Top 10 Best Water Parks in the World

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Hot Summer months have arrived and every one is in search of a place where they can cool off. There is no better place for amusement and fun in Summer except the water parks. Around the world there stand more than 2000 amusement water parks to escape the blistering heat of the Sun. There are both outdoor and indoor water parks. Here is a list of the top 10 best water parks in the world. They have their own specialties which include amazing thrilling rides and water games. Check out the list and share your experience if you have ever been to these water parks. You can also give suggestions to improve the quality of these water parks but for us these are the best water parks in the world.

10. Sunway Lagoon

Sunway Lagoon

The biggest water park of Malaysia is Sunway Lagoon. If you are passing by Kuala Laumpur then you have to check out this theme park. There are three portions in the park which are termed as, Waters of Africa, World of Adventure and Wild Wild West. There is expansive number of rides in all the areas and also there is a surf area.

9. Chimelong Water Park

Chimelong Water Park

Chimelong Water Park is on the road to become the world’s largest water park. Already this park has around 1 million square feet of water. Behemoth Bowl is one of the best rides of the Park. There are numerous other attractions as well. The other rides stand among the tallest, biggest and the most thrilling water rides on the planet.

8. Wet n’ Wild

Wet n' Wild

Tired of the blistering sun of Florida? Or you cannot take up the heat? Wet n’ Wild is the best choice for you then. In Orlando there are many attractions but to cope up with the heat you have to give a visit to this water park. The park promises the most exciting water rides in North America. There are many relaxing water rides and five most thrilling and exciting rides. The Brain Wash is supposedly the best ride which features a fifty three foot drop into a domed funnel. How cool is that.

7. World Waterpark

World Waterpark

Edmonton, Canada is an attraction for tourists all around the planet for its largest shopping malls. But there is something more in this beautiful city. And that is one of the most fun filled indoor water parks. World Water Park is in nowhere else than in a Shopping mall, yes right, the Edmonton Mall. Temperatures might be chilly but at World Water Park the water is kept at pleasant 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

There is the world’s largest indoor wave pool and slides that are up to 85 feet high. The best thrilling rides of this park include Nessie’s Revenge, Tropical Typhoon and Sky Screamer.

6. Schlitterbahn


Schlitterbahn is the biggest water park in the state of Texas, United States of America. Schlitterbahn comes from the German language and it means a slippery road. The interesting water rides certainly live up to the reputation. There are three Schlitterbahns in Texas, one in Galveston, one in New Braunfels and another at South Padre.

5. Noah’s Ark Water Park

Noah's Ark Water Park

Noah’s Ark is the US’s largest water park. It has more than 60 exciting water slides. Who doesn’t wants to have thrilling water rides on a hot summer day? There are two wave pools and one lagoon pool and two rivers also. There is also a children play area. Most popular water slide is water wrap.

4. Las Cascada Water Park

Las Cascada Water Park

Las Cascada is the biggest water park of the Caribbean. It was constructed in 1985. There is a Tropical lazy river on which you can float and relax. And if you want to have some thrilling experience you can enjoy the speed water rides. Las Cascada has everything you need in a water park. It is 4th best water park in the world to visit in summer.

3. Sandcastle Waterpark

Sandcastle Waterpark

United Kingdom is known for its castles. And a tourist surely wants to see some castles when he is in the UK. Sandcastle Water Park is the biggest indoor water park of UK. The Master Blaster water coaster is the world’s largest water coaster in the world. The park also has a Caribbean Storm Tree house that offers an interesting place for the kids to relax and enjoy. It is one of the most beautiful water parks in the world.

2. Wet n’ Wild Water World

Wet n' Wild Water World

Another member of Wet n’ Wild is in Australia. This park has the specialty that it is open during all the year. It also offers thrilling and exciting rides for the people who go to Australia and seek for some adventure. Black hole and the Tornado twister are the most popular rides of this park.

1. Water Country

Water Country

If you want to bring back the memories of the 1950’s Beach Boys, water country is your option. The park has thrilling flume rides and river rafting as well. At water country there is plenty to keep your head cool. When the temperatures get sour, and the sun is blistering hot, Water country provides you with the best atmosphere.

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