Top 10 Largest Arms Exporting Countries in 2013

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Arms and weapons play a very significant role in determining the security of any state. The importance of arms in ensuring the primary objective of any state, i.e. security is as old as the concept of war. Owing to this great attachment of importance to these strategic assets, the states are observed to be indulged in global arms race. This article is an attempt to give a detailed account of top 10 largest arms exporting countries in 2013. It is interesting to note that despite of the efforts against proliferation and developments in weaponry fields, the global arms trade has been increasing at a significant and alarming rate. With the increasing demand of arms by the relatively weaker states, the great powers of the world find it really profitable to get huge sums of money through this field. Following is the list of top 10 largest arms exporting countries in 2013. This categorization is strictly based on the latest figures of global arms trade with respect to each of the following countries.


10. Sweden

The 10th position on our list of top 10 largest arms exporting countries in 2013 is secured by Sweden. Although Sweden is regarded as one of the strongest military forces of the world, yet its industry of arms production is very strong which helps the country to earn great reserves from the exports if arms.

9. Netherlands

The state of Netherlands has made great development in the production of arms which are sold out to many countries including Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Australia, Egypt and many more. It’s range of arms is limited but it produces in a large quantity.

8. Turkey

Turkey, one of the strong aspirants of membership of European Union, is also indulged in the global arms trade. The year 2012 witnessed great development in this field, which helped Turkey to enjoy the greater share in the global market of arms and weapons.

7. China

The emerging global power, China, is also witnessing great development in the field of weapons and arms. However, the Chinese leadership usually attaches more importance to other fields of economy and do not directly indulge in any armed conflicts. Still China, being a great economic and military power, enjoys a considerable share in the global arms trade.

6. Israel

Israel has witnessed great development in the field of arms exports in recent years. The total number of arms exports of Israel has risen significantly since the last year. Now, with the total exports of worth $2.4 billion, Israel has assumed the 6th position on our list of top 10 largest arms exporting countries in 2013.

5. Germany

Germany also has a very strong association with war related issues since long. It also fought the two world wars, against the allied powers. It is seen that the German political as well military leadership attach great importance to the arms and weapons. With current total exports of worth $3 billion.

4. United Kingdom

United Kingdom, being one of the mightiest colonial powers of the past, has a strong relationship with the global arms trade since long times. In the modern times, United Kingdom also has played a key role in arms related issues. It has directly fought 2 world wars and has been a center of many military conflicts as well. The position of UK in global arms trade is very significant at the global level. Because of its exports of worth more than $4 billion.

3. France

France, one of the major powers of Europe, enjoys the 3rd position on our list of top 10 largest exporting countries in 2013. It is interesting to note that France is also one of the largest exporters of nuclear related technologies all around the globe. According to a recent report, the total exports of France in the field of arms and weapons are exceeding more than $4.5 billion.

2. Russia

Russia, former USSR, follows USA in the list of top 10 largest arms exporters in 2013 and secures the 2nd position on the list. The most famous weapons produced by Russia include the machine guns and other types of assault rifles. It is estimated that the total exports of arms done by Russia mount up to $10 billion. So, there still is a huge gap between the number 1 and number 2 largest exporters of arms.

1. United States of America

In this unipolar world order, the super power USA is the largest exporter of arms in the entire world. It is estimated that the total exports of United States of America in arms exceed up to $28 billion. The weaponry industry of USA is so strong that it has its own vested interests all around the globe, which compel it to remain indulged in arms trade at all levels. However, there is a great irony in the fact that America being the greatest propagator of non-proliferation and no arms race notions, itself is indulged in greater global arms trade.

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