Top 10 Digital Cameras for 2014

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10: Samsung WB250

While many a shutterbug might keep their snapshot taking device on hand at all times, most of us either have long since buried ours in a sock drawer or closet. Since the day our smartphone began as good – if not better – pictures than our camera, the phone became our “go-to” picturing capturing device. The ease of use, as well as the “that’ll do” picture quality of the phone made it convenient to; grab, shoot and share our favorite magical moments in a flash.

Well the Samsung WB250 has caught on to the convenient and handy advances in smartphones and allows us the same ease of use, sharing and blows the “that’ll do” quality picture of our phones out of the water.

  • Smart Feature Options
  • Social Media Upload,
  • E-mail,
  • Direct Link,
  • Mobile Link,
  • PC Auto-backup, Remote Viewfinder, All share,
  • Cloud Service

Normally Priced

$250.00 – $275.00


9: Cannon Power Shot SX280

If you are looking for a camera that allows extremely easy to use features and functions for the novice photographer in you or that special someone, or need an advanced photo taking device that is equipped with the necessary “bells & whistles” required for an expert photographer, then the Cannon PowerShot will be perfect as it seamlessly flows from beginner to expert picture taking!

  • Free to Download “Cannon Camera” Windows App from the “Android” market allows you to link your smart phone for almost instant uploading
  • WiFi Already Built In for Online Transfer of Photos/Video
  • Extremely Powerful 20x Mega Zoom
  • 12.1 MegaPixel

Normally Priced

Around $400.00!


8:Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX10011

The Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX10011 is built and designed with the professional photographer who often needs just a small, handy and convenient camera they can keep in their glove compartment, purse or carrying bag. Or for the novice in us all that might sometimes just get carried away and start clicking photos at the speed of light! It is fast, fast and fast!

  • Wi-Fi or NFC “Quick Connect” Feature to Link Smartphone
  • SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Stick Compatible for PRO-Duo or PRO-HG Duo video
  • 20.2 MegaPixel Exmor-R Sensor for Those Critical Shots When Lighting Would Normally be “Too Dim!”
  • An Extremely Bright, Carl Ziess Vario-Sonnar F1.8 T-Lens !

Normally Priced



7: Sony Alpha NEX-6L

When you are really wanting to impress the photographer in your life, are wanting to give the pro something they can always need and use or if you simply are needing a camera that can do it all for yourself; the Sony Alpha NEX-6L will in NO WAY disappoint you or anyone else for that matter! Bad – but in a good way – as it can get for under $2k!!!

  • Full HD Video
  • 16MP APS-C Sensor
  • 10 Fbs (per second) Shooting Ability!!
  • Super-Fast Hybrid AF!!
  • Phase-Detection
  • DSLR-Like Focus

Normally Priced



6:Nikon D5200

What more can anyone say really? The name Nikon is just simply unlike almost everything else you could compare it to. Nikon has been around the world and back and always produces the most high quality photographs with a reliability you just cannot find with many other brands. The Nikon D5200 is of no exception! This high-quality, yet conveniently affordable camera makes everything else seem useless really.

  • CMSO Sensor / 24.1 Mega Pixel DX-Format
  • 3.0” Vari-Angle Monitor
  • 16 Scene Modes
  • 5 Fbs (per second) Shooting Ability
  • EXPEED 3

Normally Priced



5:Nikon D700

While Nikon has many cameras which are amazing, as well as several versions of their D700 that can go as high as $3-$4k in prices, this Nikon D700 is an amazing special offer like no other! Not only will you get an incredible Nikon D700 series camera that is superior to near any not carrying the name “Nikon” upon it, you will also get a the exclusive “Nikon” emblazoned carrying bag, accessories and even some cool and useful reading material to enhance any photographers style while also helping to guide you through the extremely fancy, extraordinarily versatile and utterly mindboggling capabilities of a Nikon D700!!!!! THIS IS TRULY AN AMAZING OFFER!!

  • Full Time Autofocus
  • 16.2 MP DX-Format
  • CMOS Sensor
  • HS 6 Fbs (per second) Shooting Ability up to 100 Photos!!

Normally Priced



4:Olympus OM-D-e-M1 Mirror-Less

The Olympus OM-D-e-M1 is a camera unlike any. While the name “Olympus” isn’t relatively new to the world of photography, most still are not aware of the brands unique and extremely high-grade capabilities of their cameras. Well it will not take very long after breaking this “Bad Boy” renegade brand camera out that all you photo friends and pro photographers around your inner circle will have one as well! Indeed, the world of professional grade cameras is about to see a new “professional-grade” competition to battle against: And its name is OLYMPUS!!

  • Incredible 2.6 Million Dot Resolution!
  • 16 Mega Pixel Live MOS Image Sensor!
  • Dual FAST Phase Sensor!
  • Contrast AF Sensor

Normally Priced



3:Fuji Film X-E2

Fuji is simply in a class all its own when it comes to anything regarding “Visual” and “Optic” recording, viewing and capturing of all things! Whether it be their high-quality film or their high-quality digital devices. The Fuji Film X-E2 is one of the best at capturing even the most simple of pictures and turning them into true works of art and professional photographs!

  • Full HD Movies
  • 7 Fbs (per second) Shooting Ability
  • WiFi Capable
  • 16.3 Mega Pixel!

Normally Priced



2:Nikon D610

The Nikon D610 is the finest photography tool a pro could have! This camera is not just another camera by any means. It is definitely a photographer’s equipment or tool and is extremely advanced. While extremely technical, the D610 can also be used wisely by a novice. The only exception being; while a novice can use the Nikon D610 to take expert looking photos, an expert can use the D610 to absolutely captivate and amaze everyone!

  • 3-D Color Matrix!
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • Optional Wu-Ib Wireless Adapter
  • 24.3 FX-Format

Normally Priced



1:Nikon DF

This is not only the best camera anyone can buy for less than $3-$5 thousand dollars, it is also the only camera that allows its user many of the same features, options and quality of those extremely expensive professional devices! The Nikon DF is the one…PERIOD! No other camera has so much to offer and so many features expected from a camera as does the Nikon DF. If you are looking for the camera that does it all, has it all and will be equipped and ready to shoot a magazine worthy photo in a matter of seconds, as well as photos that no one can find flaw in the quality alone (if used properly) then the DF by Nikon is simply it!

  • 39 Point Auto-Focus!
  • 16.2 Mega Pixel with EXPEED 3
  • Adaptable with ALL Current NIKKOR Lens
  • The Thinnest and Lightest FX-format with the NIKON Name

Normally Priced


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