Top 10 Highest Paid NFL Players of 2013

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NFL is a popular Football league of United States and popularity determines pay so people are eager to know highest paid NFL players. This articles has been written to give you information regarding those players who are earning by playing NFL. These players not only earn by playing the game but also doing commercials with world’s most expensive brands. Those brands pay them highly as these players are celebrities and people follow them. It is one of the leagues that last long and its duration is almost one third of the year which includes 256 games. Taking into consideration the fame of the players, many movies have been made on NFL. Here is the list of top 10 highest paid NFL players of 2013. This list is purely based on annual income of these players. The income suggests that these players belong to the category of world’s richest players.

10. Vincent Jackson

Vincent Jackson

After having a dispute with San Diego Charges, Vincent Jackson joined Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This move was beneficial for both the player and the franchise. He has set many records of his team with the longest reception of 95 yards. The deal with Bucs was worth $55.55 million for 5 years. His performance after joining this team is excellent. He has averaged more than 86 yards per game since 2012 which shows how much worth this player has for his team. His annual earnings of $23.4 million makes him 10th highest paid NFL player of the world.

9. Dwayne Bowe

Dwayne Bowe

Dwayne Bowe plays for Kansas City Chiefs and stats shows that he is the best player of his team. His average yard per game are 61.6 in last year which means that he is behind Jackson in this regard but not in terms of income. His yards per game have decreased with the increase in experience. His experience of 7 years earns him $24.9 million in a year.

8. Ray Rice

Ray Rice

This guy has gained fame as well as performed well with the passage of time. He began his career at the age of 21 in 2008. In his first year of NFL, he played less games and scored less than 35 yards per game but next year was one of the bests for him where his average yards per game were almost touching 84. In 2011, he crossed the figure of 85 and become popular at social networking sites especially twitter where he has almost 4.8 million followers. His performance and fame gives him $25.8 million a year.

7. Calvin Johnson

Calvin Johnson

Calvin Johnson has been blessed with a good height and a powerful body which makes him a strong NFL player. It would not be wrong to say that he is one of the fittest players of NFL. He plays for Detroit Lions and has received $26.3 million for his game in a year. This guy signed a deal of $132 million for 8 years with his franchise. The last year has been very successful for him as his yards per game were 122 which is a record for Detroit Lions.

6. Tony Romo

Tony Romo

The performance of Tony Romo is amazing in the field with 228 yards per game and in the last he was at peak with more than 300 yards per game. He has been honored to have hold the award of Pro Bowl three times in his career. His annual earning is $28.8 million including $3 endorsements.

5. Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning

Tony Romo is the most famous personality in NFL as he is one of the most experienced player in this list. He has the honor of being Pro Bowl 12 times in his 15 years of NFL career. Out of 7,793 passing attempts he has completed 5,082 which means his success percentage is more than 65. He signed a deal with Denver Broncos in 2012. He gets $30 million with $12 million endorsements. Being a richest sportsman he donates a lot of money to organizations working for betterment of humanity.

4. Joe Flacco

Joe Flacco

Joe Flacco is a young and passionate guy with a strong built. Due to his powerful muscles his passes are often successful.The percentage of successful passes is more than 60 which is a characteristic of a good player. Considering his performance in past years, Baltimore Ravens gave him $120.6 million for 5 years which was record in the history of NFL. His last 12 months earnings are $36.8 million which make him world’s 4th highest paid NFL player of the year.

3. Tom Brady

Tom Brady

Here comes the second most experienced NFL player of this list and has earned almost each and every honor of the game. He has earned $38.3 million in a year. His fitness level is up to the mark that is why he is highly rated player of the game. He has a huge group of fans including 1.8 million fans at Facebook. The popularity at social networks shows that how much people love him.

2. Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is the most fascinating player with 65.7 percentage of successful passes. He is also a popular celebrity with almost 1 million followers at twitter. His annual earning of $49 million makes him second highest paid NFL player in 2013.

1. Drew Brees

Drew Brees

The last four games Drew Brees played were worth watching and he is performing very well nowadays. In his last games, his average yards per game are 326 with a best of 446. He is the best player of New Orleans Saints and he owns most of the records of the game. He is the player with most games having 80% of successful passes. His annual salary of $51 million makes him the highest paid NFL player of 2013.

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