Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries to Live in 2013

| April 6, 2013

The greatest concern of the current political world is peace. Although we do not see much country to country wars, yet the new danger of violent non-state actors have emerged on the scene which has disturbed the peace of entire world. These groups have their particular agendas and adopt the violent means in pursuit of achieving their desired objectives. The most affected countries where people are living their lives under constant fears include the developed as well as developing nations. Following is the list of top 10 most dangerous countries to live in 2013. The people living in these countries have shown significant symptoms of psychological problems. They are fearful, timid, and are constantly conscious of the safety and security of their families. Although their governments have been trying hard to ensure the peace and stability for their citizens, yet they have failed in a considerable way to ensure peace. The frequent events of terrorist activities which usually include target killing and suicide bomb attacks have plagued the political situation in respective countries. Moreover, some of these countries are subject to witness many natural calamities and owing to their lesser ability to manage these disasters, their people have suffered a lot. These disasters have resulted not only in severe economic losses, but thousands of people have lost their lives in result of these calamities.

10. Niger


Nature has blessed Niger with breath taking natural visuals and wild life. However, the tourism industry in this country is facing disappointingly worse conditions as there are constants threats to be kidnapped by militant groups. These groups have grown so powerful that the central authorities appear to be helpless in dealing with these critical conditions. Niger is world’s 10th most dangerous country to live in 2013.

9. Pakistan


Owing to its leading role in war against global terrorism, Pakistan has been the target of terrorist groups since 2001. The frequent suicide bombings have plagued the political conditions of this country whose implications are clearly reflected in the economic conditions of its people. Moreover, the ethnic conflicts particularly in Karachi have further endangered the lives of people where the target killing has become a routine matter of day to day life.

8. Honduras


Honduras is the country which has been deprived of stability and peace for last many years. It is not only affected by the worst floods which damaged the thousand kilometers of roads, but is also a victim of violence and terrorism. Honduras is currently having the largest killing rate in the world where thousands of people have been murdered in recent times.

7. Haiti


Haiti is a country which has witnessed worst natural calamities in last 2 to 3 years. The earthquakes have proved to be deadly as thousands of people were died and became homeless in result of these earthquakes. Moreover, such bad conditions foster the crime rate in the country which further endangers the peace and prosperity of native people. The government of Haiti has so far failed to manage these problems. The epidemic of cholera has also hit the people and has caused many health related problems for its inhabitants.

6. Sudan and South Sudan


With the independence of South Sudan, the stability and security of this region has become even worse. The political deadlock between the two governments has left the people in great misery and the events of violence, terrorism, and serial killings have become frequent, thus leaving the people in worst living conditions.

5. Yemen


Yemen has always remained a center of tourism which attracted people from all around the globe. But the recent events in the wake of Arab Spring, have witnessed the unjustifiable control of militant groups over various parts of the country. These groups usually kidnap the foreign tourist and native people as well and demand huge amounts of money as ransom. These events have greatly put the security of the people living in this country at danger.

4. Syria


The after effects of Arab Springs are still visible in many countries of the world and Syria is no immune to it. This country has been witnessing troublesome period at the hands of militant groups. It is observed that these violent activities are largely carried out in the wake of sectarian violence which has put the lives of thousands of its inhabitants in danger.

3. Iraq


Ever since the invasion of US military troops, the security conditions of local Iraqi people have grown worst. The particular interest groups have assumed the shape of militant groups and put their demands before the authorities in a violent way. The suicide bombing attacks, target killings and kidnaps have largely put the lives if native people in danger.

2. Afghanistan


Since Afghanistan has been the center of global terrorism, as the Al-Qaeeda and militant and violent Talibans have made their hidden centers in this country and operate from here, therefore the security conditions of this country have become too worst to live a peaceful life. The people of Afghanistan have been subject to face deadly consequences of global war against terrorism and have put their lives at stake.

1. Somalia


Somalia is largely known all around the globe for its dangerous pirates. These pirates have been the real bone of contention in countries peace. They are involved in robbery, thefts, and human trafficking. Moreover, the political conditions in the capital of the country are also not very encouraging where murders, shootings and violence have become a routine matter of day to day life. These dangerous events have put the lives of inhabitants under great dangers and they find no peace to live their lives in harmony. The most dangerous country to live in the world is Somalia.

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