Top 10 Best Fashion Brands for Women

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In this era, when life is on a lightning fast track and the ‘to do list’ is very hard to complete every day; we get no spare time for our own selves. And that might be very frustrating for all of you. There are days, even weeks when all you have to do is work and work and have no time for shopping or hanging out. But at the same time internet facilitates us with the best time saving technique. Shopping online makes life much easier. There is no need to go out and spend hours choosing what you want now you can do this while relaxing on your sofa at home. Another best thing about them is that they are open 24/7 for the whole year.

Women, they might be working head to head along with the men in every walk of life but they are always more conscious about shopping and fashion. Being up to date about the current fashion is really an issue. You will not want to make this impression on your colleagues that you are an old fashioned freak. So for your best needs here is the list of the top 10 best fashion brands for women. Read and pick out your favorite ones for shopping next time.

10. Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret

This is an internationally famous brand for its beautiful line of clothing which ranges from Jeans and sweaters to the business suits and glamorous night dresses. The styles are all pretty. The lines, and the fitting everything is beautifully aligned. The fabrics they use are really of quality. The good thing is that their prices are just normal. So do not worry about the money because you will get more than what you will be spending on purchasing products of this brand. It is also one of the most popular brands among women.

9. Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor targets the professional women whether they are the country club set or the business type. From the board meeting room to the dining room they have beautifully designed classy dresses for the women. They also have the casual country weekend wear which includes jackets, sweaters and coats as well. They also have got costume jewelry and all other accessories. Ann Taylor also features an outlet which is called Ann Taylor Loft.

8. J. Crew

J. Crew

J. Crew is not meant just for women but still it is a very popular women clothing brand. It offers clothing for all the members of your family. Their clothes are made with fabrics which are purely natural. There are linens, cotton, wool, cashmere and wrinkles as well. Their clothing is up to date with the modern fashion and is quite bold as well. They also offer jewelry and accessories with clothing.

7. Banana Republic

Banana Republic

Banana republic is a more casual brand than business or office. But in a business casual environment you can surely try it because it is not just casual but high quality casual. The clothing is done with soft fabric and beautiful colors. The women clothing has wonderful wide legged pants for summers in bright colors. In the list of top 10 best fashion brands for women, Banana Republic gets 7th position.

6. Old Navy

Old Navy

Old Navy also has comprehensive clothing for everyone in the house. They are known for their very moderate prices on jeans and tops. They have a huge variety of styles and colors for the women especially in summer. They have frequent sales on seasonal items as well. It is 6th best female brand in the world.

5. Macy’s


Marcy’s is a huge departmental store including everything you want to buy while staying at home. It carries most famous designers like Calvin Klein, Alfani, Charter Club, Jones NY and Ralph Lauren. They have got business, casual, lingerie, evening, furs, shoes, boots and everything regarding your wardrobe.

4. Nordstrom


What is more important than anything for a good reputation in the market? Yes, Customer satisfaction is the most important of all. No good fabric or amazing quality goods can flourish your business unless you satisfy your buyers. And that is done by providing them with the best service. Secondly they have the designers clothing as well as budget friendly clothes. And another quality they have is that they take anything back. They have a simple return policy. And that makes them awesome.

3. Forever 21

Forever 21

Find the most trendy and classy clothing styles in Forever 21. Majority of the clothing of this store is for women. As their name suggests they have youthful designs and colors for the young women who have high spirits and ambitions. That is the idea behind the store; to provide the women with the clothing with which they will feel 21 always.

2. Target


Target is considered to be a shopper’s best kept secret. Their clothes are not horribly expensive like other shopping stores. They have clothes just like the designers’ runway collections and their clothes surely sell out with that pace as well. The clothes are of a good quality and I would suggest that you better keep an eye on them because frequently they have sales on amazing designs.

1. H&M


H&M stores are known all around the globe for both their prices and their clothes. Their clothes are of a good quality and are in a budget price. H&M stores are everywhere and that is also their good point. Their shipping is quick and easy as well. Customer service is also very good.

This was the list of the top 10 best clothing brands for the women. If you were planning to go shopping for the next season I would suggest that you do check out these brands and sites and if you are not satisfied with the styles then go for something else.

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