Top 10 Most Expensive Weddings Ever

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Weddings are memorable occasions for both, those who can spend lavishly on them and those who can simply exchange rings and loving vows. To what lengths have the immensely rich business tycoons or the royals have gone to celebrate this occasion? This article will give you a glimpse of the magnanimous state of affairs regarding the weddings of the rich. It is not only the couple who feels lucky at such occasions but also the guests who are able to be a part of these weddings by being guests to such hospitality. The bulk of the expenditure is mostly on the venue, dresses, rings, cakes, and the entertainment. This article ranks top 10 weddings of all times based on the over-all wedding expenditure. Most of the people think that expensive weddings are a waste of money but still people waste huge amount of money.

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10. Liza Minnelli & David Gest

Cost of Wedding: $4.3 million

This wedding held on 16th March 2002 took place in Marble Collegiate Church of the New York City. The occasion was dazzling with stars where Michael Jackson was the best man and Elizabeth Taylor was the maid of honor. The flowers ($700,000) cost more than the 6 foot 12-tiered wedding cake ($40,000). To entertain the guests, this enormous event engaged a 60 piece orchestra which included Natalie Cole (who sang “Unforgettable”), Stevie Wonder, and Tony Bennet.

9. Chelsea Clinton & Marc Mezvinsky

Cost of Wedding: $4.8 million

This wedding took place on 31st July 2010 in New York. Chelsea Clinton’s dress was made by the American designer, Vera Wang which included a chiffon wedding gown and a rhinestone belt ($25,000). The wedding cake cost $11,000. The guests included many democrats and celebrities (including Oprah Winfrey) on whose security around $200,000 were spent.

8. Wayne Rooney & Coleen McLoughlin

Cost of Wedding: $7.7 million

The wedding of Coleen McLoughlin, a Manchester United football star and a television presenter, was not only huge but also unique. It was a four day wedding ceremony held on a $120 million yacht and a 17th century villa in Genoa. The guests were flown in 5 private jets. The bride’s dress was designed by Georgia Chapman’s Marchesa label, costing around $4 million.

7. Vikram Chatwal & Priva Sachdey

Cost of Wedding: $20 million

The wedding took place on 18th February 2006. The wedding of Vikram Chatwal, son of a New York hotelier, and Priva Sachdey, an actress/model can be considered one of India’s most lavish weddings. It was a ten day long wedding spread across three cities in India (Mumbai, Delhi, and Udipur). There were 600 guests from 26 countries which included many celebrities.

6. Andrey Melnichenko & Aleksandra Kokotovich

Cost of Wedding: $30 million

This wedding of the Russian billionaire and Serbian model was an extravagant affair held on 3rd September 2005 in Cote d’ Azur, France. The entertainers comprised of world famous singers: Christina Aguilera and Whitney Houston. Each of these was paid $3.6 million to perform. The cost of $30 million makes 6th most expensive wedding ever.

5. Prince William & Kate Middleton

Cost of Wedding: $34 million

This Royal Wedding took place on 29th April, 20011, at the Westminster Abbey, London. The ceremony was widely broadcasted live in more than 180 countries through internet, radio, and television. The wedding dress of the bride was worth $70,000 while the flowers cost $800,000. The 8-tiered wedding fruit cake with white icing and 900 sugar paste flowers cost a massive $80,000.

4. Vanisha Mittal & Amit Bhattia

Cost of Wedding: $60-78 million

The wedding of the investment banker, Amit Bhattia and the daughter of a steel tycoon, Vanisha Mittal was an extravaganza worth remembering. It took place on 18th November 2006, a five day event, in a 16th century grand chateau, in Versailles. The invitations were mailed in silver boxes. The entertainers included many Bollywood stars and the International pop-singer, Kylie Minogue. There were a 100 different delicacies prepared by a top Calcutta chef.

3. Prince Charles & Lady Diana

Cost of Wedding: $115 million (adjusted to inflation in today’s time)

Held on 29th July, 1981, in St. Paul’s Cathedral (London), this Royal Wedding seemed like an event out of the fairy tales. The occasion was broadcasted on televisions and around 600,000 people lined on the streets to have a glimpse of the royal affair. Diana’s wedding gown had 10,000 pearls attached to it. The celebrations before the wedding have said to have cost $100,000. The grand wedding cake was 5 foot high, costing $40,000. The security alone cost $600,000. The relationship lasted for 15 years which ended in a divorce.

2. Seemanto Roy &Chandni Toor, Sushanto Roy & Richa Roy (Double Wedding)

Cost of Wedding: $123 Million

This wedding took place on 10th February, 2004, in Sahara, Lucknow. There were various kinds of 110 dishes for 11,000 guests which included many celebrities. The entertainment consisted of the British Symphony Orchestra which played Indian tunes. It is India’s most expensive wedding ever.

1. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum and Sheikha Hind bint Makhtoum

Cost of Wedding: $137 million (adjusted to inflation in today’s time)

This wedding of the Dubai ruler was held in 1979 in Dubai, in a hall built from scratch for 20,000 lucky guests. A five day holiday was declared to celebrate the occasion during which it is said that the Sheikh rode to every village and fed everyone. The total net worth of the groom is $14 billion which means that he is one of the richest men of Arab world.

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