Top 10 Best Perfumes for Men in 2013

| April 13, 2013

Odors can be much more persuasive than words, acts, emotions, or will. The only thing that matters is the right choice of odors. Everything in this universe, even the un natural and the strange ones have their own smell, their own odor. Man is a social animal. Look around us. We have so many social gatherings and events on regular basis. There is one thing most common of all in them. That is the different fragrances people are wearing and that makes the atmosphere more pleasing. To select a perfume for your own self you have to be choosy. The perfume you are wearing is the reflection of your personality on others.

Men don’t wear perfumes just for the women, but for the sake of their own class. 2012 is long gone and this is 2013. The profusion of new perfumes to make a mark on the people of great taste is the race among the best perfume brands in the world. I, myself, look at it in a way that if you were loyal to a brand last year, then you should give a try to the others also. Here are top 10 best perfumes for men in 2013 which have been ranked on the basis of their fragrance.

10. Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Sport

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Sport

MRP of this perfume is 43 pounds. Just smell it and you will feel the sporty energy transferring from the white glass shaped bottle inside you. It is strongly recommended to men who are adventurous and thrilling.

9. Boss Bottled Sport

Boss Bottled Sport

Composed of the woody undertones and citrus top notes this perfume is the most immaculately favorite among the men. The market price of this bottle is 29 pounds. It makes men feel more energetic, being fresh and new.

8. Paco Rabanne Black XS L’exes

Paco Rabanne Black XS L'exes

If you want to be the center point of the social gathering you are attending, this is the perfect choice. It is filled with amber undertone and a mixture of lemon and lavender. It comes for just 53 pounds. The price is low because the brand wants popularity to be maintained among the fans.

7. Diesel Only the Brave Tattoo

Diesel Only the Brave Tattoo

This perfume is the second edition of the bottle ‘Only the Brave’. Both of these have got great appreciation by men and were a great hit. This perfume’s cost is 40 pounds. The ingredients of this perfume include crisp apple, tobacco and amber wood.

6. Burberry Brit Summer

Burberry Brit Summer

The most popular and gigantically favored American perfume Burberry comes for approximately 47 pounds. As the name indicates it is best suited for summer atmosphere. It has stunning designed bottles and charming smell which contains a mixture of Tonka beans, zingy lime and patchouli.

5. Thierry Mugler A Men Pure Shot

Thierry Mugler A Men Pure Shot

The smell of this perfume is beautiful. It contains the ingredients of youth. And thus it is best suited for the young men. The cost of this perfume is 48 pounds. When you sprinkle it on yourself you can feel white pepper, patchouli along with a combination of spicy woody zeal and juniper berries. It makes you feel fresh and alive.

4. Hugo Red by Hugo Boss

Hugo Red by Hugo Boss

Although Hugo Boss is now 20 years old but still it has its own charms and pros. As they say old is gold. This scent contains contrasts, hot and cold, solid and liquid. It comes for 82 dollars. This perfume fuses a metallic and cold accord, which is grapefruit and rhubarb with hot amber drydown and Boss nails it again.

3. The Game by Davidoff

The Game by Davidoff

Accessible yet not so risky gambling theme, The Game isn’t quite as cheesy as it seems. But again the better it goes the more criticism it gets to make it the best. It is composed of Juniper berries which fade to reveal a base of dark woods. This perfume is at 3rd position in the list of best perfumes of 2013 on the basis of fragrance.

2. Chanel Allure Homme Sport EAU Extreme

Chanel Allure Homme Sport EAU Extreme

The Chanel, who does not know the brand, is the fashion accessories’ home. Now they make up a space for them in the perfumes industry as well. The price of this bottle is 48 pounds and when it comes to strong smells, this scent leads the way of all.

1. Lacoste Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Rouge

Lacoste Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Rouge

Lacoste tops the list and it should be. The charming combination of cardamom, ginger, black pepper and unknowingly red bottle makes men feel stiff and hard. Just the way men are supposed to be. And the price of this bottle being just 25 pounds makes this perfume a shining star among millions of people.

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