Top 10 Best Electronic Companies of 2013

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Electronics is one of the most rapidly advancing fields in the current century. There are a number of companies in competition with each other all around the globe. The race is of creating innovative inventions which are better than others. The researchers in the companies work hard days and nights to create such unique and helpful gadgets that make the consumer’s life comforting and enjoyable. Information technology’s advancement is in the hands of huge tech giants who are in the field from decades. Every month now and then they are releasing new and upgraded gadgets to fulfill the demands of their consumers and their fans. With respect to their innovative inventions and their popularity among their fans here is the list of the top 10 best electronics companies of the year 2013.

10. Ouya


Ouya is in the list for electrifying the gaming fans by providing its cheap gaming consoles that are available for everyone. It is very much popular at social networks. On Facebook, it has more than 75,000 likes which means this small company is having huge number of fans all around the world. For its popularity, we have placed it on 10th position in the list of top 10 best electronic companies of 2013.

9. MakerBot


Maker bot recently released the sleek Replicator 2 and thus has taken the 3D printer to the next level. The best thing about the printer is that it easily transforms 3D designs on paper for engineers. Then moving on in January they created Replicator 2X which can construct models in multiple materials and colors.

8. Nintendo


Nintendo has moved on from creating the games and has now put the gaming consoles to the front and center. Wii-U is a two screen dynamic now. It also controls what is happening on your smart TV. The industry was falling but now they have taken a welcome step back. Let us hope for more innovative inventions.

7. Beats Electronics

Beats Electronics

Beats by Dr. Dre has been successful in building up its very own audio equipments empire all around the world. Almost 50% of the billion dollar market is accounted by the omnipresent Beats by Dr. Dre.By embedding its technology in computers and phones the company has now taken itself to the next level. It is world’s 7th best electronic company in 2013 because it produces best electronic devices.

6. Google


Google is the first one to prove that 7 inch tablets can be super amazing. They are the ones who are trying to beat apple and for that so they have teamed up with other android partners. Recently they released Nexus 7. That is an amazing tablet which contains quad core processors and versatility which is missing in Kindle and iPad.

5. Nike


The renowned brand of sports gadgets and machines is Nike. They are known for mainstreaming the fitness tracking. They have the best electronic gadgets to track and maintain fitness. They recently introduced a Fuel band. It is just a small wrist band but what it features is not small. Fuel band tracks your steps and then shows how much calories you burnt during any activity.

4. Microsoft


Microsoft is the world renowned company with respect to the Windows operating system. They are head to head in competition with the well known search engine company Google. When their search engine Bing did not seem to work out as much as Google they entered in the world of smart phones. The windows phones are getting popular now. Moreover Microsoft is more into the home entertainment gadgets. The release of the smart glass app was also a huge success.

3. Roku


Roku is the company which leads the evolution of television. Roku released its most popular set box which contains more than 700 channels for the users to enjoy television in a better way. The smart box is sold now toe-to-toe along with the smart TVs of Apple. The game changed when it released a TV dongle. No need of a box now, just connect the dongle with your smart tv and enjoy hundreds of channels without any box or a charger or a cable. It also contains Time Warner’s 300 channels which adds crunch with the crisp.

2. Samsung


There is no competitor standing with Samsung in adding innovative specifications to the pre-existing electronic gadgets. In the last year the company made its name in the smart TV and smart phones field. Before the release of the Smart TVs by Samsung the smart TVs were not so smart. They added gesture and voice control to its televisions. And more over the release of the greatest Galaxy series in the world of smart phones was also a huge success for the company. Multi-user-login and smart pause and Google talk was indeed the best add-on to the smart phone.

1. Apple


Apple takes the lead for taking another step in the field of digital technology. Apple has got its fans all around the world for its sustainability and viral free operating systems. Apple releases gadgets on which one can rely upon. In the last year what made apple take the crown was the release of the greatest phone in the history. And more over the company celebrated its success as only in three days of its release around 5 million units of iphone 5 were sold around the globe. The companies were forced to roll out their very own pixel packed displays when Apple decided to bring upon the Retina display to their Macbook Pro. Apple has certainly made it among all other electronics companies.

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