Top 10 Most Anticipated Gadgets of 2013

| April 17, 2013

Evolution is a part of time. And this is the industrial age, the age of gadgets and smart phones. International companies have been trying to cope up with the demands of the people all around the globe. Since ever the launch of smart phones and android the competition is getting tougher and tougher, you think and the gadget gives you an output is the target of the manufacturing companies. Hi tech multi-core mini processors are helping them manufacture devices like blackberry Z10, Samsung S3, retina display phone and many others. The list of top 10 gadgets of the year 2013 is as following. These gadgets are not in the market but in future these gadgets will be available in market and you can buy them. These gadgets are going to be sold in a large number so these are termed as most anticipated gadgets of 2013.

Gadgets 2013

10. Amazon Smartphone

After gaining success in tablets and e book readers, Amazon’s progress rate has been tremendous and now they have jumped up in the smart phone industry. And they have launched a striking product. Amazon’s release of its first smart phone in the communication industry is anxiously awaited not just by its customers but also by the technology giants.


At times people are extremely tired. You just enter your bedroom and all you do is jump on your comfy mattress and relax but then all of a sudden something pinches your eyes. Yes, it is your light bulb. Ever wanted that you just point it and it gets off? Yes now it is possible with LIFX. A smart bulb which you can use using your smart phone. Not just that but also you can change its colors and synchronize music with the bulb.

8. Apple Bluetooth Watch

The sources have just released news that Apple is now joining hands with Intel Co. to introduce a new smart gadget. A Bluetooth enabled smart wrist watch that will be released by the end of 2013. This gadget can be paired with iOS devices and will have a 1.5 inches OLED display.

7. iPhone 5s

For the first time ever iPhone by Apple was challenged by Samsung Galaxy series in the market. Apple is now thinking to take the contest to the next level. And for this purpose Apple is going to release its 2013 version of iPhone by the end of the year. Sources say that this phone is going to have better battery timings,128Gb space and a super HD camera screen.

6. Samsung Galaxy S IV

Samsung has been the shining star of the global cell phone market in the previous year. They got the best selling Android phones in the list. Samsung after giving a tough competition to Apple is now going to release its Galaxy S IV. Let us see if they can cope up with the expectations of their fans.

5. Xbox 720

To all the hardcore gaming fans out there, here is a gadget you need the most. After incredible success of Xbox360 now the long awaited Xbox 720 is about to be released by Microsoft.On top of extended graphics Xbox720 is going to have amazing Kinect upgrades and Live interface. Be ready to take the hardcore gaming to the next level.

4. Google Touch Chromebooks

Google after getting huge appreciation for Samsung Chromebook in the last year is now planning to launch its own 13 inches touch screen Chromebook. It is expected to be released in the first half of 2013. According to some sources almost twenty million units are lined up for the production in phase one.

3. iPad Mini Retina

Apple failed badly in 2012 about putting retina display in the iPad and thus it failed to meet the huge expectations of its fans. And that is why they are about to release a mini iPad with actual retina display. Rumors are that it would be available in the market by the start of this April.

2. Toshiba 84-inch HDTV

Toshiba is joining rendezvous with LG and Sony and it has decided to gain the lead by introducing its very own 84-inch HDTV which will have a resolution of 3840 x 2160. No one has any idea when this product is going to be released and what its price is going to be.

1. Revolutionary Apple TV

The talks of a revolutionary tv are surely in the market because of the teaser from CEO. His easer is implying that this is the main interest of the company this year. Some sources say that Apple has started testing the product. It is going to have iCloud support, iDevice and Siri which make it the most anticipated gadget.

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  1. Charles says:

    I also heard that Samsung is going to reveal a TV that they’ve been keeping secretive.