Top 10 Greatest Wicket Keepers of All Time

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Wicket keeping is recognized as the third department in the game of cricket, along with bowling and batting. A wicket keeper is required to be highly energetic, acrobatic, and expert to fulfill the requirements of this position. He is guy who remains busy the most throughout the innings. This article takes into account the great names that showed great skills of wicket keeping behind the stumps. Following is the list of top 10 greatest wicket keepers of all time. It is based on the extra ordinary performances of each of these players. These wicket keepers are being loved by the millions of fans all over the world. Moreover, the experts of international contemporary cricket also hold great respects for these big names.

10. Moin Khan

Moin Khan

Moin Khan of Pakistan was one of the most energetic wicket keepers international cricket has ever seen. He was not only fast, but he also had great skills of protecting the position behind the stumps. He got a good number of dismissals against his name. Besides, he was kind of a batsman who could score the runs, particularly in death overs, with great strike rate.

9. Alec Stewart

Alec Stewart

Alec Stewart represented the England cricket team for many years. He was an experienced and talented player who did his job very well. He scored more than 8000 runs in test cricket and also had almost 451 dismissals against his name that speak volumes of his skills and expertise.

8. Rashid Latif

Rashid Latif

Rashid Latif is another one of the finest wicket keepers of Pakistan. He also has a good number of dismissals, approximately 350, against his name. Moin Khan was his competitor so he was not able to play more international cricket. He kept wickets in 37 test matches where he dismissed 130 batsmen. It means that he dismissed more than 3 players per match. He showed athleticism behind the wickets but he was not as good with bat as Moin was so he was left out from the team for most of the matches because Pakistan has always been in dire need of batsmen. Although Kamran Akmal has not performed well as a wicket keeper but he has been with team for most of the time because of his batting potential.

7. AndyFlower

Andy Flower

Andy Flower belongs to the team which has never been regarded as one of the strongest sides of the world, but he himself has proven to be an elegant cricketer. He was energetic and acrobatic behind the stumps and had more than 300 dismissals in international cricket against his name. He also scored more than 11000 runs in all the formats of the international cricket.

6. Ian Healy

Ian Healy

Ian Healy is another one of the greatest wicket keepers of all time. He used to be an integral part of Australian cricket team who contributed towards the success of his team on a number of occasions. It would be interesting to know that Ian Healy registered 628 dismissals against his name. He was also a very handy batsman in Australian cricket team and scored more than 5000 runs international cricket.

5. Rod Marsh

Rod Marsh

Rod Marsh is a name which really needs no introduction. He used to be an ideal for all the junior wicket keepers throughout the world. With almost 470 international dismissals against his name, Rod Marsh manages to secure the 5th position on our list of top 10 greatest wicket keepers of all time. Rod Marsh’s thrilling performances always played a key role in leading his team towards the victory.

4. MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni

The most successful captain in the history of Indian cricket, MS Dhoni, is a man of cool temper and great confidence. He has got safest of the hands that perform really well behind the stumps. MS Dhoni has filled the gap of a brilliant wicket keeper in the Indian side. He has shown the batsman the way to pavilion on a great number of times. Moreover, his batting provides sheer strength to the team. He has been termed as the best wicket keeper captain of all time.

3. Mark Boucher

Mark Boucher

Mark Boucher ruled the South African cricket for years. During his career, he was never dropped from the side and always played a key role in the team. He was among those very few wicket keepers who were regarded as the most energetic and acrobatic behind the stumps. Besides this, his batting was an additional attribute that helped him secure a permanent position on the team.

2. Kumar Sangakkara

Kumar Sangakkara

Kumar Sangakkara is world’s highest run scoring wicket keeper. He’s the only wicket keeper who is included in the top 10 highest run scoring batsmen of the world. Kumar Sangakkara assures his team the great determination and hundred percent performance. His wicket keeping skills significantly distinguish him from other wicket keepers. Kumar Sangakkara has scored more than 11700 runs so far in international cricket.

1. Adam Gilchrist

Adam Gilchrist

Adam Gilchrist was the wicket keeper who showed the world that a good wicket keeper can also be a full time trusted and reliable batsman. He used to open the innings with Mark Waugh and then with Mathew Hayden for Australia. Adam Gilchrist never compromised over his performance and gave hundred percent to his team. There was hardly any occasion throughout his career when he missed a simple dismissal behind the stumps. With more than 800 dismissals to his name, Gilchrist is the best wicket keeper in the history of Cricket.

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