Top 10 Most Expensive Desserts in the World

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Whether health conscious or not, everyone loves some kind of a dessert. A hearty meal certainly feels incomplete without the finishing touches of a scrumptious sweet delight. From chocolates, fruits, and ice-creams to cakes and puddings, there is a vast variety of available desserts-some common around the World while others are only offered locally. ‘Delicious’ not necessarily has to coincide with “expensive”; however, there are some people who are willing to spend millions on a dessert treat while others are just left with bulging eyes and hanging jaws at the price tags. There are chefs out there who guarantee to give you a memorable experience of sweet blissful indulgence while submerging your senses into luxurious thrill. Decorated with platinum, diamonds, or edible gold, these desserts are bound to make you feel special. Those who can afford should certainly try these top 10 most expensive desserts while the rest of us will have to do with drooling on the images!

10. Macaroons Haute Couture

Price: $7,414

Macaroons Haute Couture

Most popular in France, macaroons are meringue puffs filled with butter-cream. They are not so hard to find around then what makes Macaroons Haute Couture worth $7,414? According to the French pastry chef, Pierre Herme, the great variety of ingredients raises the price of these special macaroons and makes them unique. Apart from the ingredients, it is Pierre’s great skills that make Macaroons Haute Couture the most delicious macaroons in the World. Pierre Herme has hundreds of famous flavors including: Arabesque (a Pistachio Macaroon with an Apricot filling), Mogador (Macaroon with a Passion Fruit ganache and Milk chocolate), Plénitude (Chocolate Macaroon with a Caramel Chocolate ganache with Fleur de sel), and Rose (Pink Macaroon with a Rose Petal ganache).

9. Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence

Price: $14,500

Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence

The Wine3 restaurant in the Fortress luxury hotel (Sri Lanka) has made a delicious tribute to the stilt fishing. This dessert is an Italian cassata made with a Champaign base, edible gold, Irish cream, mango, and pomegranate. Its additional attraction comes from a hand-made chocolate stilt fishing scene including an 80 carat aquamarine stone. It is world’s 9th most expensive dessert in 2013. If you are willing to try this dessert, you will get to keep the stone!

8. Frozen Haute Chocolate

Price: $25,000

Frozen Haute Chocolate

The New York restaurant, Serendipity 3, along with the Euphoria New York has made this exotic slushy dessert. Made with a blend of 28 cocoas imported from all around the World, this dessert is bound to be expensive. However, this is not it. This delicious treat also includes 5 grams of edible 23 carat gold. To top it off, the dessert is served with whipped cream, Le Madeline au Truffle shavings, and a take home golden spoon with white and chocolate colored diamonds. The base of the dessert goblet is decorated with an 18 carat diamond and gold bracelet. Loaded with so much goodness, no wonder this dessert was added to the Guinness World Records for being the World’s most expensive dessert in 2007!

7. Cannoli

Price: $26,000


A cannoli is an Italian tube pastry dessert which one can even make at home with the correct recipe. However, the cannoli made by Chef Carey Lennaccaro of Sprinkled with Sugar in Kansas is extra special. It is made with dark chocolate and filled with whipped ricotta cheese, chocolate, and candied lemon. All of this is wrapped in an edible gold leaf. But what really sets it apart and elevates its price is the diamond necklace that comes along with it-an Italian Diamond necklace previously owned by the jeweler, Tom Tivol.

6. Chocolate Pudding

Price: $34,000

Chocolate Pudding

This chocolate pudding earned the title of the World’s Most Expensive Dessert in 2011. It was created by Chef Marc Gulbert of Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel (England). This mouth watering dessert is made with dark chocolate, layered with Biscuit Joconde and Champagne jelly, and covered with an edible gold glaze. In addition, it is decorated with 2 carats white diamonds. If you want to try it, you will have to place your order two weeks earlier!

5. Three Twins Ice-cream from Kilimanjaro

Price: $60,000

Three Twins Ice-cream from Kilimanjaro

This most expensive dessert is in the reach of not only the rich but the rich AND the adventure lovers! Climb the summit of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to have an extraordinary ice-cream experience with the World’s most expensive ice-cream. The Three Twins ice-cream is a hand-churned ice-cream sundae made from the glacier ice. The cost includes first class airfare to Tanzania, five-star accommodations, a guided climb, all the ice cream you can eat, and an organic T-shirt. Also, a portion of this purchase will go to an African environmental nonprofit. The Kilimanjaro glaciers are said to disappear within the next 10-15 years and this is an effort to raise awareness about climate change.

4. Platinum Cake

Price: $130,000

Platinum Cake

The World’s 4th most expensive dessert was created for two purposes: to promote platinum jewelry and to honor beautiful women especially the Japanese actress, Rinko Ki Kuchi. This multi-tiered cake was made by a Japanese pastry chef, Nobeuelkara. The cake is decorated with plain white frosting and draped with platinum chains, pins, pendants, necklaces, and edible platinum flakes! It was show-cased by the company, Platinum Guild International. Due to a staggeringly high price, it has not been sold. Nevertheless, it is certainly platinum lovers’ dream come true!

3. Strawberries Arnaud

Price: $1.4 million

Strawberries Arnaud

Strawberries and cream is an all time favorite because these are delicious things to eat. However when you are told the cost is $1.4 million, you are definitely going to be stunned! The Arnaud’s restaurant in the French Quart of New Orleans (USA) offers a sinfully delicious strawberries treat! This exceptional dessert is made by soaking strawberries in a $25,000 wine and served with whipped cream and mint. In addition, the strawberry filled bowl is topped with a 4.7 carat purple pink diamond, 18 carat rose gold, and 79 carats white diamond ring. This ring was previously owned by Sir Earnest Cassel. To make your experience more luxurious, you will be served port from a $25,000 Charles X crystal cave set.

2. Diamond Christmas Cake

Price: $1.7 million

Diamond Christmas Cake

In 2005, a pastry chef from Tokyo (Japan) baked a two layered hexagonal caked decorated with 223 small diamonds (not edible!). It took the chef six months to conceptualize and design the cake while another month to prepare it. It was auctioned off on a Christmas day at an exhibition, Diamonds: Nature’s Miracle. Its ingredients remained undisclosed for quite some time, however, now it is said to be a fruit-cake. It will make a prefer present for those diamond loving women!

1. Valentine Diamond Cake

Price: $5 million

Valentine Diamond Cake

Another treat for the diamond lovers! This chocolate goodness is the embodiment of a Japan based jeweler’s love for Africa. The Valentine Diamond Cake is a dark chocolate cake molded in the shape of the African subcontinent. Moreover, the cake is embellished with 2000 diamonds! With the price tag of $ 5 million, The Valentine Diamond Cake has topped our list of the world’s most expensive desserts.

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