Top 10 Best Cosmetics Brands of 2013

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To look beautiful is the natural instinct of every individual. Human beings, particularly women, are inclined towards beautification of their beings and for this purpose they use different kinds of materials that could help them to remove dirt and keep their bodies as attractive as possible. Keeping in view this instinct of human beings, there are many companies which are producing cosmetic products and are highly popular in the international markets. These cosmetics brands produce a different and vast variety of products, such as perfumes, creams, lip liners and many more. Since there is abundance of such brands in the market, therefore an individual finds itself in trouble making a decision of selecting cosmetic brand. It is observed that these cosmetic brands do huge publicity in order to attract the customers towards their products. This article is an attempt to familiarize the people about the best cosmetic brands of the world. Following is the list of top 10 best cosmetic brands in 2013. This list is categorized on the base of popularity of these brands among the general public. The views of public have also been considered while making this list.

10. Clinique


Clinique is one of the most widely used cosmetic brands of the world. Clinique holds the distinction to be regarded as the first ever cosmetic brand that is allergy tested. The products of Clinique are recommended by the dermatologists that further attracts a great number of customers towards this brand. Moreover, it is interesting to note that the products of Clinique are produced differently in different countries, depending on the local climate conditions and skin features of the inhabitants.

9. MAC


MAC stands for make-up art cosmetics. It was founded by Frank Toscan and Frank Angelo. MAC produces a great collection of cosmetics products. It does not only address the needs of some particular class, rather the products of this brand are produced for different customers keeping in view the needs of all classes. MAC is world’s 9th best cosmetics brand in 2013.

8. Maybelline


Maybelline in another one of the best cosmetics brands of the world. The products of this brand are widely popular in all parts of the world. Women, particularly while getting ready for some parties, always prefer to use the cosmetic products of this brand. These products help them to look pretty and make them attractive in presence of different kinds of people.

7. Urban Decay

Urban Decay

Urban Decay is an American based brand which was established in 1996. It is interesting to note that owing to its very useful products, Urban Decay has captured a large share of market in very short period of time. The most widely known products of this brand are Glide On Eye, Shadow Pencils and Naked collection which comprises of palettes.

6. Oriflame


Oriflame was founded in 1967 by two Swedish brothers and now it has become 6th best cosmetics brands in the world. The best feature of this famous brand is skin-care products. The cosmetic products of this brand are used in more than 60 countries and because of which it holds a larger share in international market. Despite of their professional endeavors, this brand has also associated it to various charity programs as well.

5. Cover Girl

Cover Girl

Cover Girl is another American based cosmetics brand that is highly popular all over the world. It is interesting to note that Cover Girl invests a great amount of money on advertisement. The famous models such as Tyra Banks and Christie Brinkley are hired for the publicity purposes. The cosmetics products of this brand are used not only by general people but also by the famous celebrities.

4. Avon


Avon is another one of the best cosmetics brands in 2013. It holds the distinction to be regarded as the 2nd largest direct selling company of the world. Moreover, Avon is also the 5th largest beauty company which sells its products in more than 140 countries. The strategy door-to-door selling has paid Avon in great deal in enhancing the sales of its products.

3. Revlon


Revlon is one of the oldest beauty companies of the world which is largely known for manufacturing lips-stick and other make-up products. The skin care products of this brand further add to the popularity of it and customers put great trust in buying its products.

2. Etude


Etude is basically a South Korean based brand which has emerged on the scene in very short period of time. The products of this great cosmetics brand are mostly known for their affordability, reliability and trustworthiness. The huge and wide range of color collections attracts a great number of customers to buy the products of this highly famous brand.

1. L’Oreal Group

L’Oreal Group

L’Oreal Group is another one of the best cosmetic brands in 2013. This brand started its business from manufacturing the hair color related products, but gradually expanded its horizon as the time passed. The cleansing and beauty products of L’Oreal Group are regarded as second to none. This cosmetic brand has more than 500 products related to perfumes, skin care, hair color, and many more. This brand of cosmetics is the best in the world and has been considered as one of the most popular brands in 2013.

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