Top 10 Horror Movies in 2014

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Most Scariest Horror Movies


There are some moments when you may need to view frightening stuffs. Your desire has touched several individuals including movie designers and actors to produce such frightening stuffs that will satisfy you. They have produced several movies quite horrific for 2014, and actually horror movie calendar is really terrifying. The horror movies come in different scenarios such as supernatural thriller, plagued hackers, serial killers, vampires, murderers, and sultry extraterrestrials.

Choosing of horror movie that you may need to watch can be made easier through listing the highly rated movies. This is what we’ve done to make it easy for you, and select which seems amazing. The list is of top ten horrific movies in 2014, in ascending order.

10. The Green Inferno

In this movie, Eli Roth joined a group of students who were travelling from New York City to Amazon.  The mission was helping a tribe in Amazon, but the mission turned them to be the victims that need help from the helpless tribe. A plane they are travelling in crashed in the forest. The theme of the horror movie is to inform people not to move out of home and join a group without precaution, for whichever mission. This movie will actually give you a strong lesson and may be take some active decisions about your plans.

9. The purge: Anarchy

This is a twist of 2013 thriller ‘the purge’. This movie is known for its strong concept, whereby two class of upper allows high crime acts. The lower class is subjected to pains since the law is not in force. The upper class takes the event as an advantage to do the evil things that they have been wishing to do. The movie tries to find out what really could happen, if crime was made to be legal for at most one day. The movie needs to know at individual level, what can one do if law does not prevent crime for only 24hours. The writer director is James DeMonaco.

8. Deliver Us From Evil

The writer director of this movie is Scott Derrickson. The movie is about a girl who was possessed by devil. He has borrowed from a novel called Beware the Night, which targeted on NYPD officer’s investigations into devilish possessed person.

The writer of this movie has done great in the horror movie “deliver from evil”. He has featured great characters like Eric Bana, who has given much power and tangible talent into the movie. It is actually a good stuff which will be liked by many.

7. The Signal

This movie is a story of an MIT student. The student’s life changed permanent while trying to track a hacker. The student is said have been exposed to signals of the hacker and told he has been chosen. He is told that already he has acquired unique abilities. The meaning of all this, is the question now.

This movie got praises during film festivals of Sundance, due to mind bending techniques, interesting but scary narrative.

6. Stage Fright

This movie is quite horrific, it is about music festivals where a teen singer had dreams of Broadway but turns to be nightmares when a serial killer begins slaying at the camp where the performers were, and then the teen singer is left in terrifying situation to wonder whether the serial killer is the one responsible for his mother’s death.

5. Mr. Jones

The movie is about young couple who went into wood to study about their art, but they discovered some sculptures in the forest around them. They decided to follow the source guessing it might be Mr Jones’ work of arts. However, they never knew the dark path they are following was ending them to hell!

4. 13 Sins

This movie is about Elliot who was offered a sweet game to keep on winning and getting a lot of cash benefits, but eventually he never knew he was under trap, since will he go far with the 13 sins! It is interesting horror that is frightening, it has some suspense which later comes to happen.

3. Only Lovers Left Alive

The movie is about bloodsuckers vampires. It is romantic though with some dark stuffs which are terrifying. It involves two married but cast couples; while enjoying their party, sister to the female couple disrupts the party after arriving!!

2. Oculus

This movie is about supernatural horror, two children who are trying to prevent nightmare that happened to their family. Their mother died long time ago, and it seems their father murdered her. They believe it was an evil mirror that caused all that.

1. Under The Skin

The horror in this movie, a lady is beautiful and she is driving everywhere in Scotland. People think that she is a good woman but under the skin she is an alien, looking for a meal of humans.

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