Top 10 Most Beautiful Chinese Actresses

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Everyone knows that China is one of the most developed countries in the world and is known for its scenic beauty and attractive landscape. Apart from that what one cannot ignore, are the beautiful women of china. Chinese women with their round eyes flat face and fair color have always been attracted by men all over the world. It is sad that government of china has implemented One-Child policy which has deprived the world of such beautiful women to great extent. Now coming to the top ten most beautiful women for this article, we have elegant and charming Chinese beauties. Here is the list of top 10 most beautiful Chinese actresses. If you are not aware of these actresses then you should have a look at the photos to see the beauty of their faces.

10. Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu

Lucy Lui’s first film was Jerry Morguire in which she played as an ex-girlfriend of the hero, but the major breakthrough she got was Ally McBeal which was a very popular television series. After the she played roles in many blockbuster movies like Chicago, Kill Bill 1, Blood hunter, Lucky number slevin The cleaner rise, Codename, , and the Charlie’s Angels films.

After migration of her parents from Taiwan, Lucy was born in Queens, New York. She took her Bachelors of Science degree in Asian Languages And Culture from University of Michigan. That was where she started acting by winning a lead role in the school production.

9. Crystal Liu

Crystal Liu

Crystal lui is a beautiful model of China. She started modeling at a very young age of 8. She lived in U.S for 4 years and went back to china where she started acting. She starred a couple of drama series and quickly gained popularity. After graduating from Beijing Film Acamy she stepped into Hollywood with the role in ‘The Forbidden Kingdom’. Crystal Lui is one of the youngest stars in China who got such fame.

8. Ziyi Zhang

Ziyi Zhang

Zing Zang is another beautiful Chinese girl. She started learning dance at a young age and joined Beijing dance academy at the age of 8. Later studies in Beijing academy of Drama and started acting. Her famous Hollywood movies are Crouching tiger, House of flying daggers, Hidden Dragon, Memories of the Geisha and Rush Hour 2. Ziyi Zhang is one of the most successful actresses of china.

7. Bingbing Li

Bingbing Li

Bingbing Li had the ambition of becoming a school teacher. But her love of acting made her to take admission in Shanghai Drama Institute. Her charming smile and innocent eyes make her the super star. She has got charisma, she has style and amazing acting skills that would make you fall for her. She is one of the hottest and most seductive actresses form China.

6. Sui Junbo

Sui Junbo

Sui Junbo is also a stunning Asian beauty who is also an amazing actress. She graduated from the very prestigious CCAD, China Central Academy of Drama. She has made her name not only in film industry and big screen but also on the television screen. She has worked both in China and America as well.

5. Vicki Zhao

Vicki Zhao

Vicki Zhao is also known as Wei Zhao. She graduated from BFA with highest scores. She has always been at the top where ever she has been. She has got acting skills as well as singing skills. She is a pop singer as well and has released around 6 albums till now. She has got the China’s No.1 actress award twice. More over her charming looks surely give her some advantage over others.

4. Linda Wang

Linda Wang

Linda was born in Taiwan but was bred in the city of New York. Her charm lies in her beauty and in her talent in acting. Her American accent also adds spice to her charming personality. Moreover she has done many movies. She has a bit clash with the Chinese government regarding her ideologies but that would not affect her at all.

She is the one who thinks out of the box and can even go against the society for what she thinks is right. Her ideologies are everything for her. She said at a place that, “I don’t feel comfortable with people who can’t see beyond the tip of their nose.”

3. Wenli Jiang

Wenli Jiang

Talking of the Chinese beauties here come the most gorgeous Wenli Jiang for her seductive eyes and expressions. She graduated from BFA, The Beijing Film Academy in 1992. She was starred in many well known Chinese films. She has always dreamed to be a gymnast, of course if she was not an actress. And in her film, Lan, she puts her dream on the big screen. She wrote the movie, directed it and also was its lead actress.

2. Li Gong

Li Gong

Li Gong has been blessed with a natural beauty. Her dream was to become a musician. But when she applied in one of the top music schools she was rejected. There on she put in use her charm and beauty and utilized it by joining the drama and television school. The choice was right and Li Gong eventually became the queen of glamor.

1. Wei Tang

Wei Tang

Wei Tang is known for her cute laughter, and curvy body. She takes the crown of being the most beautiful Chinese woman. Some controversies are there about her for explicit scenes but she has her name because of winning a number of awards in the industry. Wei Tang is most beautiful Chinese woman who has been known worldwide for acting.

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