Top 10 Most Powerful Nuclear Powers

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Nuclear weapons have simply revolutionized the war fighting means in the modern era. These weapons are regarded as the most lethal weapons on the face of the earth, and vast majority of people aspire to eliminate the nuclear powers from the planet to ensure greater security and peace. However, on the other hand, few states who are also the most powerful ones regard these nuclear weapons as the weapons of their security and survival. This article is an attempt to analyze the most powerful nuclear states in the world. Following is the list of top 10 most powerful nuclear powers in the world. Each of these states has acquired the nuclear powers in order to deter other countries from attacking them. In this world where all the affairs are run on the basis of real politic, each of the following states holds its security superior to every other thing, and therefore deems the nuclear capability to be the most effective source to ensure that objective.

Nuclear Missile

10. Canada

Although Canada yet has not declared the nuclear capabilities it possesses, yet it is regarded as one of those few states who have got the enough potential to go nuclear whenever it wishes so. Canada has always remained one of the main traders in the global trade of nuclear related equipments such as reactors and so on. However, it would be vague right now to say anything about the nuclear capabilities of Canada, as the country keeps on retaining a very peaceful image at the international level.

9. Israel

Israel is 9th most powerful nuclear power of the world. Israel still has not declared itself to be nuclear by performing and making public any nuclear experiment. However, it is commonly believed that the country possesses the nuclear capabilities. Israel currently possesses 80-200 nuclear weapons.

8. North Korea

North Korea is a new comer in the nuclear field, despite of worldwide efforts of non-proliferation and disarmament. North Korea initially was a member of NPT but then it withdrew from the treaty and declared itself to be a nuclear power. It is believed that this country currently possesses N.A./<10 total nuclear warheads.

7. Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the strongest military power of the world. It acquired the nuclear power in response to Indian actions of going nuclear. In May 1998, Pakistan tested its nuclear devices in order to show the adversary that it has also got the nuclear capabilities, and thus deterring it from undertaking any undesirable action. The total active nuclear warheads possessed by Pakistan are estimated to be N.A./90-110. Pakistan and India both have nuclear warheads so there remains a danger of nuclear war.

6. India

India is another nuclear power of the world that claims to be an emerging global power in the coming years. The Indian nuclear program was started during the very initials years of country’s independence. Although it initially claimed to develop the nuclear capability merely for civilian and peaceful purposes, yet the nuclear experiments in coming years reflected the true intentions of the Indian leadership. This country is believed to posses N.A./80-100 total active warheads.

5. China

China, the emerging next global power of the world, is the 5th most powerful nuclear state of the world. China acquired the nuclear capability in 1964. This country is the member of Non-Proliferation Treaty and is recognized as de-joure nuclear weapon state. China currently possesses N.A/240 active warheads.

4. France

The former imperial power of Europe, France enjoys the 4th position on our list of top 10 most powerful nuclear power countries in the world. France experienced its nuclear capability for the first time in the year 1960. It is also recognized as the de-joure nuclear power state. The total active warheads possessed by France are estimated to be 290/300.

3. United Kingdom

United Kingdom joined the line of nuclear power states in the year 1952. United Kingdom is among those countries that have indirectly encouraged the other countries to go nuclear. Currently, this country possesses the 160/225 active warheads.

2. Russia

Russia joined the nuclear belt after the American nuclear attacks on Japan in WWII. The 1st experiment did by Russian leadership was conducted in the year 1949. Russia currently possesses 140/8500 active warheads, because of which it enjoys the 2nd position on our list of top 10 most powerful nuclear power countries in the world.

1. United States

Here comes the name that is regarded as the most powerful nuclear country in the world that is why it has been termed as super power of the world. It would not be wrong to argue that it was United States who was the first one to make violent use of nuclear power. Currently, U.S.A is believed to possess 2150/7700 active warheads. The advancements of United States in Afghanistan and Middle East has raised many questions.

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  1. rupesh says:

    How stupid!! Indian nuclear power is worst among all of these. India needed Israel’s help to survive Kargil war. If it is this powerful why does Bangladeshi, Pakistani attack India and why does Sri lankans kill Indians in Sri Lanka???

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