Top 10 Best Gadgets 2013

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It seems as though the days of it taking a year or two for some new device or gadget to come along and dazzle us and make us “just have to have it” are long gone. Now, a new era of electronic gadgets and digital wizardry have created an almost onslaught of never-ending “next big things” and no matter what we buy today in order to hopefully impress those around us most, odds are that by tomorrow, a newer and cooler version will launch and everyone looks at the gadget we just purchased last Saturday as ancient.

best gadgets 2013

Best Gadgets of 2013 List

The world of smartphones has seem to taken off with no intent on ever landing, slowing down or even stabilizing long enough for us to keep up with what model number or version we had, have or even want next. Same can almost be said for video game consoles and handheld tablets. Just when we think we have the best we could possibly get, generation next comes along three days later.

So attempting to compile a list of top 10 gadgets of a 2013 is all but futile. In fact, one could possibly just as easy create a top 10 list of gadgets for the month of May! Or even top ten gadgets for week 41! How about a top ten gadget list of last Thursday? Ah, yet the top gadget list of 2013 is our order, so we must attempt to do it well…..

10: Samsung Curved Glass LCD TV

Leave it to the gurus of all things technologically creative and extremely cool! Samsung’s idea here was to create a Liquid Crystal TV screen made from a curved flat glass. The picture is of course crystal clear and displays all the other great qualities of a Samsung device. Exception is the curved glass screen which when watching, gives you a panoramic view of all the action and provides an almost cinema effect that makes you feel as though it is all around you!

Price Range: $9000+ for  55 inch

9: Windows Tablet 8

Well it once seemed that all the tech was being focused upon making things smaller. A decade ago, there were cell phones the size of credit cards! Now, things have yet again changed and things are growing increasingly larger. When laptops suddenly became too large for our liking, handheld tablets like iPads and Kindles soared to the top of the list of things we just had to have. Now, they are considered too small I guess cause Windows has now decided to crossbreed a handheld tablet and a laptop computer with a BIG SCREEN TV! The Windows Tablet 8 is bumping an enormous 20” display and makes it all but impossible to be carried around easily without a set of two-wheeled dollies or a small pickup truck! But of course, we all just got to have one!

Price Range: $799+ for 64 GB

 8: Lenovo Thinkpad Helix

Yep, anytime you create a laptop with a detachable screen, masterfully produce some cool graphic commercials and allow users to interchange screens, colors and frolic all day, of course you will land your gadget in someone’s top ten list somewhere right? Well Lenovo, that top ten list may as well be this one! We love the Thinkpad and love the fact you continuously show us how much we love it!!

Price Range: $1500

7: Kindle Fire

We all love Kindles right? If you don’t love Kindle then it is probably cause you haven’t yet owned one or at least got to play with one for very long. Kindle rocks!! They allow you to do almost anything you can do on laptop or other tablet, yet at a much more affordable price. Although created to coincide with Amazon’s book reading enjoyment, Kindles took the world by storm and set the handheld tablet world on fire! Now that they have one actually named “Fire” they should do pretty well with it.

Price Range: $159 for 8Gb

 6: iPhone 5

iPhone has always seemed to find its way onto top 10 lists since it first launched what seems like all those years ago. When the iPhone 5 launched, again there were lines of iPhone lovers miles long outside every cell phone carrier, department store and electronics dept. iPhone 5 has its trademark design, exceptionally built casing and all the goodies that make it iPhone. What more can you say about the cell phone that revolutionized the way we want our smartphones to replicate and operate.

Price Range: $580+  for 16Gb ( iphone 5c without plan or service)

5: The Motorola Atrix

The Motorola Atrix of 2013 is a really awesome cell phone in its own right. Cool features, great quality and an unsurpassed signal reception has always been a trademark of Motorola. Making a cell phone that we can actually clip to a deck and use like a laptop? Now that is new! That is what you get with the new Atrix and fans of it cannot be happier. It allows both versatility, convenience and amazing feats to impress those around you. Your friends might land themselves a new version of a lot of things, but a cell phone powered laptop isn’t likely to be one of them.

4: WII U

We all fell in love with the bubble-headed cartoon characters and physical participation of the original Wii. It helped get kids, and even adults, off the couch and playing for hours together. It also gave way to a whole new party scenes and even nursing homes were getting in on the Wii’s cool as can be games like bowling, golf and Mario Cart. Well now there is a portable handheld Wii U that is creating quite a buzz among the video game world. Wii U is definitely going to be around for a long long time.

Price Range: around $299

3: Samsung Galaxy 4

Again, when it comes to technology and innovation, Samsung seems to carry the torch. The Galaxy allows the transfer of some files and pics just by touching backs together, comes equipped with a ton of apps and almost caused the folks at Apple to throw in the towel! It is big, flat, light weight and everything you could want in a smartphone.

Price Range: around $600

2: Nvidia Project Shield

Powering a Tegra 4 GPU and boasting a 5 inch display, this handheld video game is like no other. In fact, no one ever even suspected it! Seriously! It wasn’t heavily advertised or marketed. When it was first thrown out into the world on its own, many had never heard of it or knew what to think about it. Then they powered it up and began playing games, and playing and playing and playing! Didn’t anyone want to put it down and odds are you won’t either! Nvidia Project Shield – Check it out!!

Price Range: around $299

1: Google Glasses

Ok, so it has not taken off quite like the folks at Google expected. However, you have to admit that performing basic online stuff and social media posting while walking down the road wearing a computer over your eyes was not possibly thought out clearly. That being said, it is still a computer that you can wear on your face!!! How cool is that?. We have to rank this one of the best gadgets without even trying it. What you think?. Would you buy it? At what price?

Prince mentioned above are approximate and it will vary depends upon where you buy. Also Gadgets price fluctuate a lot. They cost more during launch and price goes down slowly.

Some things probably should have been on this top ten list that wasn’t. Yet all these items, cell phone and gadgets are as cool as they come, so had we added the ones you are possibly looking for, it would have been more like a top eleven, twelve or even the top seventeen gadgets of 2013!. Hopefully best gadgets has yet to come during this Christmas 2013 that is not on this list.

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