Top 10 Best Brands of Mobile Phones in 2013

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Mobile phones have assumed a very important and essential position in our lives. People have become so accustomed to these mobile phones that even thinking of living without it makes most of them worried. The function of mobile phones is no more confined merely to making calls or sending text messages. These mobile phones offer people different kind of applications which are used for different purposes. They help them to do office work on mobile phones, to stay connected with the outer world through internet, and to entertain themselves via video games and other media applications. There are different mobile phones producing brands which keep these demands of people in consideration before producing their commodities. These brands are in constant competition with each other as people have become more conscious of quality than ever. This article is an attempt to familiarize our readers about these mobile phone producing brands. Following is the list of top 10 best brands of mobile phones in 2013. This categorization is based on the quality of their products, their popularity among the general public, and their relative prices.

10. Motorola


Motorola enjoys a very significant position in the field of information technology. The mobile phones produced by Motorola are widely used by the millions of people around the world. The mobile phones, smart phones, and tablets of Motorola are highly appreciated as they are very user friendly and offer great variety of applications. However, Motorola could not sustain the market share which it enjoyed few years back due to which its position has significantly fallen.

9. HTC


HTC is one the fastest growing brands of mobile phones. It is observed that a great number of people all around the world are now using the mobile phone of HTC. The significant features of the mobile phones of HTC are its graphics, applications and battery life. However, many customers complain of the shortage of in-built memory of the mobile phones of HTC which adversely affects its position in the market.

8. Sony


Sony, being one of the most trusted and well reputed brands in the field of electronics, is widely used brand across the globe. The estimated revenue of more than $6.4 billion, Sony enjoys a significant position in the market. The mobile phones of this brand are used with great trust which largely attracts all sorts of customers. It is world’s 8th best cell phone brand in 2013.

7. Huawei


Huawei is Chinese based brand which has a global reach to almost 140 countries. It has gained great share in the international market in the recent years. The products of this mobile phone producing brand are used worldwide which helps it to manage the 7th position on our list of top 10 best brands of mobile phones in 2013.

6. Blackberry


Blackberry is usually attributed to the customers from elite class. The applications offered by this brand are exemplary and are second to none in the field of mobile phones. However, the prices of Blackberry are not affordable by all the customers due to which the customers of this brand are not as much as of others.

5. LG


Another trusted nave in the field of electronics, LG, is highly popular brand in all the continents of the world. With the sale of over 116 million handsets, LG is regarded among the biggest manufacturer of mobile phones in the world. The mobile phones produced by this famous brand are used with great trust which helps it secure a significant position in the international market.

4. ZTE


ZTE enjoys the 4th position on our list of top 10 best brands of mobile phones in 2013. ZTE is basically Chinese based brand and is regarded as one of the biggest telecommunication companies of the world. The mobile phones of ZTE are used not only in China, but are also sold in Australia, USA, Germany and many other countries of the world.

3. Apple


Apple has simply revolutionized the industry of mobile phones. The hallmark of Apple is its smart phone which considerably leaves behind all other mobile phones. The applications offered by this famous brand greatly attract the customers who use mobile phones for different purposes. Since a great number of people use the mobile phones of Apple, therefore it enjoys the 3rd position on our list of top 10 best brands of mobile phones in 2013.

2. Nokia


Nokia undoubtedly is the largest producer of mobile phones all over the world. It has been leading the market by capturing the largest share in international market of mobile phones since last 2 decades. It is estimated that Nokia has earned revenue of over $38 billion, which helps it to surpass all the other brands significantly. The hallmark of Nokia is that it produces mobile phones of all types, by addressing the needs and demands of customers of all categories.

1. Samsung


Here comes the name which is regarded as the best brand of mobile phones in 2013, Samsung. Android OS Smart phones of Samsung has simply revolutionized the international market. The public response towards the latest products of Samsung is more than encouraging and helps the Samsung to capture the most of the share in the modern market.

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