Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals in the World

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Humans might be putting constant efforts to make their lives safer and better, but still the world remains a dangerous place; for it has places most dangerous, volcanoes most deadly and animals most wild of all. As we see the wild animals we cannot call them more powerful and deadly merely on the basis of their size. There are things that matter more other than size to be deadly and powerful. You may observe and conclude that these animals are friendly but at times even these docile seeming species can become deadly. So one advice I would give you here that do not ever provoke this wild life or it may take your flesh out of your bodies. Here is the list of the most deadly, powerful and dangerous animals in the world.

10. Hippopotamus


Hippos are very common in the forests of Africa. On the continent these animals prove to be the most deadly than any of other wild creatures. Hippos are known for their huge mouth and they can weigh as much as 8000 pounds. Although they are slow and can run maximum at 20 miles per hour but when it comes to their mouth they can surely open it more than 4 feet to swallow their enemy. Male and female hippos attack for different reasons. Male hippos defend their territory which is usually the bank of the river; whereas females become aggressive when anyone attacks their young kid. Ever seen the stroke of a sledge hammer? A hippo can crush you with its mouth just like that in one stroke.

9. Australian Box Jellyfish

Australian Box Jellyfish

The most poisonous and deadly sea creature is the Box Jellyfish. It is found in the Indo-Pacific region or Australian beaches you can say. Box Jelly fish has around 60 tentacles and each of these are equipped with a tiny needle. From that needle this fish can inject a poisonous toxin that can kill 50 people. The toxin paralysis the human body and it drowns. A survey states that every year a hundred people get killed on the Australian beaches because of this wild creature.

8. Great White Shark

Great White Shark

In the food chain of sea creatures, the Great White Shark stands comfortably at the top for it has 4 foot wide jaws which have up to 300 sharp and serrated teeth standing in a row. White sharks although don’t prefer humans as its preys as they are more bony than its favorite prey, sea lions and fat seals. Some researchers say that these sharks take a test bite of an object to see what it is. But of course its first bite is enough to kill a man.

7. Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear

The color variation of brown American bear is Grizzly bear, in simple world. They weigh around 400-800 pounds. An interesting fact about Grizzles is that the female ones weigh half as much as the male ones. Grizzly Bear can be 8 foot tall when it stands on its feet. Although their size is huge; but they can still run up to 35 miles per hour. Grizzly normally attacks only when it sees its female afraid for its cubs.

6. Cape Buffalo

Cape Buffalo

Cape buffalo is also known as the Black Death. These wild buffaloes are found in the continent of Africa. They move always in the form of a herd. Their average weight is 1200-1800 pounds. They are always united against a common enemy and united they are so deadly that even lions are afraid of attacking them. The members of the herd are always ready to fight with any enemy together. Their sharp horns can ram the predator in seconds.

5. Elephant


Elephant is the largest mammal on land who is equally dangerous. It is usually found in Asia and Africa. Normally the concept about elephants is that they are human friendly. But you can never trust the wild totally. And moreover elephants are known for their unpredictable behavior. You will never know when can this creature put his legs on you and crush you under his feet.

4. Crocodile


The crocodile of salt water is the largest reptile on the planet. Crocodiles of Nile and salt water have been killing hundreds of people every year. They are also found in tropics of Asia, Africa, Australia and America and in slow moving waters. Its jaws can insert 3,000 pounds of pressure per square inch and that is more than enough to kill a 150-300 pound man.

3. African Lion

African Lion

African Lion is known as the King of the Jungle for its sharp claws, amazing speed of 50 miles per hour and deadly teeth. They hunt in groups usually. The stalking and hunting is done by the females where as the male stays and protects the pride. Hundreds of fatalities in Africa are caused by the lion.

2. Snake


There are more than 450 venomous species of snake among which 250 have the capability of killing a man. The Carpet Viper is the snake which causes the most snake bite deaths every year. Anti-venom is created by the venom of the snakes but it is only useful when provided in time. Snakes are the seconds most dangerous species of animals in the world.

1. Mosquito


It may seem ironical, but yes mosquito is the most powerful and deadly animal in the world. Every year over a million people get killed because of this tiny blood sucking creature. Its bite spreads diseases which include malaria, dengue, elephantiasis, yellow fever and also West Nile Virus. In tropical areas mosquitoes are very abundant.

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