Top 10 Largest Train Stations in the World

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Today, there are many traveling options available to the travelers around the World, train still being a convenient option on hand for traveling on the road. Train stations, also known as railway stations, are points where the trains stop to load and unload passengers or freight. Often, these stations are central to a country’s transport system. Apart from their utility purpose, some of the railway stations are also built to please one’s aesthetic sense. Such stations are built with a unique and impressive architecture which adds prestige to their host cities. Besides ticket offices and/or ticket machines, large stations also have shops, restaurants, lost-and-found, waiting rooms, departure and arrival boards, and taxi ranks. Railway stations around the World have made records in many categories such as the busiest station, the highest station, the longest station, the largest station by floor area, and the largest station by number of platforms. Here we have a list of the largest train stations in the world ranked by the number of platforms based on the available data. The European countries are dominating the list of largest train stations in the world.

Grand Central Terminal

10. Jakarta Kota Station (Indonesia)

Built in around 1870s and renovated in 1926, the Jakarta Kota Station (also known as the Beos Station) is said to be South East Asia’s largest train station. Having 12 platforms, it also has convenient stores, food courts, public toilets, ATM, and a mosque. The Jakarta Kota Station has a historic and cultural significance in Indonesia since in 1993 it had the privilege of being included as one of the historical and cultural landmarks. This fact also makes it a tourist attraction. It serves train lines across the Java Island, Gambir Station, Jatinegara Station, Pasar Senen Station, and three of KRL Jabotabek lines.

9. Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Germany)

Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Berlin Central Station) is Berlin’s main station built at the site of Lehrter Bahnhof which was severely damaged in the Second World War. Opened in 2006, the Berlin Central Station has become Europe’s largest grade-separated station. It has a total of 14 platforms: 6 upper and 8 lower. It has tunnels and bridges whereas the main building has a glass and steel structure. Around 44,000 square meters is the area dedicated to commercial space where there is a shopping center (with around 80 shops), luggage center, luggage lockers, car parking, and free internet access. This station is said to serve around 300,000 passengers every day.

8. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (India)

Previously known as the Victoria Terminus, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is a historic landmark located in Mumbai. It was built during the British Raj, completed in 1888. It is a magnificent building with High Victorian Gothic style architecture. The architect of the building was Fredrick William Stevens and interestingly, its design was based on a water-color sketch by Axel Haig. This beautiful building is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site which makes it an attractive tourist destination. The station also has a sub-urban network and air-conditioned dormitories. It is the busiest train station of India and one of the Asia’s busiest stations. With 18 platforms, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus has ranked 8th in our list.

7. Leipzig Hauptbahnhof (Germany)

Leipzig Haubahnhof (Leipzig Central) is the Europe’s largest train station by floor area (83,460 meter squares). With a multi-level concourse, it serves around 120,000 passengers every day. It opened in 1915 but was damaged in the Second World War and was renovated in 1950s when basements were added to include a shopping mall. It has 24 platforms, getting it the 7th position in our list of biggest train stations.

6. Zurich Hauptbahnhof (Switzerland)

Zurich Hauptbanhnhof is the Switzerland’s largest and busiest railway station. Opened in 1847, this station serves around 400,000 passengers every day. Host to 2,910 trains per day, the Zurich hauptbahnhof is one of the busiest train stations in the World. It has also been included in the Swiss Inventory of Cultural Property of National Significance. Its facilities include a shopping arcade and one of Europe’s largest covered space (more than 55,000 meter squares) which offers open air cinema, skating, etc. With 26 platforms, it stands 6th in our list.

5. Roma Termini Railway Station (Italy)

Opened in 1862, Roma Termini Railway Station is one of the main stations in Rome. It is also considered to be Europe’s second largest station. Roma Termini Station not only provides service domestically but also internationally, connecting Rome with Paris, Vienna, Munich, Geneva, and Basel. It has 29 platforms which gives it the 5th position in our list.

4. Munich Hauptbahnhof (Germany)

Munich Hauptbahnhof is Europe’s second largest station by number of platforms. Originally built in 1839 and rebuilt in 1960 after the Second World War, this station serves about 450,000 passengers every day. Its facilities include food shops and gift shops on the ground floor and first floor, a shopping arcade in the basement, a Children’s Museum, and a Hotel. With 32 platforms above the ground, 2 S-Bahn, and 6 U-Bahn, it ranks 4th in our list of world’s largest stations.

3. Shinjuku Station (Japan)

Opened in 1885, Shinjuku Station in Tokyo is the World’s busiest station serving about 3.6 million people every day. For this reason it was also included in the Guinness World Records. Shinjuku Station connects central Tokyo with its western suburbs. It has an underground arcade and 200 exits. With 36 platforms, it ranks 3rd in our list of top 10 largest stations in the world.

2. Gare du Nord (France)

Located in Paris, Gare du Nord is Europe’s largest station by number of platforms. First opened in 1846, it is one of the busiest train stations in the World. After undergoing many expansions to cater the need of ever increasing passengers, Gare du Nord has a total of 44 platforms (2 are not open for public). Located in the heart of Europe, it has a beautiful building. Its facilities include cafés, gift shops, newsagents, e-ticket collection machines, registered baggage service, and toilets (with baby changing facilities). With more expansion projects in line, it is said to have 77 platforms which will make it the World’s largest station by number of platforms.

1. Grand Central Terminal (United States)

Currently, the largest train station in the World by number of platforms is the Grand Central Terminal located in New York. It has 44 platforms and is spread on an area of 48 acres. Built in 1871, it has under gone many reconstructions. Its facilities include a restaurant, bakeries, fresh fruit market, news-stands, a Museum, Starbucks coffee shop and an Apple store. It has a secret sub-basement (since its exact location is unknown), M42, which provides DC current to the Terminal. Its location was especially guarded during the Second World War. The Grand Central Terminal has been named as the ‘World’s Loveliest Station’ (BBC) and according to the Travel + Leisure magazine, it is the World’s 6th most visited tourist attraction with 21.6 million annual visitors.

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    Amazing if largest station is concerned with number of platform then how could chatrapati shivagi terminus comes ln number 8 th position. In india the largest station is howrah with 24 platforms

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