Top 10 Best Watch Brands of 2013

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The invention of the watch is not as old as the existence of the time is but it is as long as we started measuring time in bits of seconds, segments of minutes and chunks of hours we invented watch. To wear watch is not all about punctuality and being disciplinary or someone wearing watch is well aware of time ,it has something to do with wearing for the sake of wearing it. There are certain brand names who offered spark, standard, sophistication and style at the same time throughout the world. Here is the list of top 10 best watch brands of 2013. These brands offered antique vintage and elegance with the digital and analog best display of time. These brands throughout the world earn identity, reliability and super marketability.

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10. Jetset

Jetset is premium quality brand of wrist watches by Michael Kors with excellent functionality of jet-set standard with analog display type and round structure. The specification of the brand is the blind reliability on the basis of sleekness and the best possible display of time by American designer. Their watches are equally popular among all the genders of the world. This brand is 10th best and affordable watch brand of the year.

9. Appetime

Appetime is the Japanese women watch brand famous for the elegant attire in both sparking and sleek sober hues.The analog display combines an antique case with sublime touch. The brand contains 5BAR water resistance and appropriate time-keeping. Appetime offers display of extra features. It is the name that identify the reliability of class sophistication with great variety. The brand developed in 1970 and first offered only electro technical display of time then quartz vibration and electro pulse mechanism is employed. The famous brand watch is available with both analog and digital meter.

8. Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck is French timepiece designer. His chief concern is to offer an affordable product with perfect suitability of class and standard. It is available both in analog and digital time display with dual dial. The best economy of display with the use of different materials like chrome, glass, aluminum, fabric is employed. The cheapest yet sophisticated chronograph accomplishment with ample dial display and decent bracelet. Philippe Stark offered variety for both man and women.

7. Luminox

Luminox is the name of official brand of Switzerland with day, date and calender. The specification of the brand is displayed luminous lights and particularly designed for the officials of government organizations Air force, SEALs ,FBI ,UDT etc with 200 meter water resistance. The discriminating illumination-technology and excellent variety of colors rich and variant are characteristics of this brand. It is the wise invention of the brand with double functionality. The Arabic numeral display along with the employment of slander structure display offer best choice to the official and unofficial consumers.

6. Omega

The models of this watch brand are admired by almost everyone who wears wrist watch. Omega Watches was established more than a century and six decades ago. Many celebrities and politicians have used watches of this brand. People have trust in this brand that is why people love to go for this brand. The gold watched by Omega are very popular.

5. Gucci Designer Watch

Gucci watch brand is pleasingly sober and elite in appearance conveying a sense of continuity in keeping pace with futuristic nature of present era. Gucci is an Italian brand originated in 1921. Rich manufacturing material is used in it like gold, stainless steel diamond, sapphire available in classic, sport, luxury and dress watch style. This luxurious watch brand is mostly preferred by elites of the world.

4. Diesel

Diesel Men’s SBA is Ana-Dig watch brand having extreme elegance and sobriety with sleek steel material structure. The brand is having multifaceted functionality. Diesel is appropriate for the decorum perspective and operational point of view. The brand was founded in 1978 and the watch brand was established in 1985 which maintained its culmination in 2013 combined with the flavor suitability and perfection.

3. Casio

Casio wears the name of perfect digital and analog operationally and meets the challenge of surpassing reliability of every class of consumer.Originated in 1999 still having considerable marketability in 2013.The brand is featuring atomic time display and solar technology combined with the grace and elegance which is the essential feature of the brand.

2. Citizen Eco-Drive

Citizen Eco-Drive is astonishingly simple, wears the array of sober yet orientational motifs and suitability to the personality of the wearer of almost each class.The battery is charged through a minute solar panel under the face of the watch. It also carry thermal model which is the display of ultra-technical craftsmanship, the battery is charged through the temperature of the skin of the wearer and the ambient temperature. The brand is founded in 1918.

1. Rolex

This brand name is admired mostly when it comes to the selection of the watch brand. The brand is certified by COSC (Control Official Swiss Chronometer). Rolex watch is having the resistance of 100m (330ft). The manufacturing headquarters are in Geneva and Switzerland. The brand is sold throughout the world with incredible reliability on the standard of the brand. It is sold mostly in European countries, Middle East, South Asia, Canada and United States. These characteristics make Rolex the best brand of watches of 2013.

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