Top 10 Best Android Apps to Use in 2013

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Ever since the advent of the android technology, millions of applications have been introduced in different android play stores. Among all of them, the Google play store is the best of all. There are applications which ease your life style or entertain you. Many of these are games that have a story line that would make you sit on the couch with hours of fun and entertainment. These applications are the best means of fun in leisure time. Here in this article we have made a list of the top 10 best android applications that are a ‘must have’ in you android device.

10. Fetch


Fetch is an application which is powered by tags. As the name indicates, it fetches the applications that you want to search on the play stores. If you do not know the name of the application and want to search it, it gets simple with fetch. Just enter the traits or category of what kind of application you want to download and fetch will get it for you. For example if you want to get war games, just type it in and you will know what are the best war games on the play store for you.

9. Swizzle


Want to learn how to be a cool bartender while staying at home? It gets so simple with swizzle. Now mix drinks and make cool cocktails with the help of Swizzle. This application here has thousands of recipes and formulas of drinks whether they are non-alcoholic or alcoholic. There is also a My Cabinet section in which you can store your creations and share them with your friends out there.

8. Overkill 2

Overkill 2

Bang! Here is a game for the action and gun lovers. People out there who love to customize guns would surely love this application. This game is the sequel of Overkill. But it is much more advanced and has more variety of guns. Additional feature is that it comes now with 3D. Customize the guns the way you want to and get them ready for action.

7. Rando


This is a kind of weird and unique app. All of us who have android gadgets love to take photos and share them with our friends to get appreciation. But the idea of this app is a little different. This app allows you to show your photography skills to the random strangers. The idea is surely addictive and never lets you get bored. I wonder why it still has not been one of the most downloaded apps in the play store.

6. Flatout: Stuntman

Flatout Stuntman

Team6 Game Studious has been working a lot on providing its fans with the best gaming experience on android gadgets. And they are quite successful in achieving their aim. Last month Flatout Stuntman was the most downloaded and encouraged game of all. The mobile version of this app provides you with no less gaming experience than on a gaming console. And the best part, its free! So do check it out.

5. Burner


Need a disposable number? Do you like to sell items on Craigslist? Then Burner will make your way easy and simple. The app allows you to maintain a pool of numbers that you rent-on demand and then you just dispose them off when they are no more needed. Although the app is not free but still, it was released last week and it is competing other apps in the market. Since its release it also got an update as well. I think the developer is very much concerned about the success of the app so keep sharing your feedbacks.

4. InCall Recorder

InCall Recorder

First thing about this app is that it is the one call recording app that actually works. Secondly it is totally free. So there is no need for buying call recording apps when you have InCall Recorder. One advice before you download this app is that filter the Google Play Store reviews by your device because some of the users are commenting that it is not compatible with their devices.

3. Twilight


Finally we have a health category application that makes its name in the top android apps. The app got a lot of buzz in the store and we hope it will live up to the hype. This app makes your device’s screen adapt to the time of the day. It filters the blue spectrum on the device’s screen after sunset and protects your eyes with a pleasant red filter. Do try it its free and its awesome.

2. Status Agenda

Status Agenda

Nothing to set up with status Agenda as it synchronizes with Google Calendar. The advantage is that it allows your calendars to be in the notification pull-down area. Users have rated it 4.4 in Google Play. No more need to put a calendar on your home screen any more. It is also one of the must have Android apps of 2013.

1. Facebook Home

Facebook Home

How can anyone neglect the world’s largest social networking site? The new Facebook Home app provides you with the coolest feature of Chat Heads. Delete the Facebook messenger app and download the all in one Facebook App and get connected to your friends. It is the best Android app to use in 2013.

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