Top 10 Best Bowlers in the World – 2013

| March 20, 2013

With the introduction of latest trends in the world cricket, it has become highly difficult for a bowler to perform well with consistency. The new format, T20, has simply transformed the traditions styles and trends of world cricket. Since there is more cricket played today than any time in the past, the bowlers find it very difficult to sustain their form for all the formats equally. Moreover, particularly the fast bowlers have to face very serious problems of fitness due to back to back matches. It is observed that many fast bowlers quit the game during the very early stages of their career, while others keep on struggling throughout their career. However, there are some names that really have performed well in all formats of the game. They have not only maintained their fitness, but have also improved their skills and performances with each passing year. Moreover, with the induction of new rules in cricket, bowlers have to adopt themselves with these new regulations, such as the revised rules of power play and permission of bowling 1 bouncer in the over. Following is the list of top 10 best bowers in the world in 2013. This ranking is based on their performances in all the formats of games recently played.

10. B.W. Hilfenhaus

B.W. Hilfenhaus

B.W. Hilfenhaus is Australian right arm fast bowler. He has got pace, he has precision and moreover, he has got accuracy. His recent performances in one day and test matches have helped him to earn a permanent position in Australian side. His current rating in current ICC ranking is 721 and he falls at number 10 on ranking list.

9. P.P. Ojha

P.P. Ojha

P.P. Ojha is Indian right arm spin bowler. He is a talented guy who is making his name on the basis of his consistent hard work. His current ICC rating is 739 due to which he is included in the list of top 10 best bowlers of the world. His recent performance against England helped him in a great deal to improve his ranking and strengthen his position in Indian team.

8. M. Morkel

M. Morkel

This tall South African guy knows well how to use his gifted height well. His accurate line and length are the hallmark of his bowling. His current ICC rating is 747, which places him on number 8 on the list of top 10 best bowlers in the world. His recent performances against Australia helped him in great deal to improve his ranking.

7. G.P. Swann

G.P. Swann

With the ICC rating of 755, Swan enjoys the 7th position in world ranking of bowlers. G.P. Swan is a decent gentleman of England. He is right arm off-spinner, who has proved himself to be a very dangerous bowler in recent years. His performance against Pakistan helped him improve his ranking in recent times.

6. J.M. Anderson

J.M. Anderson

Anderson is a smart and handsome guy in English cricket team. He is right arm medium fast bowler who has got the ability to swing the new ball with great control. His early overs cause a great trouble for the openers of the opponent teams. Owing to his rating of 759 points, Anderson is placed at number 6 on the list of top 10 best bowlers of the world.

5. P.M. Siddle

P.M. Siddle

Siddle is right arm fast bowler of Australia and is known for his angry looks towards the batsmen. He has got speed, he has got precision and accuracy, and above all he has got the ability to swing the ball both ways. Therefore, he causes great troubles for the opposing batsmen. His recent performance against Srilanka at home improved his rating points to 800, and therefore, he is placed on the number 5 of international ranking of fast bowlers.

4. H.K. Herath

H.K. Herath

H.K. Herath is left arm spinner of Srilanka. Although he had to struggle hard during earlier days of his career, yet he kept on working hard, and now has improved himself a lot. His consistent length and wicket to wicket bowling does not allow the batsman to play his shorts at free will, and thus tempts him to play wrong short which often costs him his wicket. Herath’s recent performance against New Zealand helped him improve his rating to 809, and therefore he is enjoying the number four position on ranking list.

3. Saeed Ajmal

Saeed Ajmal

Saeed Ajmal is right arm off-spin bowler of Pakistan. He has shown extra ordinary performance in recent years and has strengthened his position in the team. He is largely famous for effective use of his “doosra” delivery which has put all the greatest batsmen of the world in great troubles. His recent performance against England and Srilanka has further improved his ranking. With 832 points, Saeed Ajmal is placed on 3rd position in the list.

2. V.D. Philander

V.D. Philander

Philander is an emerging bowler of South Africa who has shown great skills of bowling in recent days. His brilliant and excellent performance against New Zealand at home ground has placed him on the 2nd number on the list of top 10 best bowlers in the world- 2013. His current ICC rating is 859.

1. D.W. Steyn

D.W. Steyn

Styen is undoubtedly the greatest fast bowler of present times. He has got the pace, and ability to swing the ball in both ways. Through his consistent performances, he has greatly contributed in the victories of South Africa. His current ICC rating is 876, and he tops the list of best bowlers, therefore, he is regarded as the best bowler of the world in 2013.

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