Top 10 Disney Movies of All Time

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The Best Disney Movies

Movies are good stuffs when spending your free time. They keep you busy since you will be learning some life experience events from the theme of movies. Also, it is an entertainment session in your house. There are many Disney movies, but we have listed the best top ten. The method of listing help in identifying the one you want to watch. The list contains the movies that have been rated high by customers. We’ve arranged them in ascending order.

10. Sleeping Beauty

This movie is about a cursed princess. She was cursed by a malevolent fairy after her royal family snubbed her. The curse can only be broken by a prince. This Disney movie is 75 minutes long, and it’s amazing.

9. The Little Mermaid

The movie is about a mermaid princess. She wanted to meet a human prince, which made her make a Faustian bargain with an unscrupulous witch of the sea. The movie is 83 minutes long.

8. The Princess and the Frog

This movie is about a fairy tale. The tale is centered on a woman called Tiana. Tiana had a fateful kiss with frog prince who wanted to be human again. It is interesting, and 97 minutes long.  This movie is interesting and has many reviews from customers. Many people have rated it as a good stuff, and this is why it took 8th position in the top ten list.

7. Frozen

This movie is about an epic journey of the courageous and optimistic Anna and Kristoff. They were experiencing conditions similar to that of Mt. Everest. They were accompanied by the snowman known as Olaf. The mission for this journey was to find Anna’s sister known as Elsa. However, Elsa had icy powers that converted the kingdom into winter conditions throughout.

6. Tangled

The movie is about Rapunzel, a magical-haired woman. The woman has been staying in a tower for the entire life, but one day she was forced to discover the world. A thief came to the tower and stumbled her. She came out of the tower for the very first time, to show the world that she can do it! The length of the movie is 100 minutes.

5. The hunchback of Notre Dame

The movie is about a deformed bell ringer. The bell ringer is trying to assert the viscous government minister with aim to help a friend, a gypsy dancer. It is 91 minutes long, but quite amazing. This movie is the fifth ranked in the list of top ten best Disney movies. It is 91 minutes long.

4. Alladin

The movie itself is about Alladin, who is a street urchin. Alladin met with Jasmine who is a princess undercover in the city. They fall in love, but Jasmine has no choice since she must marry a prince. The movie is 90 minutes, worthy the time. It is quite interesting and full of suspense.

3. Beauty and the Beast

The movie is about Belle’s father, who was put in captivity. However, Belle decided to offer herself instead of his father. After she was caught and imprisoned, she later came to realize that her captor was a prince. The movie is quite amazing, and it suspense offer great to the viewers. It is 84 minutes long.

2. Wreck-It Ralph

This movie is about Villain, who is a video game. Villain is eager to show people in his home place that he is the super hero. He sets out to proof his desires. However, his activity causes havoc to all the people in the entire place he calls home. The movie is about 101 minutes long. It is the second ranked Disney movie in the top ten list of the best movies.

1. The Lion King

In this movie, the lion king is searching for identity in the jungle. He is anxious to be the king of the jungle and he tries as much as he can to please others. However, when testing his boundaries as the king, sometimes it turns out to be troubles to him. This movie is interesting and that is why it has been ranked at the top. It is about 89 minutes long. It is highly reviewed as the best Disney movie, and actually, it has fetched many viewers.

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