Top 10 Halloween Costumes 2013

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Halloween has always been as much an event as it has been a holiday of sorts. It allows us all, young and old, sophisticated and not so-sophisticated alike to essentially act as goofy and as wild as we want – without worry of looking ridiculous before, during or after! Why? Because we can get as dressed in costume as we want and no one has to even know who we are!

No matter how we act throughout the year, on October 31st gives us a “free pass” to be a kid again! Each year, Halloween parties, whether at work, school or simply with our family and friends, proves to be the appropriate time for individuals to attempt to not only out-do, out-scare and out-create their fellow partiers but to also out-do themselves from the year before.

Finding and/or preparing one’s Halloween costume is almost like preparing for a beauty pageant or a walk down a fashion show’s runway. The individual wants to standout above others, display their inner freakishness and always show off their individual style and creativeness. Costumes, masks and getups often coincide with the times.

top 10 halloween costumes 2013

With this in mind, as well as knowing this year’s Top 10 Halloween Costumes of 2013 will most definitely provide future generations a glimpse into our current era of silliness and crazy times, we will attempt to make finding an idea for your 2013 Halloween costume for kids or adults much easier.

10: Fox Costumes

Due to the viral YouTube video, as well as it now being recognized in Billboard Music’s “Top 10,” the comedy duo known as Ylvis hit song “The Fox” has been gaining momentum in almost all arenas across the nation. It has been played somewhere, by someone almost consistently since it was released on YouTube in September of 2013. It is an almost certainty that “The Fox” will be well represented in costumes throughout the month of October 2013.

9: President Obama

His face and likeness has been duplicated, slightly altered and immortalized with a Halloween costume more than almost any other U.S. President before him except George Bush II and Bill Clinton. Yet Obama Halloween costumes still provides those who wear them to garner the attention worthy of an American President who just also happens to be a cultural icon.

8: Iron Man

Iron Man, a lot like President Obama, has been being seen almost every Halloween for the last several years. Much of his consistent fame and Halloween costume notoriety comes from an almost non-stop succession of movies. Starting with the original “Iron Man” movie, then “Iron Man 2” and those being followed up by “The Avengers” before making his 4th consecutive blockbuster appearance in “Iron Man 3,” this is one Halloween costume that may never tire from being seen and recognized. Much like the character Iron Man himself!

7: Zombies

It seems as though there is a Zombie apocalypse almost every week somewhere around the world. Movies like Brad Pitt’s “World War Z,” as well as hoards of TV series depicting the “undead” chasing after living humans to infect. Zombies will possibly be everywhere on Halloween 2013! So keep your eyes peeled and Brad Pitt near!

6: Republican House Speaker John Boehner

Well, few social, economic and political events can all coincide at once quite like shutting down the entire U.S. Government like John Boehner did in 2013. Although many might not have recognized the House Speaker’s mug prior to September, you dang sure bet EVERYONE knows his face when they see it come Halloween 2013!

5: Texas Senator Ted Cruz

No government shutdown or thunder stealing John Boehner can overcome or out-rant Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s plight to “defund Obamacare.” Ted Cruz has made a name for himself speaking his mind, as well as his speaking “Dr. Seuss” all throughout 2013 in an attempt to strike down President Obama’s healthcare reform plan. So do not be surprised to see Ted Cruz almost everywhere you go this Halloween. He is likely to be closely followed or near the ol’ “Cat ‘N’ the Hat” Dr. Seuss himself.

4: Miley Cyrus

There is little doubt you will see Miley Cyrus Halloween costumes somewhere this October. Her short hair, less than nothing wardrobe and the now infamous “Twerking” on MTV’s Award show, as well as her videos have made getting a Miley Cyrus costume this Halloween a no-brainer for many.

3: Candy Crush Saga and Social Media Costumes

Nothing is as popular, as addictive or as almost necessary for human survival as is social media outlets and Candy Crush Saga. We awake in the morning to check our status on social media and then a majority quickly turns to their Candy Crush Saga game to attempt to complete its next level. We need them both to get though our downtime. You will likely see a Candy Crush character at your door asking you for none other than candy of course!

2: Duck Dynasty

Whether you run across Phil, Willie, or even loveable SI Robertson this Halloween, odds are enormous YOU WILL RUN INTO at least one, if not all the characters of the reality series “Duck Dynasty!” These guys are everywhere at once! Rarely has a show on TV garnered the cult following Duck Dynasty has earned since the show’s release. So look for long beards, duck calls and Tupperware glasses of iced tea to be in almost every corner of your Halloween party this year.

1: Breaking Bad

Walter White and Jesse proved to the entire world that a creative story line, hard drugs and violent murders will always interest viewers to no end! Breaking Bad made an American icon and consummate hero out of a drug dealer. There have been Breaking Bad chemistry sets for kids already, so plan on an influx in sells for bright yellow HAZMAT getups and blue colored candy galore this Halloween!

Many represent an era, a social or political issue, the latest blockbuster movies and characters and even a musical culture and current events – both good and bad. No matter how far back one could possibly search to find the “Top 10 Halloween Costumes” of any year, era or generation, you can bet that there will definitely be a costume, mask or Halloween attire that will directly coincide with the year/era’s social, economic, political or pop culture phenomenon of their time. Halloween costumes are a statement of who we are, where we come from and how we got to where we are now.

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