Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports in the World

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The sports and games have a greater purpose than mere physical and mental fitness. It also involves the thrill, action and even training in most dangerous arts as well. If we look through the prism of history, we realize that the ever since the known times of history of mankind, people have sought great thrill and training purpose in sports. The stories of gladiators, wrestlers and many others like them are clear reflection of the above discussed argument. In those times, other games such as sword fighting and archery were played to train the soldiers in the art of war fighting. In modern times, many new kinds of sports have been emerged due to industrial and technological development. The paragliding, parachute diving and skiing are few examples of those. These dangerous games often cause great loss to its players who sometimes even have to pay the cost of their lives also. Here is the list of top 10 most dangerous sports in the world.

10. Heli Skiing

Heli Skiing

Heli Skiing, one of the most expensive sports, is also one of the most deadly sports of the world. Those who are crazy to enjoy the thrill of heli skiing pay thousands of dollars for a single time experience. Although it makes you feel great in catching the spectacular beauties of nature, yet it is one of the most dangerous sports of the world. The accidents in the recent past have led to loss of life many individuals.

9. Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding

Riding a horse is a historical art and its time of origin may be traced back to earliest of human civilizations. Before the industrial revolution, the basic source of transport was horses. People were expected to be trained in horse riding and it was regarded as those basic arts that were deemed to be essential. In modern times, horseback riding have assumed many shapes like polo, horse races and so on. But it is interesting to note that it is not the safest of all sports and have proven to be fatal on many occasions. There are many examples in recent past when people have killed themselves by falling from horse during the horseback riding.

8. Street Luging

Street Luging

Though it gives a pleasing sight to the viewers, but street luging involves great risk potentials which may cause severe injuries such as fracture of bones. Lying on a skateboard and rolling down the street from some higher point seems to be a fun, but as you move, your speed accelerates leaving no option of applying brakes to you. A minute collision with anything on the way may cause serious physical injury.

7. Bull Running

Bull Running

Bull running is highly popular particularly in Spain. The wild bulls are left free running down the streets and hundreds of people run before them. Any individual above the age of eighteen can participate in this game. If someone, unfortunately, comes in the course of a bull he has to face serious consequences for participating in this game.

6. Big Wave Surfing

Big Wave Surfing

Big Wave Surfing gives a very pleasing image to those watching over tea. However, the one who plays this is vulnerable to many dangers. You are expected to face 50 feet high waves, which have the potential to erode away a village. The high pressure of water often pushes you deep down the water that there are likely chances of your drowning in the water. If someone escapes this, he may still strike with some strong rock which may prove fatal for him.

5. Bull Riding

Bull Riding

One of the most dangerous sports of the world, bull riding, may cause the breaking of jaw, knee cap, ribs etc. When the furious bull moves in his own typical style, it gives its rider great jerks which often leads him towards losing his balance. Sometimes, the burl hurls and tosses the rider almost 10 feet in the air.

4. Motorcycle Biking

Motorcycle Biking

It is also one of the most famous sports of the day. Especially youngsters take great interest in it as they are more attracted towards the action on heavy bikes. But, it is also a very dangerous game to play as the mistake of one biker affects the all near him. These accidents have resulted in life time injuries and deaths as well.

3. Base Jumping

Base Jumping

Base Jumping requires great control over nerves and a big heart. In this game, a jumper dives from the top of some huge building. It is not necessary to score good in this game, as the one who lives is the winner. It is estimated that each year five to ten persons die in base jumping.

2. Cheer Leading

Cheer Leading

Cheer leading’s main purpose is to entertain the people with great show. The fascinating steps give a very pleasant image to the eyes of viewers. However, it is also highly dangerous and vulnerable to many injuries. One wrong move in the steps like throwing the girl in the air may lead to disequilibrium which may cause serious injuries.

1. Cave Diving

Cave Diving

It is like burying yourself down in a place where you are short of supply of air to breath, the light to facilitate your vision and certainty of the physical features of surrounding area. It may also sometimes leads to suffocation and other accidents which may prove to be fatal for one’s life. It is the most dangerous game in the world.

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