Top 10 Best Batsmen in the World in 2013

| April 17, 2013

Cricket, which is regarded as the game of gentlemen, has been witnessing great changes not only in its rules and regulations, but also in the trends and styles. With the introduction of new format, T20, the traditional style of playing cricket with a cool mind is changed. Now the batsmen are required not only to stay calm and show patience on the crease, but they also are expected to maintain a decent run rate along with a long stay on wicket. Therefore, with the introduction of these new trends, only those batsmen are able to survive and perform better who have adapted their techniques with these new requirements. Moreover, back to back test series, one day and T20 matches, batsmen are supposed to possess versatility in their approaches. Therefore, in the wake of such a competitive environment, batsmen off all teams are striving to their best to perform best in all formats of game. Following is the list of top 10 best batsmen in the world in 2013. This ranking of batsmen is based on their recent performances, their current run rates, averages and their achievements such as man of the match and man of the series.

10. Alastair Cook

Alastair Cook

In the very young age, Alastair Cook has been given with the responsibility of leading the team of England. So far, he has proved himself very competitive for this position. Along with better performance of England in all formats of game in recent years, Alastair Cook has enhanced the quality of his performance as well. In recent matches against Sri Lanka, Cook has shown great performance. He scored a century and was also awarded with man of match award in 4 different matches. This young left handed batsmen, with calmness and patience always reflecting from his body language, has a very elegant and sophisticated style of batting. He plays the cut short and hook short with great ease and perfectness.

9. Younis Khan

Younis Khan

The main batsmen of Pakistani middle order, Younis Khan, possess great ability of staying on crease with patience. Always having a smiling face, this experienced player is known for building innings with ease. Although he has announced retirement from the shortest format of the game i.e. T20, Younis Khan has improved his performance in both test and one day cricket. With the average of 37 in one day cricket, he also possesses a decent strike rate of above 70. His recent performances against India helped him improve his batting ranking. Younis Khan plays the fast as well as spin bowlers with equal ease. Sweep short is one of his most favorite shorts.

8. Michael Clarke

Michael Clarke

Michael Clare is regarded as the backbone of Australian middle order. His contributions in the winnings of Australian team in previous years are beyond any question. With the experience of more than 200 matches, Clarke has proved himself to be an integral part of Australian one day and test sides. His recent performances against Sri Lanka at home have helped him in great deal to improve his ranking. No matter what the situation is, he absorbs the pressure with patience and knows well how to mount the innings. The main attribute of his career is his fitness.

7. Jonathan Trott

Jonathan Trott

Jonathan Trott is gifted batsman who has proved to be a great addition in England’s middle order. He is an emerging star with a very good average and strike rate. He has played very handing innings in recent years which played a vital role in key successes of England in all formats of the game. Among the favorite shorts of Trott is the one which he plays through extra cover. Once he settles down at crease, it becomes very difficult for all the bowlers to create difficulties for him.

6. Gautam Gambhir

Gautam Gambhir

This left handed batsman is the opener of Indian cricket team. His technique is generally aggressive in nature. Gautam Gambhir has proved himself to be an ivportant part of Indian cricket team. His performance in all formats of the game has earned him much fame and popularity. He plays the cut short, pull short and straight drive with equal ease.

5. M. S. Dhoni

M. S. Dhoni

The captain of Indian cricket team, Dhoni, possesses a very unconventional and unique style. He has assumed the responsibility of strengthening the lower middle order of Indian batting line and has performed this task very well. He is well known for his famous helicopter short. He has the ability to mount the run rate of team in no time and has always proved to be very dangerous particularly in the last overs of the innings.

4. Shane Watson

Shane Watson

Originally included as an all rounder in the Australian team, Shane Watson is now regarded as a well recognized batsman in Australian batting line. He opens the innings for his team, in recent years, Shane Watson really has improved a lot and is now considered as very dangerous against every team particularly in one day and T20. His recent performances in T20 World Cup helped the Australian team in reaching the finals with great ease.

3. Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli

This guy is emerging as a new star in Indian cricket. His consistent performance, very good average and strike rate has helped him earn a key position in Indian side. With his elegant personality and stylish batting style, Kohli is highly popular among the Indian youngsters. He has proved to be a great substitute for Rahul Dravid and has been contributing in team’s victories in great deal. He is the most dangerous batsman of the world in 2013.

2. Kumar Sangakkara

Kumar Sangakkara

A very calm and patient player, Kumar Sangakkara, is undoubtedly the greatest all rounder in Sri Lankan team. He is not only a great wicket keeper, but also a consistent batsman who has lifted the team out of dangers on innumerable occasions. He is expert in building innings with patience. Kumar Sangakkara keeps an eagle eye on the situation and adopts the batting strategy accordingly. His batting averages, strike rate and achievements have helped him to be regarded as among the best batsmen of the world.

1. Hashim Amla

Hashim Amla

South Africans are lucky to find a consistent, stylish and match winning player in shape of Hashim Amla. His unmatchable performances in recent years have helped him earn the position of number one batsman in ICC’s official ranking. Hashim Amla is the only player after Ricky Ponting to assume the number one rank in both tests and one day format at the same time. His recent performance against Pakistan helped the South African team in making clean sweep in test series. He is world’s best batsman as well as the most attacking batsman of 2013.

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