Top 10 Cleanest Countries in the World

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A nation’s sophistication is exhibited by seeing how clean and tidy it is. Cleanliness represents how civilized and disciplined its people are. Polluted and dirty roads and filthy atmosphere creates a tension and bad impression on the tourists and all over the world. No one would want to take a trip to such an untidy country. Not only for impression but also for the success of the country it is very important that it provides clean and hygienic atmosphere for the people residing in it. The Environment Performance index score is given to all the countries of the world regarding their cleanliness and beauty but the list here mentioned is not based on this score only. Here is a list of the top 10 best countries for you to take a trip to and stay there for a while. Some of these are adorned by their responsible governments and others are blessed with natural beauty and are ranked up for their charming gifts of nature. Enjoy our review on the cleanest countries of the world and enjoy.

10. France


France is known in all over the world for its decent romantic atmosphere, not only that but their ecosystem and cleanliness methodologies are improving day by day. They have set up many measures and standards to keep the country neat and tidy. Whoever visits France and Paris specifically he can feel the love in the air.

9. Iceland


Iceland is a very well adorned and ornamented island in Europe in North. The best advantage of Iceland is that it is an island and that gives it a cool and fresh atmosphere. When you step on the land of Iceland you can feel a dwelling and soothing air in the atmosphere. Its environmental performance index score is 93.7 and that is a great score for a clean country.

8. Switzerland


Switzerland for its natural beauty and green mountains is a heaven on earth. Switzerland is divided into three divisions that are, the Jura, the Swiss plateau and the Alps. Although its EPI score is just 89.1 yet its well oriented natural gifts move it to a higher rank.

7. Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Under the USA development program and for its considerable economic strength Costa Rica has managed to purify its natural beauty and develop its infrastructure. It has an EPI score of 86.4 and that gives the inhabitants maximum life expectancy. An exemplary and unique sanitation and water regulation system keeps the country tedious and clean.

6. Sweden


Sweden with respect to the population is on the third ranking country in Europe but still that does not affect its EPI score. Sweden has managed to keep the index figure to 86.3. The country’s literary rate is considerable and the government has quite strict rules regarding the cleanliness of the country. Regulation of pesticides is also a great factor that keeps the atmosphere tidy and healthy.

5. Norway


In the European region Norway is the wealthiest country. Moreover it has many dreamy spots for tourists and beautiful landscapes in many regions that give Norway an advantage of natural beauty. And Norway has no doubt managed to maintain the beauty in the perfect way. Norway is 5th best country to live in 2013.

4. Mauritius


This is said to be an isolated country of Europe but it is located in Africa. Mauritius is considered to be one of the best honeymoon destinations in the whole world. And that is because of its clean environment and ornamented hills. It is world’s fourth cleanest country of 2013.

3. Austria


Austria is known for its gross domestic production and population and yet that does not bound the progress rate of the country. The basic needs of the people are fulfilled and pesticide regulation on regular basis keeps the environment healthy and clean. It has attained an EPI score of 100.

2. Cuba


The beaches, greenery and lakes maximize the beauty of Cuba. Moreover, the hygienic parameters are abundantly found in Cuba and that promote the loveliness. Cuba takes the advantage of being an island and that makes its air fresh and smooth.

1. Colombia


For honeymoon and spending the best days of your life in peace and comfort Colombia is considered to be the best choice for you. Cuba is elevated especially because of its parameters of maintaining habitat and bio diversity. The Tyrona National Park has also played a vital role in maintaining the greenery and cleanliness of the country. Columbia is the country which has the cleanest habitat especially when you are suffering from some kind of disease or ailment.

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