Top 10 Best Google Products

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The technology industry has witnessed great development in the past few years. The millions of people are now directly or indirectly associated with this industry which is rapidly further developing and progressing. In this highly competitive industry, where a great number of companies are providing best quality products, every firm finds itself in severe competition to attract the large number of customers towards its products. Google, being one of the best firms in the field of international technology industry, is also providing a great variety of products to the consumers worldwide. The products of Google are undoubtedly regarded as the coolest of all the products available in the technology industry. It is interesting to note that Google has no more confined itself merely to search and advertising business, rather it delivers the coolest of all the products and services in the international market. This article is an attempt to take into consideration the top 10 best Google products. Following is the list of top 10 best Google products, based on their utility and popularity around the globe. Most of these products are free and Google is serving the largest community on internet.


10. Blogger

Blogger is one of those products of the Google which has enabled the millions of users to polish their skills of writing and manage their position in the market. Blogger basically enables the great number of writers to self-publish which proves to be very helpful for them particularly at very start of their career. The blogger is currently available in almost 20 different languages, thus enabling great number of people to express their ideas and thoughts. Blogger is a free service and a number of writers have their blogs on Blogger.

9. Google Docs

Google docs has earned great popularity in very short time because of the distinguishing services it provides. It has brought out the new ideas by taking the productivity tools online. It largely helps the user to back up their works online and is not constrained to the problems which people usually had to face before the introduction of this product. One of the most distinguishing features of Google docs which greatly puts it different to the products of other brands is the price tag: free.

8. Google Translate

Google translate is very helpful particularly for those who have their interests in the different languages. Now people do not need to rely over the translators as Google is providing them a great online service of Google translate which can help you translate not only the words or sentences but also the heavy documents. The Google translate has the ability to translate anything into 64 different languages.

7. Advertising

Advertising has always been one of the peculiar features of the Google. The Google advertising is a great tool to promote your brand. Since millions of people visit Google every day, therefore it provides you the traffic of millions of customers who can see your advertisements. The Google advertising is greatly benefiting not only the producers but also the buyers who find themselves in good position to have a good choice.

6. Android

In response to Apple’s iPhone and mobile operating system, Google launched its Android ith different features. This software enables the users to use their mobile phones in different ways. Android is based on the Linux software and is regarded as one of the best competitors to the Apple’s products.

5. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is now one of the most widely used internet browsers of the world. It was launched in 2008 and has earned great popularity and fame in last five years. Google chrome is not only simple and speedy, but it also enables you to stay signed in to your Google account. According to the report of Stat count, Google chrome is most widely used web browser all over the world.

4. Google Map

Google Map has revolutionized the meaning of maps. This product was introduced in year 2005 and has become highly popular among the millions of people all over the world. Google map enables the user not to get lost anywhere in the world. Moreover, it also provides the easy tracking to one’s own home and thus is a great source of entertainment as well.

3. Youtube

Youtube is often regarded as the best product of Google bought in recent years. It is also regarded as the best video search engine which enables the user to access the billions of videos at one platform. Youtube also holds the distinction of streaming 4 billion online videos every day.

2. Gmail

Gmail has simply changed the trends of seeing and sending emails. Till the past year, i.e. 2013, Gmail was reported to have 350 million active users and it speaks volumes of the success of this great product of Google. Although it was released in 2004, yet it became available to general people in 2007. The stats show that there has been a very tough competition between Yahoo Mail (YMail) and Google Mail (Gmail).

1. Google Search

Here comes the mother product of Google for which it is largely known and appreciated because it is a free service. It is regarded as world’s best search engine as it provides you access to the all internet users’ daily routines and updates. Google search enables the users to have unlimited amount of information right at their fingertips. Without Google search the life would have been really difficult because it gives most relevant information whenever any term is searched.

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