Top 10 Most Dangerous Beaches in the World

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Think of beaches and the first image that comes to your imagination will be of the idyllic hot sun and beautiful white sand and in front the bluest of waters. The view conjures up relaxations and peace. But there are beaches which are the most dangerous. Mostly there are effects of nuclear radiations or shark attacks or other wild sea creatures that make these the most dangerous of all. When you will read about the accidents of these beaches you will surely get goose bumps. Astonishing facts are presented in this article that will scare you away from these beaches. Here is the list of the top 10 most dangerous beaches in the world.

10. Northern Australian Coast, Australia

Northern Australian Coast, Australia

Snakes are poisonous but the box Jellyfish is no less poisonous than the deadliest of the snakes. Along the northern coast of Australia, sharks are not the only ones that you should worry about. The small jellyfish are also a lot deadly. In the past 100 years more than 60 people have died because of these beautiful tiny and deadly creatures.

9. Horry County, South Carolina

Horry County, South Carolina

In the last 100 years, in this area 50 people have been attacked and even killed brutally by sharks. The most popular beach is Myrtle Beach for surfing and swimming. If you want to visit the beach, just relax and feel free to swim because the last death shark attack was reported in 1852. Although this beach is beautiful enough to attract people from all around the world yet it is dangerous to go there.

8. Galveston, Texas

Galveston, Texas

The tourists from all over the world love the beautiful Cocoa Beach, Klondike Beach and the Jetty Park. But here is to all the beach lovers out there, beware in these beaches during last 100 years more than dozen shark attacks have been reported. This beach form Texas is world’s 8th most dangerous beach to visit.

7. West End, Grand Bahama Island

West End, Grand Bahama Island

Before throwing yourself into the waters of this Caribbean island, check the water for fins first. Some of the most shark infested waters in the world surround the island, with a particularly large population of tiger sharks. There haven’t been many attacks, but last year an Austrian tourist was killed.

6. Long Beach Island, New Jersey

Long Beach Island, New Jersey

Peter Benchley was inspired by the Long Beach Island for his best-selling-novel “Jaws”. For here in this beach is the den of the deadliest sharks. These days shark attacks have lessened to a large extent how ever.

5. Northern Shore on Oahu, Hawaii

Northern Shore on Oahu, Hawaii

On the northern shore of Oahu in Hawaii Island the waters are filled with wild sea creatures. Specifically there are the Galapagos sharks and the tiger sharks which rank as the deadliest of all the sharks. Velzyland Beach is the most infested beach here.

4. Smyrna Beach, Florida

Smyrna Beach, Florida

Every year Smyrna beach of Florida attracts thousands of visitors towards it for its beautiful white sand which stretches itself to miles. But the scary thing about the beach is that the shark attacks here are increasing day by day. We have seen plenty of reports of such incidents from the past couple of years. In 2007 112 deaths occurred because of the4 shark attacks here.

3. Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands, Micronesia

Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands, Micronesia

Bikini Atoll is the area in the Marshall Islands which had been evacuated by the US for testing their nuclear weapons between 1946-58. There are not wild creatures that you have to worry about in this beach it the nuclear radiations and effects. The island although offers fishing, diving and sun bathing and an important history lesson. Recently Atoll’s local council suspended tourism except some of the approved diving expeditions by the government. Bikini Atoll has always been and will always be a questionable destination by the tourists. Following the year 1954 there was wide spread radioactive contamination which was a lot stronger than the US stated and that was strongly condemned. Atoll’s locals have still not resettled because of this event.

2. Kilauea, Hawaii, USA

Kilauea, Hawaii, USA

You think wild life is scary at beaches? Let me tell you that there are things more deadly than that. At Kilauea, Hawaii the deadly thing is the hot lava that flows from Kilauea volcano and then it enters the ocean. During the last 25 years the volcano has been doing so. US Geological Survey has to work daily on the reports so that there be plenty time to evacuate the beach to prevent any kind of life loss. Millions of tourists flock to Hawaii every year to witness the lava flow and those who dare to walk to close are just asking for trouble.

1. Brevard County, Florida, USA

Brevard County, Florida, USA

Another danger at the beaches is the Rip currents. In the Brevard County of Florida is considered to be the scariest regarding Rip currents. 10 swimmers drowned last year because of these water tides. These currents are strong enough to carry the swimmers off the shore. 80 percent of rescues are caused because of these currents according to USA Life Saving Association.

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