Top 10 Best Gadgets to Buy in 2013

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2013 is a year full of technological developments and a second step in the world of smartness. Tech giants had been working very much hard to improve their tech gadgets to cope up with the rising demands of their fans. Technology has blessed our lives with so much comfort that life was never so easy. Looking at all the popular gadgets here we present to you the best smartest and latest gadgets of the year 2013. These have been picked in such a way that every genre is included including the best projector, best television, and best Audio player and so on. Top 10 best gadgets of 2013 are presented in a descending order. It might be a surprise to you but this year none of the most popular Apple products has made it to the list. Apple has been very disappointing this year. If they wish that their iOS does not become extinct they better start thinking out of the box. This list is based on the performance of these gadgets. If you want to buy a latest gadget then this article will benefit you a lot. Let’s have a look at best gadgets of 2013.

10. Nvidia project shield

Nvidia project shield

Android takes gaming to the next level. Nvidia project shield is an android device which provides ultimate gaming experience. Nvidia project shield is the best gaming console out there these days. It has a high-end audio-visual display that would make you fall for it. There is also Wi-Fi, you can connect to your computer and play without leaving your couch. The couch potatoes and the hardcore gaming fans get ready for ultimate gaming experience.

9. Cambridge Audio Minx Air

Cambridge Audio Minx Air

This is an ultimate music system that lets you play music from a wide range of devices. The Cambridge Audio Minx Air has excellent streaming quality and you can listen to your favorite music without being disturbed of whatever you are doing. It is compatible with smart phones, computers, radios, tablets and Apple products. The High-end state of the art audio speakers provide you with the best audio quality.

8. Pebble


Pebble is an amazing gadget. It may look like a wrist watch but let me tell you that it is much more than that. With the watch you can download amazing interfaces and themes. Moreover you can connect it with your smart phone and customize the notifications. So the next time when your phone is away on the table and you are sitting at the couch your watch will remind you by vibrating whether you had a text message or a call or some reminding alarm. It is a GPS, a stopwatch and a mp3 as well.

7. Fujifilm X100S

Fujifilm X100S

The camera is just amazing. It combines both traditional and digital photography. It has a 16.3 megapixel sensor and phase detector chip that gives the speed of the auto-focus faster than its predecessors. It also has EXR Processor II Lens and modulator for enhanced functionality. It is the best camera to buy in 2013.

6. Paper Tab

Paper Tab

The paper combines the endurance of the Digital tab and flexibility of paper and increases your efficiency as you process documents. It allows the user to share files by simply tapping two tablets with each other. Emailing and sharing the most important of all documents was never so much easy.

5. Sony 4K OLED TV


It is the first ultra-high-definition television in the world having a 3840 X 2160 OLED panel. With its 56-inch screen and detailed images it defines quality television. As we have moved to a smarter world where the gadgets know how to take care of our needs this TV is just perfect for the best family entertainment. The 3D video feature is simply amazing. HD audio video makes you feel as if you are a part of the video.

4. Google Glass

Google Glass

Users who always wished to have hands free technology experience; Google has now made your wish come true. This ultra gadget by Google takes care of all your needs. You can use voice commands to send photos, record videos, share your stuff and even get directions. The hands free smart phone experience makes you feel awesome. This gadget by Google is 4th best gadget to have in 2013.

3. Sony PlayStation 4

Sony PlayStation 4

Gaming gets a boost as the Sony PlayStation 4 is released this year. Gamers had been anxiously waiting for the PlayStation 4 and seems like Sony has not disappointed its fans. Powered up with the ultimate touch experience PlayStation 4 takes gaming to extreme level now. It is one of the most anticipated gadgets of Sony this year.

2. 3D Printer

3D Printer

The printer has the ability to draw an object in the 3D model through simple plastic panels to form an object. It is expected that 3D printers provide an excellent solution to various problems, including criminal investigations. This will surely open a new horizon for the print industry. 3D printer will surely prove to be a milestone.

1. Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4

Galaxy by Samsung is considered to be created for humans. It can feel its user and change its looks according to him. Like when you are watching the video it plays it but as you look away it gives you an option to pause the video with its smart pause technology. Moreover you can answer or reject calls without even touching it. Galaxy S4 is surely the best smart phone of the world up till now.

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