Top 10 Benefits of Swimming in the Pool

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Back in the year 1985 a movie was released named Cocoon. In that movie a group of elderly adults find out that their nearby swimming pool has some supernatural powers to imbue them with a new strength and energy. And the youth pool actually gave them the youthful powers. But let me tell you something, it does not take an alien technology or super natural powers to reap the benefits of a swimming pool.

Even without the aid of these forces, the regular swimming pools also offer everyone, especially the elders and adults, a great range of health benefits. If you want to feel younger and more energetic, come and dive with me into these 10 benefits of swimming in the pool. Swimming is not just a relaxing activity but it has a lot of health benefits too. The list has been made to convince non-swimmers that swimming is one of the best exercises in the world.


10. Do More with Less

If Aerobics offer great health; swimming does no less either. If you want to work you body without harsh impact on your bones swimming is best suited exercise. When you are submerged into water, your body becomes lighter automatically. When you dunk yourself to the chest into the water, your body carries just 35 percent of your weight.

If you want to work your sore joints and stiff muscles, swimming pool provides you with the best atmosphere. A few laps in the pool and aerobic exercise both are very good exercises for people suffering from arthritis. And if the pool is heated it is just perfect for the arthritis patients.

9. Increased Strength and Muscle tone

Has it ever happened that you saw a skinny dolphin or a competitive swimmer who is very weak? Well, I don’t think any such thing exists even. Compared to other exercises, swimming provides you with great muscles and strength. While swimming you are propelling yourself through water; and that means that you have to move your arms and legs simultaneously. The whole body is working out while you are swimming. Also this watery workout is very much beneficial for improved and stronger bones.

8. Improved Flexibility

Swimming has its muscular effects on the body but that does not mean that your body will become stiff. Like when we use the machines in gym, our body becomes stiff. That is probably because in gym we workout on one body part at one time. On the other hand when you are swimming your arms move in wide arcs, spine and head twist side to side and the hips are also engaged when legs scissor through the water. Moreover as you are moving forward you are also stretching your body. And these stretches also help in making the body more flexible. Beyond natural gains if you wish to improve your flexibility I will advise you to become a regular swimmer.

7. Healthier Heart

Keeping apart the benefits of swimming upon quads, triceps and pectorals, it also helps to keep healthy the most important part of our bodies; the human heart. By swimming on regular basis not only helps your heart grow larger in size but it also helps it to pump blood more efficiently. If you are still not impressed to go for swimming let me tell you one thing more. The American Heart Association has reported that daily 30 minutes of exercise (like swimming) per day can reduce the coronary heart disease in women from 30-40 percent.

6. Control your weight

There was time people believed that because water is cooler than our body temperatures so water workouts won’t be much helpful in losing weights. But now like many old ideas about exercise, this concept has also changed. The same number of calories you burn in exercise can be burnt more easily in swimming. If you want to boost the calorie burning then you can try taking intervals and then you can work for your shortest bursts and recover again.

5. Improved Asthma Symptoms

If you exercise in gym, you may feel the dryness in the air; but swimming provides the chance to work out in moist air which reduces the workout-induced asthma symptoms. Swimming on regular basis can teach your lungs proper breathing techniques and increased lung volume as well.

4. Improved Cholesterol

If you want to be healthy it is very much dependent upon your cholesterol ratio in your body. Swimming takes care of the right kind of cholesterol level in your body. Swimming also keeps your endothelium in good condition. Many would say, what is endothelium? It is a thin layer that lines the arteries. It is one of best benefits that swimming gives and I hope that fat people will be convinced for swimming after reading it.

3. Lower Risk of Diabetes

Warding off diabetes is a major worry for most of us. And there are a few prescriptions as powerful as aerobics. The American Diabetes Association has stated that if you want to control the glycemic level you should work out at least 150 minutes in a pool per week.

2. Lower Stress, Higher Spirits and a Better Brain

William Wilson, the very well-known swimmer, stated in his book about his experiences in water that how happy he became as he came out of the pool after swimming. May be in the 90’s he did not know that science would actually prove this. Swimming reduces stress and so it provides you with higher spirits, just like yoga.

1. Longer Life

I hope all the above reasons and benefits of swimming would have convinced you to go out and give your time to the pool once a week at least but if you are still not convinced here is something which everyone asks for, yes a longer life. That surely does not mean that I promise Aquaman, mortality; but swimming does reduce the chances of death. Researches have shown that those who swim have a 50 percent less death rate that those who don’t.

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