Top 10 Best Comedy TV Shows of 2013

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With so many funny and comedy tv shows out there, it can be hard to weed through and pick the gems that will keep you hooked season after season.  Also, it can be easy to miss some of the great, lesser-known shows.  In this list I go through the top 10 best comedy television shows  of 2013, and share with you why you should check them out.  Enjoy!

best comedy tv shows 2013

 1: Arrested Development

Back by popular demand, Arrested Development is a smart, quirky, hilarious show that will make you laugh out loud one minute and cringe the next.  In this new season – exclusively on Netflix – the characters have come back older, but not much wiser. Which makes for some awesome plots and maddening mishaps.  Not quite as good as its past seasons (it’s aging), but still worth watching.

2: New Girl

Zooey Deschanel makes this show worth watching – it could easily be called the Zooey Deschanel show, but New Girl works too.  This is a love it or leave it show; if you aren’t a fan of Zooey (or Jess, as her character is named), you probably won’t like the show.  Classic sitcom setup with mini-problem, silly conflicts, final resolution.  There’s a cute love story plot line running through that you won’t want to miss.

3: Parks and Recreation

This is a best show that will make you laugh while watching it, and laugh later when you replay it in your head.  It follows the adventures of a well-meaning government worker (played by Amy Poehler) and her oddball staff.  One of the more intelligent and likable comedies out there.

4: Modern Family

A show surrounding the ups and downs of an extended family as they navigate modern life.  The father, Phil, is dorky and loveable, and goes beyond the typical father stereotyping of recent television – he is also portrayed as someone to be respected and admired.  Sophia Vergara steals the show as a fiery Columbian wife/mother.  The dynamics of the character relationships are goofy, oddly realistic, and often touching.

5: The Big Bang Theory

Back for its seventh season, The Big Bang Theory has a wide fanbase for its straight, formulaic comic appeal.  It follows our nerdy, socially awkward scientists as they interact with their hot, somewhat ditzy, neighbor.  Plots are nothing astounding, but enjoyable in their predictability.  Big laughs come from Sheldon, the most extreme of the nerds (with an unspoken case of Aspergers), taking almost everything very literally.

6: 30 Rock

There is nothing not to love about 30 Rock.  Seriously.  Its writing is quick and witty, and its cast is talented with wonderful comedic timing.  Tina Fey plays her character as both pathetic (awkward, dorky) and respectable (smart, hard-working); and her interactions with the people around her are hilarious and subtly thought-provoking.

7: Cougar Town

Highly underrated, in my opinion, Cougar Town has nothing to do with cougars.  It left that plot direction behind after the first couple episodes in the first season.  The title is now a huge joke, with a different subheading every episode poking fun of it.  Courtney Cox’s character is similar to her famed Monica on Friends, but is different enough to draw the viewer into the new world.  The show follows the escapades of Jules (Courtney Cox), whose not-so-subtle wine problem and control issues are played to their full comedic potential.

8: Community

Community is the greatest show ever ever EVER.  Alright, actually it had a bit of a bummer season because the creator/writer Dan Harmon was kicked off the show.  But he’s coming back, and coming back strong.  This show works on many levels and is tightly written to create characters that are believable in their absurdity.  It’s a bit of a social commentary, but in the most enjoyable of ways.  The character relationship development is wonderful to watch, and Troy and Abed will make your day.  Month.  Year.

9: How I met your mother

Oldie but a goodie.  How I met your Mother is a long-running, classic sitcom that centers around the adventures of a friend group.  Each episode is a story in the main character’s life about various shenanigans he gets into during the years leading up to meeting his future wife.

10: The Office

After Michael Scott (the lead character, a bumbling, awkward boss) left, The Office hasn’t been the same.  Still, the final season was worth watching, if only for the sake of nostalgia.  See how the characters have developed over the course of the show, and cringe at the ridiculous antics that are still occurring.  Dwight never quite grew up.

Which one is your favorite comedy TV shows of 2013 that makes you laugh?

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