Top 10 Fastest Trains in the World

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Distance is matter of approach and when affordability combined with comfort and luxury then distance is all about “need for speed”. The globe is turned into an easily approachable space,it is all because of the advancement of in the field of communication, science, engineering and all technological areas.The vastness of the earth is now under the feet of man. Different countries are having fastest traveling mediums in which trains are the most accessible and affordable modes of traveling.The train chase like hunters the destination, soar like bird , like bullet rockets towards the destination and makes the way from the fields, rivers or mountains.Even speed of the fastest train touches roughly the speed of sound.Passenger line has become priority over air lines and it seems true to believe “if God had meant us to fly he wouldn’t have given us the railways.” Here is the list of top 10 fastest trains in the world by 2013. The average speed of these fastest trains is also mentioned. If you travel by these trains then you feel yourself lucky.

HSL 1 (High Speed Line)

10. Shanghai’s New Maglev (Magnetic Levitation)

The world’s fastest passenger line surprisingly moves on no wheels on the speed of 500kph.The speed is developed by employing formula of electromagnetic field by the electrified coils in the guide way at the track.The train accelerates with the velocity of 300mph silently, smoothly and rapidly. The powerful magnet lifts the entire train about 10 millimeter which is called guide way mainly directs the passage of train while other magnets provides propulsion, braking and speeding. Having roughly 1200 passengers per day makes a handful income to the department of transport.

9. KTX (Korean Train Express)

KTX is south Korean high speed train operated by Korail which is the latest technology based on french system of TGV (Train a Grande Vitesse) and LGV. The recorded high speed is 515.3km/h. The latest technology employed is totally impeccable.With such advancement in passenger lines moves within cities and out side city is not a matter of embarrassment rather to be carried away by a carrier which is luxurious and affordable at the same time.

8. Shinkanzen Japan

Use of latest technology in passenger lines has created at a compatibility which is in direct collision with airlines. It is because the Shinkanzen in Japan consumes distance with in no time and with equal convenience as in airlines. These trains are of bullet types which rocketed towards the destination with admirably high speed and connects the major cites of Hinshu in Japan with other cities.

7. THSR (Taiwan High Speed Rail)

The absurdity and fear of approaching far flung areas has vanished with the emergence of latest technical engine-less machinery like Taiwan High Speed Rail. THSR runs along the west coast of Taiwan,having the high speed record of 335.50km/h. Many people travel by this train and reviews show that people are happy with the performance of this train because they want to reach their destinations quickly.

6. AVE (Alta Velocidad Espanola)

AVE,the fastest moving train in Spain at the speed of 300km/h which connects all considerable distance between town and cities in Spain.Working on power car technology the AVE is meant to navigate between Madrid-Bracelona. It has been given the name of “pato” because of its manufacturing shape which is just like beak.It is designed in beak like shape in order to reduce the noise caused by high velocity of it and the resistance and friction of air.

5. ETR 500 (Elletro Treno Rapido)

Elletro Treno Rapido works with the technology of electric multiple unit which has been employed in operation since 1993. The track created connection between Rome and Florence.The train hit the high speed of 250ph/k. ETR navigates with the highest speed of 300km/h with such a fecundity that one feel like soaring in the air.

4. CRH2 of China

CRH2 is modification of the Shinkansen design E2-1000 in China. The bullet shaped train is having the the capacity of covering 300km/h.The suitability of structure and design combined to make the required velocity possible. CRH2 is made with light aluminum body, beak headed body structure is helpful in making the resistance and fraction with air low. Where as the speed is controlled by the software of computerized control system.

3. Eurostar

Euroster is assuming the capacity of 900 passengers runs in the location of London between Paris and Brussels.The fastest train in Britain moves with convenient smoothness without the chugging and roaring of engines. The recorded highest speed of the train is 300km/h (186mp/h). Nothing like coupling and decoupling of apartment occurs in futuristic train technology.

2. TR.09 (Trans Rapid)

One of the fastest moving train with the latest technology of magnetic levitation hitting the terrific speed of 450km/h (270.3mph) in Germany. Conveniently meeting the challenges of geography. The system is introduced by Trans rapid Internationals. The futuristic technology of meglev filled human mind with sense of adulation. It is the culminating engineering success that is running with awfully terrific speed and surprisingly enough it has no engine, gear, heavy steel body but magnetic levitation and propulsion of electromagnetic field.

1. HSL 1 (High Speed Line)

The High Speed Line train navigates in Belgium with the rushing speed of 300km/h (180mph). It moves from Belgium to Brussels while connecting variant tows and cites. It is the culmination of engineering science which provide the world with the luxurious accessibility to the remote lands. The primitive fear of the unapproachable distance has been totally removed from the mind of man of 20th century. The speed of 300km/h makes it world’s fastest train by 2013. It is expected that trains with faster speeds with emerge with the passage of time.

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