Top 10 Car Racing Games to Play in 2013

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Most of the people neither have the means nor the resources to own actual race cars. Despite this fact, the thrilling experience of car racing can be enjoyed in one’s very own room through gaming. Good games offer wonderful graphics and allow one to experience driving various kinds of cars requiring physics close to real driving simulators. Also, one gets to travel around different places and can customize cars. Games also offer various modes of play (such as drifting, career mode etc) which allow the gamers to learn various techniques and skills about car racing. Multi-player mode allows the gamers to compete against each other, making the experience more interesting. Due to a limited number of car racing games released in 2013, we have come up with a list of top 10 car racing games to play this year including not only the best ones released and anticipated in 2013 but also the best of the previous year which are too good to let go. The games in our list belong to a diverse collection of platforms so we have something to offer to everyone!

10. Dirt Showdown

Released: June, 2012

Available for: PS3

Dirt Showdown

Dirt Showdown is different from traditional car racing-it is not so much for those who are looking for precision in driving simulation but for those who love reckless driving. Here, you can fulfill your dream of turning around corners while accelerating without crashing. It is about destruction, but destruction with skill. You can smash your opponents in the Demolition events or challenge yourself in Gymkhana events which have arenas with narrower turns and other tricky layouts. You can also go for a Joyride; free-roaming levels with quick missions. The presentation is great with smooth visuals. The career mode for single player is not so much developed however; you will have loads of fun while displaying your reckless skills in front of an audience online or against a friend in two-player mode. If you enjoy crazy driving and demolition, this is the right platform to do it!

9. Ridge Racer Unbounded

Released: March, 2012

Available for: PC, PS3, X360

Ridge Racer Unbounded

As the name suggests, Ridge Racer Unbounded will leave you unrestrained to destroy the buildings and opponent cars, anything which comes in the way of your boost. The wreckage is rewarded with points which allow you to unlock new tracks. The drifting demands skillful maneuvering and unlike other games, the resulting boost is not just for additional speed, rather, the boost is your weapon of destruction. Although the cinematic replays come at a cost of game play, the tracks are well designed and community-led online modes are made to reward creativity. If you savor wreaking havoc with your car, you will enjoy the rage filled fiery ride of the Ridge Racer Unbounded!

8. MotorStorm RC

Released: March, 2012

Available for: PS3, PS Vita

MotorStorm RC

Experience radio controlled car racing with MotorStorm RC! It offers four extreme locations namely desert, jungle, Arctic ice, and an apocalyptic hit city. There are 16 tracks to make your racing experience more interesting. You can not only challenge fellow gamers from around the world but also share your activity and keep updated via the Pitwall. There are four types of races; Standard, Hot Lap, Pursuit, and Drift. The presentation is good but the graphics are not very sharp. The game play is easy to learn with sharp responses which make it enjoyable. In addition, with 40 challenges, MotorStorm RC has a lasting appeal.

7. Sonic & All Star Racing Transformed U

Released: November, 2012

Available for: Wii U

Sonic & All Star Racing Transformed U

Sonic & All Star Racing Transformed is a creative and wonderful game not only to play but also to look at. As the title suggests, while you are in the middle of the race, your car can suddenly change into a boat or a flying vehicle in accordance with the changing track. More interestingly, all these transformed vehicles/tracks need to be handled differently. It is a fun car racing came with easy to manage drifting and appealing tricks to master. It is a must have exciting and joyous addition to the collection of kart racing fans.

6. Grid 2

Released: May, 2013

Available for: PS3, PC, X360

Grid 2

Grid 2 is a great combination of arcade and simulation racing. Visual design is a winner. It offers a wide range of events and an engaging multiplayer mode. In this game, you are the poster-face of an organization, trying to recruit drivers by impressing them via flaunting your skills. Not only the locations are precisely detailed but also the presentation regarding damage etcetera is also eerily close to reality. In addition to the graphics, the handling embodies a beautiful balance between arcade and close to real driving simulation. It is an impressive car racing game-one that you must play this year.

5. F1 2011

Released: September, 2012

Available for: PC, X360

F1 2011

This thrilling game is not only fun for advanced racers but is accessible to the beginners too. Before you start your career, you have to pass through a tutorial which is helpful to the beginners as it introduces them to the F1 series. It is the first game to feature 6 previous world champions. Various modes include Time Trial, Quick Race, Season Challenge, and Career modes. It is a thrilling package and you must keep it in your list of car racing games to play this year, too.

4. Real Racing 3

Released: February, 2013

Available for: iPhone, iPad, Android

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 brings to you a next generation experience in car racing on the mobile phones. With realistic graphics and real tracks from around the World, Real Racing 3 is bound to give you the most wonderful car racing available on the mobile devices. Close up visuals of cars such as Audi and Porsche are absolutely wonderful. The tracks include, amongst the others, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca and Silverstone. If you are a car racing lover and you own an iPhone/iPad, do not miss this pleasurable experience!

3. Need for Speed Most Wanted U

Released: March, 2013

Available for: Wii U

Need for Speed Most Wanted U

Need for Speed Most Wanted is an exciting game where you play by your own rules. You only have one goal: to become the most wanted amongst your rivals and cops by scoring points and using cars, routes, and skills of your choice. In addition, the Wii U platform makes this game more sociable so you are also aiming to become most wanted amongst your friends. The Wii U also lets you change your car models and allows you to navigate while you are on the move. Another interesting part is that you do not have to wait to drive your favorite car, almost all the cars are available to you in the beginning-you just need to find them to drive them. The Need for Speed Most Wanted U is all about going beyond the limits with your imagination and driving skills. It is a must play game in 2013!

2. Forza Horizon

Released: October, 2012

Available for: X360

Forza Horizon

Forza Horizon offers you the freedom of open road filled with adventure. You can go off the road and explore the landscape. It has great graphics and driving simulation which gives Forza Horizon an air of authenticity. You have a range of iconic cars at your disposal and your style and skills are rewarded as you take them into action. The multiplayer is excellent. The difficulty level is flexible, welcoming diversely skilled drivers. You won’t be disappointed since you have plenty to do even outside the organized events. Thus, while you wait for the arrival of the new Forza game, enjoy the adventure of Forza Horizon!

1. Forza Motorsport 5

Released: 2013

Available for: Xbox One

Forza Motorsport 5

Revealed at the E3, 2013, Forza Motorsport 5 seems to be the game which will define the new generation of racing. With its teaser trailer and features, Forza Motorsport 5 has become the most anticipated racing game of 2013. With unprecedented visual realism and the World’s greatest cars and track (including McLaren P1 and the city of Prague), this game will make your racing experience more thrilling than ever. Forza Motorsport 5 is your car fantasy becoming real. With competitive multiplayer advantages of the features of the Xbox One, this game is bound to give you an unprecedented racing experience. Do not miss this epic game in 2013!

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