Top 10 Best Social Networking Websites

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Internet has made the globe smaller. What is happening where? This is no longer a difficult task to know for any of us now. And with the concept of social networking now it is simpler to stay connected with your friends. Now it is easy to know where your friends are headed, what they having in dinner, how fussy their office was, and how they feel about weekends. Social networking sites help you keep tabs on the current friends and stay in touch with the old ones. Some of these also help you create a social circle that aids you to get contacts to find a job. Life has become more easy and social while staying at home. It may surprise you that not every social networking site is the clone of the other. There are sites that have their own unique styles of sharing your self with your friends and friends of friends. That can be statuses, hash tags, photos or an art piece created by you. Sharing has just become as easy as ABC. After a fussy day at office or school and completing deadlines, all one needs is to relax. And sharing is somehow relaxing. Here is a list of the top 10 best social networking websites which you may want to check out.

10. Friendster


The pionerr or the father of social networking was Friendster. It is surprising that not very much people know about this social network any more. It was created back in the year 2002. These days the website has been redesigned and revamped and is made a social networking gaming site. Here you can play many games with your friends and have fun. If you have a Facebook account then it would be easy for you to have an account at this site.

9. Tagged


Tagged is another social networking site. This site helps you connect with your friends and play games and share your scores. The site uses WeGaming and Digsby messaging application to keep you connected with your mates via chat and gaming. How cool is that!

8. Instagram


Instagram comes with a unique idea of social networking. It lets its users share and tag their pictures with their friends circle. Another feature that this site has is that you can add digital filters to your photos and also you can share them on your Facebook profile or tweet them.

7. DeviantART


Are you the creative kind? And want to share your creative skills with the world? DeviantART is the best platform for you out there. This social networking website allows its users to share their art creations like sketches, photography skills, digital art, sculptures, and paintings, fan art etc with their friends and get likes.

6. Google +

Google +

In the year 2011, Google entered in the competition of social networking sites and launched its very own Google+. Google+ brings several social connectivity services on one platform. It has circles, a circle for each type of friends or what you want to share. In short one can say that Facebook and Twitter are put together on one platform in the best way they could be. A perfect blend of the best social networking sites is Google+.

5. MySpace


In the field of social networking MySpace has been much before than Google+. And it has surely helped other social networking sites enhance and improve. The users of My Space can not just update statuses, share photos, videos and music but they can also share their own blogs.

4. Pinterest


Although it has not been a long time that Pinterest was introduced but it has made its name because of the success of the android phones. Pinterest has an app for all the android users. The users can create a pinboard and pin any life event, or photos on their pin board. Simply Pinterest is your own personal diary and feelings that you share with your friends.

3. LinkedIn


Keeping in mind the requirements of the business class and the professionals Linkedln was launched. It is very popular among the business class and that is why the top executives and CEO’s of great companies have their profiles on this site. It is the best social networking site for those who want have to jobs as their profile will work as CV and people can offer them jobs through this social networking website.

2. Twitter


Twitter is a very popular micro-blog. Its users can follow whom they want to follow, including businessmen, actors, actresses, models or any of their favorite stars and friends. You can also share your feelings with your friends in 160 words which twitter calls a ‘tweet’.

1. Facebook


Facebook is world’s most popular social networking site. There is no smart phone that does not has a built-in Facebook app in it. Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. And now it has millions of users all around the globe. Developers keep on working day and night to keep it up to the requirements of its users. If you want to remain in contact with your near and dear ones then you should have an account at this most popular social networking website.

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