Top 10 Best Medical Universities in the World

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Medicine is an essential branch of academics and community service. In a professional medical institution, degrees are awarded to physicians and surgeons in different fields, including Doctor of Medicine (MD), Bachelor of Medicine, and Bachelor of Surgery (BMBS). There are other such degrees as a physician assistant program and other post-secondary education which are also awarded. The ranking of the medical institutions in this list is based on the data provided by the Times Higher Education-QS World University Rankings, although, there are other separation national and international rankings too. Most of these medical universities are located in the United State of America and the country is considered best generally for taking in foreign medical students with high aptitude. The U.S. does receive a high percentage of foreign students in medicine. Here are the top 10 best medical universities in the world.

10. Karolinska Institutet

Location: Sweden

Score: 84.30

Karolinska Institutet

Also known as Royal Caroline Institute, it is a medical university located in Stockholm in Sweden. It has two campuses, both within Stockholm. It is considered as one of Europe’s most prestigious medical universities and is also one of its largest. The laureates for the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine are appointed by a committee from this institution. Most of the Ph.D. projects are carried out in English, despite the university being mainly Swedish in its language of instruction.

9. Melbourne Medical School

Location: Australia

Score: 84.80

Melbourne Medical School

Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences of the University of Melbourne, also known as Melbourne Medical School, is the largest and most diverse faculty at the institution, which has 52 schools, departments and centers. It is the best medical institution in Australia.

8. Imperial College London of Medicine

Location: United Kingdom

Score: 85.10

Imperial College London of Medicine

It is the medical school of Imperial College London in England. It is part of the United Hospitals. The institution has come to be through a merger of different medical schools with five different campuses. The institution is known for its heart and lung transplant surgery skills and robot-assisted surgery techniques.

7. David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

Location: United States

Score: 88.30

David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

It is a medical institution of the University of California, Los Angeles, in California, USA. The school was renamed in honor of the financial donor David Geffen, a media mogul, who gave $200 million in unrestricted funds.

6. Yale School of Medicine

Location: United States

Score: 88.40

Yale School of Medicine

It is part of the Yale University, located in New Haven, Connecticut. It was established in 1810 as The Medical Institution of Yale College and started academic year in 1813. Its main teaching hospital is Yale-New Haven Hospital. It houses one of the world’s largest and modern medical libraries, the Harvey Cushing/John Hay Whitney Medical Library, which holds many historical collections.

5. Stanford University School of Medicine

Location: United States

Score: 88.90

Stanford University School of Medicine

It is the medical school of Stanford University, located in Stanford, California, and is a successor to the Medical College of the Pacific. The institution is considered modern in translational and biomedical research, medical innovation and discoveries.

4. Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Location: United States

Score: 90.10

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

It is located in Batimore, Maryland and is considered one of America’s top universities. It receives may research grants from the National Institutes of Health. It receives an endowment of almost $2 billion annually from the U.S. government. Overall, it adds to the attention and fame that Johns Hopkins University enjoys in the academic world.

3. School of Clinical Medicine, University of Cambridge

Location: United Kingdom

Score: 91.70

School of Clinical Medicine, University of Cambridge

Also simply called as Cambridge University Medical School is located in Cambridge, England and is considered one of the world’s leading medical schools. It has several departs, institutes, and support services, with its research in modern technology in medicine proving cutting-edge.

2. Medical Sciences Division, University of Oxford

Location: United Kingdom

Score: 92.90

Medical Sciences Division, University of Oxford

Medicine is being taught at this particular institution since the 13th century. It has several departments, and the institution is part of the Humanities Division, one of the main four divisions at the University of Oxford, in Oxford, England. It is England’s most prestigious medical institution.

1. Harvard Medical School University

Location: United States

Score: 98.60

Harvard Medical School University

It is a graduate medical school of Harvard University located in Boston, Massachusetts. According to the U.S. News & World Report, it is the number one medical school in the United States based on its medical research. It was established in 1782 and receives an annual endowment of $3 billion from the U.S. government for research purposes and other requirements. The institution has had many notable alumni.

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