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With the economy on what seems to be a downward spiral to Hell and so many people looking for ways to supplement their income, more and more of us are looking to the internet for answers. However, most are not merely scoring the online classifieds or searching the many career builder sites and job links looking for employment opportunities. Instead, they are taking it upon themselves to actually create employment for themselves in the form of “work at home” careers.

With so many firms, companies and other businesses seeking to establish a creditable online presence, or whose sole purpose is online sales and marketing, the opportunities are all but endless for individuals familiar with computers and the internet. Outsourcing has become an extremely large and lucrative concept for most all online merchants, businesses and corporate entities.

work at home jobs

Rather than staff their offices with local fits to their online needs, they simply go online and hire someone to do the work from their home next door, or from 2,000 miles away. This has opened a unique door for those looking to earn an income sitting in their pajamas in front of a computer part-time, full-time or really, “all the time” since you could essentially work at any time during the 24 hour clock on the wall.

Those wishing to earn a decent living from their living room, kitchen or bedroom performing work at home tasks are steadily increasing in numbers. A lot of this is due to America’s economy crisis and far too many being victims of downsizing, no jobs in their area or simply the need for an extra income source. Yet another influx of work at home employees are from overseas countries that, although might be unrealistic or impossible to actually move to where the jobs are, can simply log onto the internet and be working for someone across the globe.

There are a lot more work at home hopefuls than there really are great paying work at home jobs. This does make it slightly more difficult for many due to the extremely fierce competition among online workers. The bottom line for many is this, if one person cannot perform the task or perform it for this particular rate, then you can bet that there are 2 ½ million other people that can or will!

This makes it increasingly hard to for people to find legitimate and well-paying work at home jobs. It doesn’t mean there isn’t a ton of them out there. It simply means you have to know where to look, be creative, keep looking ahead and not only know what you are doing, but ensure that you are doing it as well as you possibly can in order to continue your climb to a decent work from home job that will suit your needs and pay the bills.

Below is a list of the current top 10 most popular work at home jobs. There are a lot more, however these are the top 10 jobs that most beginners into the whole work from home concept working (part time or full time) are finding the easiest to get their feet wet at and make some money quickly.

1: Selling Products Online

Most people see this and immediately think of those people who are merely selling a few household items, antiques or collectibles they have had for eons in the upstairs closets or attic. While this is an excellent way to earn some quick cash, it isn’t very “long-term” due to their eventually running out of items right? Wrong!

People are learning new creative ways to take selling products online to whole new levels! They are not simply scoring their attics, basements and backyard sheds for hidden treasures anymore. They are scoring them on a more “global” scale nowadays. By searching online classifieds, Ebay, Craigslist etc. people are finding bargains here and reselling them there…so to speak.

Purchasing other people’s items for a few dollars and flipping them on their website, or other online buying & selling sites like those above, has really became a dependable source of income for many and provided them with a legitimate work at home job year round. There are also sites like Etsy and others who provide work at home opportunities by allowing individuals to sell items such as arts and crafts to buyers all across the globe.

2: Drop Shipping

Taking the product selling idea one step further are those who simply create themselves some sort of website online and open themselves up a virtual store. Drop shipping requires no inventory, shipping or even a lot of money to begin utilizing. All you need is a website and the basic knowledge of how to place the product’s pictures and descriptions on it. The main company doing the drop shipping will ship the items straight to the buyer with your website’s name and address on the package.

3: Telesales, Customer Support and Call Answering

Although not so much an online work from home job, several companies are now outsourcing their communications between themselves and consumers or clients. When you call a company’s helpline or customer support number, the person answering the call could actually be several cities, states or even continents away from the actual company’s home based location!

Many people are now working from home, answering calls, making sale’s calls, follow-ups and providing customer support sitting at their kitchen table before their computer and/or with a headset phone over their ears!

4: Online Tutoring/Teaching

With more and more families choosing to home school their children, parents searching for help in ways to improve a child’s learning, as well as some schools now allowing virtual attendance, retired teachers, exceptionally smart college students and graduates and even stay-at-home mom and dads who are well trained and/or well knowledgeable at a particular subject or subjects are earning a pretty decent living offering their expertise through online teaching and tutoring.

5: Medical Transcriptionist

Here, you do not have to really be a medical student or guru in terminology, you just need to be able to follow the format and type efficiently without error. Hospitals, insurance companies and other medical industry leaders – even doctor’s offices – are outsourcing their clerical needs to work at home individuals. For those who are at their wit’s end over how to earn some extra money online will find transcription work pretty easy to get in to. Especially if you can type well. Some are so good that the extra money they make is more like a damn good income!

6: Virtual Assistants

You might be surprised at how many businesses and individuals are hiring the help of work at home virtual assistants. Actors, CEOs, Lawyers and you name it really, are using virtual assistance to set appointments, meetings, provide social media posting and plan their daily or weekly schedules from home. You might have a client list of several different companies or individuals or you might be fortunate enough to land that big one that provides you with all the income you need!

7: Web Browsing/Shopping

So many are surfing the internet anyway, you might as well be paid for it right? Well that is pretty much all there is to web browsing or shopping. You surf the web and see what items are hot and trending, compare prices etc. and collect all the data. Then enter it into a spreadsheet or doc site the company you are browsing for provides. They then analyze the information you and their other professional browsers are gathering in order to determine shopper’s behavioral interests and adjust their products and prices to meet the data.

8: Home Accounting/Tax Preparations

So you earned a degree in accounting or finance and either hate the current job you have, or simply having a hard time finding one. Or you have taken several courses on tax preparations and have only been a “seasonal” worker. Well, how about providing these services from a work at home perspective?

There are multitudes of companies, organizations and even individuals who will hire you to work full time from home keeping the books straight, analyzing expenses, guiding their financial investments or even doing their taxes! There is no need to waste your talents any longer!

9: Freelance Writing/Editing

Everyone who has an online presence, is looking to establish an online presence or is just needing their website’s content to stay fresh and properly written for search engine detection and ranking needs the expertise and writing skills of freelance writers. Sites like Elance, Odesk and others are great place to start. Simply set up a profile and begin bidding on jobs. The more work you perform, the better you will become. The better you become, the better your chances at landing a full time writing gig that will not only supplement your income, but possibly even become your sole income.

10: Blogging for Money

People are hearing more and more about bloggers. Yet no one outside the online world of blogging has any idea what the Sam Hell it is, or how they earn a living from it! Well, blogging is where you set up sort of an online journal and basically talk, vent or rant about current events or whatever is on your mind. The trick is to find topics that are popular and will draw a lot of attention. At the same time, you can have links to other sites, companies or products that will pay you money every time one of the people visiting your site clicks on their link.

Many people go online every day and search for information and land themselves on someone’s blog and do not even realize the site they are on is a blog! . It’s very easy to setup a blog online or you can hire someone to setup a blog at very low cost.

While working at home jobs vary in difficulty, experience and even obtainability, the fact of the matter is, working at home can be about anything you want it to be! It depends on what skills you have, how you use them and unique you can make yourself. Just like actors, musicians and other entertainers, you want to try and stand out among the rest. it won’t be easy for everyone but if you read some success stories, it will for sure motivate you.

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