Top 10 Best Desktop Computers of 2013

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The 21st century is considered to be crowned with the fastest growing rate in electronics and technology. Apple, android, amazing touch screen, retina display, high resolution graphics, micro and mini multi core processors and what else do we talk about, there is tremendous improvement in the field of technology. If technology has improved so are the desktop computers. And so gaming has gone to a next level. You might be confused what are the best desktop computers to buy in 2013 to have the best experience? Here is your answer. Basically there are four things one keeps in mind while buying a PC. The first and foremost is the processor which boosts up the booting and speed of the system. Secondly is the space that is in the hard disk drive. Thirdly you go for RAM. Ram is very important to enhance the speed of your PC. And last but not the least is the graphics card. You might not need an expensive one when you are not a hard core gamer. But on the other hand you need a good graphics card to watch high definition movies and videos. Another thing that is to be kept in mind while choosing a computer is its price. The business class chooses PCs that are fast in booting and can manage their office work. They also do need huge space and strong hard disk drives. The home users need a normal PC with good speed and a blue ray DVD player to watch movies. Keeping in mind the technology advancement and the price tags here is a list of the best desktop PCs of the year 2013.

HP HPE Phoenix H9

10. Dell Inspiron i570

This computer offers amazing features for a good price tag. It comes only for $390 and has an AMD Athlon II processor which is 3GHz and is dual core. It also has a 4GB DDR3 RAM and a Hard disk of 500 GB. It comes with windows 7 home premium built-in. It is world’s 10th best desktop computer to buy in 2013.

9. Samsung Series 7 DP700A3D

Samsung takes its place in the best computers for launching a core i5 powered desktop computer featuring 6GB RAM. The special thing is that it comes with the latest OS, Windows 8 and that takes its price tag to 1,099 dollars.

8. Dell 755 Optiplex Tower

Dell is the most reliable and the most trusted brand in all over the world. Optiplex 755 comes with 3.17 GHz Dual core processor and DDR2 Ram of 3GB. Professional Windows 7 comes pre installed in this laptop.

7. Apple iMac MD093LL

Apple has fans all over the world. iMac comes for $1,299 and is powered by Core i5 processor and 1TB hard drive. It has a RAM of 8 GB and 512 MB graphics card is built in.

6. Dell Inspiron 660s

Inspiron series of Dell has made its way through the hearts of the fans of Dell. It has intel core i3 processor and a 6 GB DDR3 RAM. The price is just in the budget i.e. 450 dollars. It also has 1TB hard disk which provides you enough of storage. Windows 8 is also its speciality.

5. Hp Pavilion 20-b010

Hp Pavilion has an AMD e series dual core 1.4 GHz cache and comes with 4GB RAM. Its OS is also Windows 8 and the graphics card is AMD Radeon HD 7310. It has a storage capacity of 500 GB. The price of Hp Pavilion 20-b010’s price in the market is 520 United States dollars.

4. HP Pavilion p6-2330 Desktop PC

P6 of the pavilion series comes for 500 dollars and it has a Dual core A6 processor of 3.6 GHz. The 1TB hard disk drive having 7200 rpm powers up the system. It has a 6GB DDR3RAM. It also comes with built in windows 8.

3. Apple Mac Mini MD388LL

Apple Mac mini comes for 788 dollars and has a quad core Intel core i3 processor. It has 1TB HDD and has an Intel graphics card chipset 4000. It has 4GB DDR3 RAM and a 6MB L3 cache memory.

2. Apple iMac MC309LL

iMac MC309 is a 2.5 GHz quad core i5 empowered machine and has a 4GB DD3 RAM memory. It comes with Mac OS X lion operating system and has only 500 GB hard disk capacity. Its price is 1,120 dollars.

1. HP HPE Phoenix H9

If you need the best computer, which is the best for gaming, office work or watching movies this computer is your choice. Its price is 2,000 dollars. It has a core i7 processor and hexa core micro-processors with 3.3 GHz speed. It is the best computer in the market to be bought in 2013.

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