Top 10 Best Degrees in the World – 2013

| March 23, 2013

The global economic trends not only determine the living habits of individuals but they also largely affect the choices of people in choosing their degree programs for their careers. The demands of labor in the international market also largely reflect their decisions in this regard. Thus, the international institutes keep in focus these rising trends and offer the related degrees to their students to attract the maximum number of them. Those who aspire to join the careers with promising opportunities find it highly beneficial to choose for these degrees so that they may earn better pay packages in the future. Following is the list of top 10 best degrees in the world in 2013. These degrees are usually more popular in the developed countries where there are highly developed universities who are striving hard to meet the demands of current political and economic environment. These degrees will help to get in demand jobs of 2013.


10. Human Resource

The human capital of an organization plays a vital role in achieving its objectives. The management of this greatest of the assets is not an easy job, and requires great expertise in this regard. Today, human resource management has assumed a very unique and distinguished importance and is regarded as a separate subject. People who are well learned in this field are enjoying key positions particularly in multinational firms where they have employed a good number of workers. Therefore, keeping in view these trends, many universities are offering degrees in this regard, which are highly popular among the young generation who see a promising future in this field.

9. Engineering Degrees

The current era is witnessing great developmental projects as the people are now building more and more buildings, roads, bridges and so on. Despite of the economic crunch at global level, the graph of development and advancement has not fallen significantly. Keeping in view these trends, a large number of people feel it better to join the field of engineering. Therefore, innumerable universities all over the world are offering the degrees in the field of engineering and are producing quality engineers who are better skilled and talented.

8. Computer Science

The last two decades have witnessed the greatest development in the field of information technology. Owing to these developments, the importance of computer sciences has been increased considerably. Millions of students across the globe aspire to join the field of computer sciences as their careers. Keeping in view these demands, many computer sciences teaching institutes have been opened all over the world and new courses in this regard have also been introduced. Degree in computer science is very popular in the world.

7. Biomedical Engineering

Because of unmatchable advancement in technology science, the medical industry is also facing rapid growth and new trends. The modern health techniques and operations are directly linked with the advanced medical instruments and equipment. Therefore, in order to fulfill the needs of medical care, the importance of biomedical engineers has been increased in a great deal. The demand of the individuals who are graduated in subject of Biomedical Engineering is on rise, therefore it guarantees a very bright future for those who select this degree program as their career.

6. Public Health

Health has always remained a primary concern of every individual. It is observed that today human beings are now more concerned of their health than that of the past. Moreover, the problems of public health, like diseases, are going through significant research of high level. This profession attracts the people in a great deal, as it does not only ensure better and promising future prospects but also helps them earn wide social respect. A variety of programs are offered in this respect. Degree in public health ensures best future.

5. Sustainable and Environment Studies

In this age of great industrial advancement, the issues of sustainable use of resources are very hot. People, particularly those who possess knowledge, are highly concerned in regard to the environmental hazards which directly affect them. It is interesting to note that all the major firms and companies keep the protection of environment among their primary objectives as they tend to attract the customers on account of their love for environment. Thus, it reflects a great sign of encouragement for the individuals to select the environmental and sustainable studies as their career. Many new universities are opened across the globe who are particularly targeting this subject.

4. Information Technology Security

In the modern world, IT sector has become a standard element of any industry and has gained vital importance in aspect of human life. The degree programs in Information Technology are now commonly offered in every university across the globe. Therefore, it is commonly observed that the revolutionary development in this sector is largely attracting the students from all over the world to opt for this profession. It is 4th best degree for 2013.

3. Finance and Business

The degrees in Finance and Business also attract a great number of students. Because of the huge advancement in international trade and business, the degree programs in traditional business are being substituted by the specialized international business programs. Every business firm requires the individuals who are not only better skill and talented but also have better understanding of the international business and financial regulations. Therefore, it creates a great demand for the students who are specialized in this discipline.

2. Research in Social Sciences

It will not be wrong to call the present era the era of research. The social sciences have gained much importance particularly after the World War 2. Especially in the developed countries, the subjects of social sciences are dealt with great importance and are given very much attention. Since the subjects of social sciences are believed to be the determinant of human society, thus they possess a great margin of progress in the field of research. The researchers and teachers are observed to be highly paid which largely attracts the students to join this discipline.

1. Health Administration

Health administration appears to be a very nominal and menial task, but it highly requires great skills and sophistication. With an increase in the demand for quality health care, the demand for highly competitive people to administer the complicated health networks is also increasing. It is generally observed that the employment opportunities in the field of health administration now attract millions of people to pursue their careers in this field as it is promising, rewarding and profitable discipline.

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