Top 10 Most Powerful Superheroes

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Super Heroes! One is always in awe with them. What with their super powers and the love for humanity and justice, the ultimate beings, and one always marvels them. The question each of us fantasizes about is who among them is the most powerful? Not intelligent or the best but the most powerful and the answer to it is quite a debate due to each one’s overwhelming powers and determination. Here is the answer I came up with the list of top 10 most powerful superheroes.

10. Iron Man

Iron Man

The man in the suit of armor! And what not can his suit do? He has jets in his boots, blasts out from his fists thundering charged particles and also the force beam coming from the heart of his power supply. The point where Iron man becomes vulnerable though is his limited supply of energy, yes! Strange that he can light up the whole Stark Industries with it but yes it runs out and that too at the crucial moments.

9. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

She may just be a woman but she is so much more than you can ever imagine. Granted power by the Greek Goddesses themselves, Wonder Woman is the ultimate woman of power! She might have powers wild enough to defeat the super muscular Hulk himself but there is a lot of work to be done on this superhero, we don’t witness her fighting skills with other superheroes.

8. Hulk


Ever heard of the phrase “you wouldn’t like me when I get angry”, yeah it’s from the green, the all muscles superhero Hulk. We like it when he gets angry that’s when the show starts and the beating too. He is the mad one and as he gets madder, the stronger he gets. His madness though drives him crazy, which is not acceptable if he starts throwing the good guys too.

7. Green Lantern

Green Lantern

What can our green ring bearer not do? You name it! He can generate any form of radiation, can time travel and even be invisible, and of course the powerful ring can make him anything, anything at all and Green Lantern has a high source of imagination for them all. His vulnerability lies in his will and that the gadget has to be recharged.

6. Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer

Are you familiar with the term ‘power cosmic’, which is what he is, the bearer of the unlimited supply of power. The Surfer has the pure power, defeated flash, hulk and even Green Lantern, he has saved the people of the Earth a zillion times. What is his barrier then? It is he himself; he does not realize his own energy.

5. Wolverine


The most famous mutant is here finally. The mutation between a man and a wolf, Wolverine is determined, good natured and once the animal in him is unleashed, he is unstoppable. He does not have any special powers but isn’t having super indestructible claws, a special power in itself?

4. Dr. Manhattan

Dr. Manhattan

He does not have a supply of energy; he is made up of it! He is like a God, neither is he created, nor can be he be destroyed. As if this wasn’t enough, he has the ultimate knowledge and wisdom thus he has no limits. What’s more he can even control and influence matter (which means humans too). His only weakness is his lack of concern and his knowledge of the universe and its injustices.

3. Superman


The Man of Steel, the super human and the savior of Humankind. Who doesn’t know him? Do I even need to explain? The hardest superhero there is and the strongest. Superman could even be the number one in the list as one does not know his true strength but his weakness is Kryptonite and also magic, while there are others who do not have a weakness at all.

2. Goku


Many of you might even question who is he? But the geeks out there know who I’m referring to, Goku is limitless, some even consider him much powerful than Superman himself. He is the one who can destroy almost anything, even the solar system and his KAMEHAMEHA will blast you away! The might of Goku is not just in his outer strength but also in his self control and the being a patient being he never stops learning, what’s more he has never been defeated and grows stronger after every battle. He can move faster than any other superhero, even Flash. Is there a limit to his power? Probably not.

1. Thor


The God of Thunder! He is the Zeus of the modern world. What’s more he even has the temper fit for it. Thor is the powerful and skilled warrior, with the ultimate weapon at his side the Mjolnir (the hammer). The God of lightening is immortal and according to some even invincible. Furthermore he even has the Tessarac and so the unlimited supply of energy. Can he be defeated? Well let’s wait and see…

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