Green Tea further reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. As we have reached the last and #1 benefit of Green Tea, hopefully many of you will take advantage of this wondrous beverage.

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