Top 10 Best Laptops Brands of 2013

| March 22, 2013

The modern world is witnessing huge technological development that the ancient men could have never even imagined. By the each passing day, something new and better than its predecessor one comes into the market. Laptops, which fulfill the innumerable needs of human beings, are now regarded as an important component of life, particularly for those who have any association with the modern technology. Its users range from ordinary students to businessmen and other experts of information technology. Currently, there are many brands of laptop available in the market, which are in severe competition with each other. In order to meet the demands of people, each brand strives best to produce a better commodity than its competitors. The given features, specifications, weight, graphics card and battery time distinguish these brands from each other. Laptops are expected not only to be highly upgraded in its specifications but it also should be user friendly and easy to carry. Following is the list of top 10 best laptops brands of 2013. This ranking of these laptop brands is based on the sophistication of product, better hardware and software quality, reliability, warranty assurances, and comfort.

10. Dell


On the account of popularity, the laptops of Dell are regarded as most popular around the globe. This brand is in constant struggle to produce better technology for its customers. The XPS series of Dell earned a lot of fame and popularity for this brand. However, there are few drawbacks in most of the models of Dell which are a great constraint in brands path to reach the top of the list of best laptop brands. One of those drawbacks is Dell’s incapacity to operate at its best in countries where there are hotter climate conditions. Nonetheless, the laptops of Dell are still very user friendly and advanced in their nature as compared to their prices.

9. Acer


Acer’s laptops hold the 9th position in this list. Acer is a name of beauty and sophistication. Its products are more fashion oriented than the technological up gradation. Moreover, the prices of Acer laptops, unlike Dell’s, are not affordable by every common individual and are highly expensive. Acer Iconia is really a very good production of Acer which offers the customer multiple options.

8. Toshiba


With the logo of “leading innovation”, this Japanese brand is regarded as highly sophisticated and a refined commodity with strict assurances of reliability and durability. Toshiba’s laptops are best known for their trustworthiness. This unique feature of Toshiba has helped it in earning great level of customer loyalty towards this brand.

7. Hewlett Packard (HP)


HP is a name of reliance and innovation in the field of laptops. It has earned popularity and customer’s loyalty on the basis of its better products. The notebooks of HP are unique in their stature and appearance, and are loved by the customers more than the above mentioned brands which place this brand on the number seven on this list. The laptops of HP are famous worldwide, and any market of technological equipments would surely be containing its products everywhere in the world.

6. Sony


Sony has been ruling over the minds and hearts of the users of technological equipments for decades. Whether it is a television, mobile phone, sound system or a laptop, the tag of Sony greatly attracts the customer because it does not only offer durability and reliance, but also provide latest features and better technology to the customers. The distinguishing feature of laptops of Sony is its unique and best quality display which helps this brand in surpassing all the other brands of laptops.

5. Gateway


Gateway is one of the most new companies in the field of technology. However, owing to its best features and better product quality, Gateway has managed to penetrate in the highly competitive market where the big giants like Dell, Sony, HP and so on are already providing the best of the commodities. The parent company if this brand is Acer. Gateway is seeking ever increasing popularity particularly in the markets of USA,

4. Alienware


An offshoot of Dell, Alienware is a brand which offers promising products for its customers. The laptops of Alienware are best known for their reasonable prices, best multimedia and gaming options. Those customers who use the laptops mainly for playing games or other multimedia purposes would find the laptops of this brand highly competitive and beneficial. Alienware produces best laptops in the world.

3. Asus


Asus, with the logo of “Inspiring Innovation – Persistent Perfection”, is an Asian brand which offers employment to more than 20,000 employees. The laptops Asus are worldly famous for their highly sophisticated hardware equipment, innovative softwares, better display quality, better gaming and other multimedia options. Moreover, the laptops of Asus are highly user friendly.

2. Lenovo


Owing to three consecutive best technology awards, Lenovo rightfully deserves to be place at the second best brand in the field of laptops’ production. Its best quality, specifications, and innovative features are widely acknowledged by the people all around the world. Originally Lenovo is a Chinese brand, but it operates through USA where it has a head quarter. Since last twenty years, Lenovo has been serving well the users of technology equipments.

1. Apple


Here comes the name which has swept over all the brands in the field of technological products. The smartphones, iPhones, notebooks and so on are hallmark of this brand and have helped it earn unmatchable fame and popularity across the globe. The laptops of apple do not only ensure slimness and protection of the commodity, but also offer unique features which simply put it at the top of the list of best laptop brands.

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