Top 10 Best Hairstyles for Women in 2013

| April 15, 2013

Every lady or girl tries to look more beautiful. Ladies usually prefer two things in their life to look good. One is their dressing second is hair do. It is most of the time the most difficult task to decide what hair style goes with which dress. A more big issue ladies face is that which hair do is in trend these days. So, here are 10 best and easy hairstyles of 2013. You can make these easily while going to office, university, party or on a date. So, have a look on these hairstyles and pick up your favorite.

Layered Hairstyle

10. Braids

As usual we have braids on top. They remain in forever. There are a lot of trendy braids. Fish tails, French braids are always in trend and never leave the fashion list and are evergreen. French braid can be used in a number of innovative ways. You can fashion long length hair with half French braid with ponytail which is known as French braid side ponytail. Fish tail side braids always look cute and trendy on teen age girls especially in colleges.

9. Bob

Bob is a small hair cut and hairstyle in itself for those who cannot maintain long hair .Bob hair style is made to suit the fashion. Bob should be worn very plain and simple straight. The best thing about it is that you can do experiment with it like a messy bob looks hot. It was regarded as a symbol of tomboy girls, but it’s very in trend these days.

8. Messy Buns

Another beautiful and easy to make hair do is messy bun that is very much in trend these days. Best thing is that it suits brunette as well as blonds. A messy bun can be done with both long and medium hair length. It is in trend in this summer. Best part is that it is for young girls and old ladies as well .It creates a very casual and cool look and makes you look pretty too. It is the best hair style to opt for night parties and dates. Also it consumes very less time.

7. Curls and Waves

You are lucky if you have God gifted curly hairs. These are on the top of the list. Curls and waves are popular throughout the whole fashion world. They always remain in fashion. They are evergreen. Also if you want to make artificial waves and curls, they are very simple to create. A good curl enhancer and a diffuser can help you in getting extravagant waves. This is for hair all lengths long, medium or short. It looks best in day parties and in night functions.

6. High Buns

A very old classic hairstyle is back in trend. It was very famous in 1960’s. The high bun located on the very top of your head which is the best hairstyle for brides to set their vales. It usually works for women with really long locks. It is quite an easy hair do for those who have excessively long hair.. It gives vibrant, elegant and classy look. This is perfect for summer that can save you from extremely hot weather.

5. Twisted Hairs

Every one of us is familiar with a hippie look which involves twists and turns. To have a trendy look in 2013 use 5 to 8 twists between your hairs. Twists and entangled hairstyle is very much trendy and in the fashion. Most beneficial factor about it is that it is suitable for all occasions and for every time of the day. You can create twists on the top of your head.

4. Loops

Another hair do in trend is to make loops part the hair in two section down the middle, then comb the hair against the head and then gather it into a ponytail, which then is rolled under itself to create a loop. Second step is wrapping the loose ends around the base and tie them with U-shaped pins. Although this is a bit difficult hair do to make but it is in trend these days.

3. Ultra Low Pony Tails

Very low ponytails are in trend these days. Low pony tails look very elegant on blow dries hair. To enhance the look of you ultra low pony tail use fashion hair bands and ponies. Ultra low pony tail is the best option for working ladies and college girls to avoid messy hair after all the day. It is the simplest and easiest hair style.

2. Twisted Sister

A very beautiful hair style for young, hot and trendy girls is known as twisted sister. It is quite easy to make and looks very elegant and nice. Clip front and top up if you have wavy and curly hairs. Then make a messy bun above your neck but at lower level. Then take individual string of hair from top and front portion and add them to loosely twist bun and pin it in. Repeat this step on both sides of your head. Back comb or make a hunch of the crown area and pin it back. This will help you to look more sexy, hot and classy.

1. Layers

If you have a layered hair cut then you need not to worry .These looks as beautiful as waves and curls or a messy look. This look is for women of any age with any kind of length of hair. It is evergreen and in trend since the beginning of 21st century. Layered hair with inward ends directing towards the face magnifies your face cut in a great fashion. This awesome and trendy hairstyle is suitable for all occasion’s times and seasons.

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