Top 10 Longest Rivers in the World

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While a lot can be said for the length of a river, some of the top 10 longest rivers in the world aren’t very wide or very deep. This means some are of really no use to anyone except villagers who utilize them for fishing or even washing clothes, bathing etc.

In order for a river to really be considered useful it requires width and depth. This way the fish are plentiful, it can be used for travel by boats and barges and those along its banks might actually benefit from living near it through the economy it helps to provide them. These rivers below are the top 10 largest rivers in the world and each has its own impact upon those living near it.

10: Heilong River (Amur River)

Located tightly between the far-east borders of Russia and the Northeastern portion of China, the Heilong, or Amur, River is an extensive body of water used for many things by those who live alongside of it.

The Heilong River moves across some 4,444 km of Northeastern China before draining into the Sea of Okhotsk. The amazing watershed result gives way to the most beautiful landscapes throughout Northern China. Later, passing through the Strait of Tartay, the Heilong River eventually empties into the Pacific Ocean.

9: Congo River

The Congo River, also known as the Zaire, is the deepest river not only in Africa where it is located, but the deepest river in the entire world! Though possibly the second largest river by volume alone, much of its volume is due to the areas of the Congo that have been measured to be as deep as 750 feet in some places. Combined with these depths is the massive overall body of water that covers an astounding 1,550,000 square miles!

8: Parana River

South America’s Parana River stretches though quite a bit of places like Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. Unlike some of the other rivers along this top 10 list, the Parana is much more bluer and in fact, the name Parana means “Like the Sea” and in some cases “as big as the sea.” With it covering roughly 3,030 miles, it is easy to see how many might even confuse this as the sea when first walking up to its banks.

7: Obi River

Siberia’s Obi River, or Ob River, has a destination to the Artic Sea. The Gulf of Ob drains out as the largest estuary in the entire world. Getting much of its volume from the two streams, Biya and Katun, that amazingly and beautifully come bursting out of a massive glacier and into the Obi River. Clear and gorgeous to witness is the number 7 largest river in the world.

6: Yellow River

Starting its long journey through the Chinese Providence in the Bayan Har Mountains, the Yellow River flows some 3,395 miles before ending its journey by emptying out into the Bohai Sea.

5: Yenisei

Coming to rise in Mongolia, the Yenisei flows on a northern path towards the Kara Sea and finally out into the Yenisei Gulf and the Artic Ocean. With measurements showing some areas of the Yenisei being as deep as 80 feet, the Yenisei is our 5th largest river in the world.

4: Mississippi River

While originating in Minnesota, the enormous Mississippi River weaves and bends through some of the most amazing terrains found within the U.S. before finding its way into the Gulf of Mexico via the Mississippi Delta. Used for almost anything one could use a body of water this size for, the Mississippi River is known for touring boats, paddle boats, barges hauling supplies and tug boats travel as like vehicles upon a major highway along it.

3: Yangtze River

From Tibet to Shanghai, the Yangtze rolls and flows through glaciers then across almost every geographical section of China there is! North, East, West, you name it and find it and odds are you will still be somewhere near the Yangtze River’s 3,898 mile waterway.

2: Amazon River

Weaving widely through South America, the Amazon River is not only the 2nd longest and largest river in all the world, but the extraordinary amount of water by volume that it carries out into the ocean and in fact, carries altogether, would take all the rivers below it in this list combined to replicate! Truth is, the Amazon River has the largest water basin in the entire world and is responsible for transporting roughly 1/5th of the world’s total river water at over 2 ½ million miles!

1:  Nile

While the Nile River isn’t quite as long as other rivers in our top 10 list of the world’s largest rivers, there is one thing that the Nile has that no other river on our list can boast: The Nile actually travels through a total of eleven different countries! That is correct. Eleven countries can lay claim to having a portion of the Nile River all to their own.

  • Egypt
  • Ethiopia
  • Uganda
  • Eritrea
  • Kenya
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Tanzania
  • Sudan
  • Rwanda
  • Burundi
  • South Sudan

Although only 4,310 miles long, the Nile River stretches across more territory than any other river in all the world! No doubt that the Nile has to be our number one top 10 largest rivers in the world.

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