Top 10 Best Laptops of 2014

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Best Laptops

top laptops 2014

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People have different tastes and preferences when purchasing items such as laptops. Many people are overwhelmed due to the variety of laptops on display. However, the type of laptop that you need to buy depends with the need. There are some people who need a laptop for gaming; others will need a laptop for study purposes. These differences in tastes and preferences should not be the only factor to determine reliability and quality. There are simple specifications of laptops that should not be forgotten. For instance, functionality of keyboard, touchpad, and quality of screen should be considered when buying a laptop for whichever need. The idea of comparing the quality can easily be done through listing each laptop against its specifications. The following is a list of top high quality laptops currently in the market. The list below is of first 10 best machines, in ascending order.

10. Alien ware 17

It is the best machine for gaming purposes. It has a high upgraded core i7 processor, and has 1080p display with beautiful keyboard lighting. It has high quality audio system, and attractive design.

9. Apple MacBook Pro

It is rated as the best machine in work stations.  It has 15-inch screen with retina display, and it is ideal for professionals specialized in graphics. It has a median weight of 4.5 pounds, and a quad core processor of i7. It consists of eye crystal of 2880 x 1800 pixel display. The battery can last for approximately 9 hours.

8. Dell XPS 15

This machine has high overall performance, with eye-popping display of 3200 x 1800. It has an impressive audio, with high touch pad sensitivity. The battery is of high quality, and can last for 7hours while the machine is in use. It is good for people who like gaming.

7. Toshiba CB35-A3120

It is affordable machine, with high performance. It is 13-inch machine, and provides quality audio output with colourful display. It has a powerful Intel Celeron processor, and impressive slick design. It beats its competitors due to high battery life of 8hours and 2 minutes.

6. Lenovo ThinkPad t440s

This machine is known for its performance in businesses. Its high quality and long life battery makes it superior and reliable. It is 14-inch, 1920 x 1080 pixel touch screen and high quality functional keyboard. It is a durable machine, rich in tradition model of Lenovo. It is highly portable as office equipment.

5. Acer Aspire E1-572-510P

It is reliable due to its affordability and high performing machine. It is 15-inch touch display machine, with high quality and functional keyboard. It has an Intel Celeron quad core processor, and RAM of 8GB. It has a battery life of 5.5 hours, but it is a good machine to have.

4. HP Spectre xt

It is an UltraBook in nature, and it has everything you may require in UltraBook. It has a high performance with core processor of i5 and 128GB SSD. Battery life is 9 hours. It has a beautiful design make, and can navigate windows 8.1. It has a unique touchpad to allow execution of windows 8 gestures. The speakers are impressive, and its keyboard is highly functional.

3. Dell XPS 12

It is next to tablet due to its high performance. It stands out by providing display of 1080, and a highly portable. Its size is similar to that of 12-inch tablet, allowing portability and comfort. It has a comfortable keyboard, which is highly functional. It has a battery life of 9 hours, which makes it a winner among all machines.

2. Lenovo ThinkPad X240

It is known for its high quality long battery life of 20 hours. It is best suited for business men and women since it is a light weight machine of only 3.6 pounds. It has a 1080 touch screen, and highly functional keyboard. It also has Trackpoint, and high speed performance.

1. Apple MacBook Air

This machine has a retina display and high speed performance. It provides an eye-popping 2560 x 1600 pixel retina display. The properties are suitable enough for artists and mavens since it has an Intel core i5 processor of 4th generation. It is a portable machine with 3.46 pounds, suitable for business people. The battery life is 9.5 hours enough to complete your job.

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