Top 10 Best Restaurants in the World

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Eating out at a restaurant has become a popular social activity. Going out at your favorite places to eat with your family, friends or just checking out different varieties of food is an interesting way to discover world and places in a different light. People who are connoisseurs, their taste buds take them from one corner of the globe to the other. Although, whatever mothers cook mostly it is irreplaceable, but learning of the origins of most of these chefs and their great work with food and their restaurants, most of them are inspired by their mothers and traditional food making in their cultures. The list of world’s 50 best restaurants is produced by British magazine, Restaurant, with a poll conducted by international chefs, restaurateurs, gourmands, and restaurant critics. Here is a list of top 10 best restaurants in the world as ranked by the aforementioned magazine. If you want to eat delicious food you should visit these restaurants.

10. Vendôme

Location: Bergisch Gladbach, Germany


Although, it is a restaurant with a name of the French town of Vendôme, but that is about as much French as its gets. It doesn’t even serve French food, but instead it serves great modern German food, with a standout dish of Venison with pine-needle jelly and celery cream.

9. Steirereck

Location: Vienna, Austria


The restaurant’s chef-owner, Heinz Reitbauer takes inspiration for his cooking from his family’s Syrian roots and uses his collection of cookbooks as guide. The basic style of food is Neo-Austrian with traditional touch and a great range of variety available with them. It is not just food which takes it to 9th position but its romantic atmosphere.

8. Arzak

Location: San Sebastian, Spain


This restaurant is run by the family of Juan Mari Arazak along with her daughter, Elena ArzakEspina, who was declared the World’s Best Female Chef in 2012. They serve traditional Spanish dishes with modern techniques of cooking and presentation. Their standout dish is lobster in a crisp potato shell with a cobaiba sauce and red pepper sphere.

7. Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

Location: London, UK

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

To get historical British recipes, this is just the restaurant to go to, with their servings going back to the 14th century food being cooked with latest techniques. It is run by a famous British chef, Heston Blumenthal. The standout dish at this restaurant is Frumenty (c.1390) grilled octopus, smoked sea broth, pickled dulse&lovage.

6. D.O.M.

Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil


This restaurant is run by a multitasking chef, who is also a historian and a botanist, where best traditional Brazilian food can be had, along with European cuisine. Most of the food here comes from the Amazon rainforest, which means a very local cuisine of amazing variety. This restaurant has been named the best restaurant in South America for the past year years consecutively. The standout dish here is fresh heart of palm with scallops and coral sauce.

5. Eleven Madison Park

Location: New York, USA

Eleven Madison Park

The dining experience here is literally full of surprises and highly recommended for gourmets. The restaurant has good presentation of food and has great cooking with a standout dish of surf clam with morcilla sausage and celery root clam bake with whelk, Parker House roll and chowder.

4. Mugaritz

Location: San Sebastian, Spain


Spain has world’s popular restaurants. Most of the well known Spanish restaurants are in Madrid but the only Spanish restaurant in the list is in San Sebastian. Diners here get several courses of different small dishes which makes it a unique restaurant experience unlike anywhere else in the world. Their standout dish is chocolate cake, cold almond cream and cocoa bubbles.

3. Osteria Francescana

Location: Modena, Italy

Osteria Francescana

At this restaurant diners can get a combination of both traditional and modern taste in food. The food is presented in a creative way, with its style of food being mostly modern Italian dishes. The standout dish at this place is called camouflage – a hare in the woods, which is a thin layer of foiegras decorated with powders (hare blood, chestnut, various herbs), which is presented to look like army woodland camo.

2. Noma

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark


The restaurant serves seasonal, Scandinavian food, with modern means of cooking applied. It has numerous small appetizers which are a treat in themselves. The standout dish here is brown crab, egg yolk and herbs. This restaurant offers 20 different types of services which makes it world’s second best restaurant to eat.

1. El Celler de Can Roca

Location: Girona, Spain

El Celler de Can Roca

Owned by three Roca brothers, this restaurant has been ranked as the best in the world. They have been frequently listed. They have been inspired by their mother’s cooking. With everything of great taste available, it is the best place currently to go and eat modern Spanish food. The standout dish here is charcoal-grilled king prawn, king prawn sand, ink rocks, fried legs, head juice and king prawn essence.

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