Top 10 Most Powerful Forces in the World

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War has always been there ever since the creation of man. The solution of a contradiction has always been war. Evolution occurred with the passage of time and as man grew wiser so did his techniques of war. Countries and borders were formed and were stated to be a result of civilization. These civilized countries formed their own armed forces for defense from the rival and the neighboring countries. Among all armed forces, several other sub units are there who are the most deadly and the most sophisticated of all. They are superior to the remaining army for they have passed the most critical situations and have been trained under deadly conditions. They can sneak into an army and defeat them without even getting a scratch. Their every recruit is a one man army in himself. Here we present to you the most deadly and the most powerful forces of the world based on success of operations.


10. Special Air Service Regiment

SAS Regiment is the elite group of the Australian Army. They are divided into three squadrons. These units are trained for surveillance, reconnaissance, counter terrorism and assault operations. Two of the SAS troopers, Ben Roberts and Mark Donaldson, have been awarded the Victoria Cross for Australia for their stunning and remarkable performance in Afghan War.

9. Eko Cobra

Austria’s elite army Eko Cobra consists of around 200 men who are highly respected for their amazing climbing techniques and expertise at Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions. The Cobras of Austria are the only unit who are proud to earn a name in hijacking a plane while it was in air. Back in the year 1996, four units of the Cobras were escorting the deported prisoners on Aeroflot Tupolev 154. In the meanwhile, an escaped Nigerian prisoner got a knife and threatened the crew to take him to Germany or Africa. These units disabled the bloke and caught him.

8. British SAS

SAS of Britain are capable of eating close target recon and counter-revolutionary warfare in breakfast. Their home is mountains, deserts, urban environments or jungles. They are also are at the top of writing bestsellers after retirement. At the Iranian Embassy in London in 1980 six terrorists held 19 hostages. The SAS teams employed stun grenades, killed the terrorists and saved all the hostages. The British commandos are at 8th rank among top 10 most powerful forces in the world.

7. Delta Force

Also known as, the first Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, Delta Force is a seriously hyped-up American army special operations force. Back in the year 2003 Delta Force played a vital role in the invasion of Iraq and later on, they helped the American Army infiltrate Baghdad and sabotaged the Iraqi communication lines as well.

6. Special Service Group (SSG)

The Special Services Group is the elite fighting force of Pakistan which carries out unconventional warfare, intelligence gathering, espionage, sabotage and close quarter battles. In the year 1994 three Afghan hijackers captured a school bus in which there were eight teachers and seventy four children. Government was trying to negotiate with them but the discussions leaded nowhere. After that, the SSGs were called. They used an explosion to distract the hijackers and killed them with sophistication. Pakistani commandos are thought to be world’s bravest army officers and the whole group gets 6th position in the list.

5. Kopassus

The Indonesian Army’s forces group, Kopassus was established in 1952. Very soon they established a bad name for themselves for organizing government military campaigns. Back in 1981, a group of extremists hijacked Garuda Flight 206. When the flight landed a Kopassus commando executed a quick operation and killed the three hijackers by sneaking into the plane and rescued all the hostages.

4. Sayeret Matkal

When it comes to gathering intelligence deep behind the enemy lines the Israeli Matkal is the best at it. This elite special force is expert in martial arts, small arms and sneak operations; although these days they are very much busy in hostage rescuing and counter terrorism gigs. The Operation Entebbe is considered the best operation of Sayeret Matkal. In this operation one Israeli soldier, forty five Ugandan soldiers, three hostages and six hijackers were killed but still they were capable of rescuing a hundred hostages.

3. The Kaibiles

The Kaibiles is Guatemala’s fearless counter-insurgency commando force. They are experts in counter mutiny operations and jungle warfare. Their motto is, “If I advance, follow me. If I stop, urge me on. If I retreat, kill me.” This force was established in 1975. In an ambush in Congo eight Kaibiles were killed as a part of the UN peacekeeping army. They also captured the Deputy Commander of the Lord’s Resistance Army of Uganda once.

2. Alpha Group

Alpha group is an anti-terrorist squad of Russia comprising of 700 dudes. This unit was formed in 1974 under Soviet Union but for its amazing performances in different operations it survived. In 2004 they rescued 850 hostages from the Belsan school and killed 31 terrorists. This may be a good result if they did not terminated more than 350 civilians. Famous ops: The 2004 Beslan school hostage rescue crisis, where 1200 hostages were held by Chechen separatists ended with 31 dead terrorists. A good result except they also terminated more than 350 civilians.

1. U.S. Navy SEALs

The United States is the proud owner of the deadliest forces of the world. U.S Navy Seals work on the land, in waters and under waters with the best techniques and carry out their missions. The U.S Navy SEALs team recently killed the greatest terrorist of all, Osama Bin Laden in his own compound while his stay in Pakistan. The Seal team also killed the Somalian Pirates when they captured an American Captain as a hostage. Whether there is a civil war or any special operation, just call the Seals and they won’t let you down, that is how the U.S government believes in them.

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