Top 10 Most Powerful Women in the World

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History bears the fact that the woman segment of the society has generally been ignored in all parts of the world. The men have enjoyed the significant monopoly over the power in the history. However, there are some examples where women also enjoyed great power in particular regions during the particular time period. In the modern world, as the cause of human rights has generally been increased, the women are given more shares in the power politics. There are many women figures in the contemporary international politics where women are enjoying great power. These most powerful women in the world have acquired these powers because of their consistent hard work and display of great skills and expertise. Following is the list of top 10 most powerful women in the world. This categorization is based on the role of these powerful women in the modern world and the extent of influence they exert over the affairs of particular regions. This article is an attempt to familiarize our leaders about the most powerful women of the world. These women belong to different professions and different countries of the world and are not confined only to the politics.

10. Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl Sandberg is just little above the age of 43. She belongs to United States of America and is associated with the field of information of technology. Being the Chief Coordinating Officer of one of the best websites of social networking, Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg exerts great influence in the field of technology all over the world. Sheryl Sandberg, because of her key post, is highly famous across the globe and her decisions can really affect the behavior of hundreds of millions of people around the world in the field of technology.

9. Christine Lagarde

Christine Lagarde

Christine Lagarde enjoys the 9th position on our list of top 10 most powerful women of the world. She belongs to France and is associated with humanitarian causes across the globe. This 57 years old woman is the managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). She has also served at various key positions in the French administration such as Ministry of Economic Affairs and Ministry of Trade. In 2009, Financial Times termed her as the best minister of France. This woman enjoys great honor and respect all over the world.

8. Janet Napolitano

Janet Napolitano

Janet Napolitano is associated with the field of politic. She belongs to United States of America and is 55 years old. She is the only lady in history to hold the post of Secretary to United Nations Homeland Security. She also served in the Obama administration during his last presidency. In 2009 she was awarded with the Council on Litigation Management’s Professionalism Award because of her unique abilities in this profession.

7. Jill Abramson

Jill Abramson

Jill Abramson is an American national and is 59 years old. She has devoted her life in the field of media. She is serving as the Executive Editor in the New York Times Co. after holding this key position, she brought new changes in the company by shuffling the staff and making the technological transformations. She is graduated from Harvard University and is regarded as a pioneer in the field of print and electronic media.

6. Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

The first lady of United States of America, Michelle Obama, is the 6th most powerful woman of the world. She is the wife of 44th President of USA, Barack Obama. Michelle Obama is graduated in Law from Harvard Law School. Currently, she is keeping herself busy in noble causes such as poverty eradication, nutrition and so on. She is world’s 6th most powerful women in 2013.

5. Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi belongs to one of the strongest families of India. She is the President of the ruling party of India, i.e. Indian National Congress. Being the president of the largest party of India, which claims to be the biggest democracy of the world, Sonia Gandhi is often regarded as the ‘King maker’. Owing to this key position in the politics of India, Sonia Gandhi’s decisions can influence the lives of almost one billion people living in India, which significantly helps her to secure a place in our list of top 10 most powerful women in the world.

4. Melinda Gates

Melinda Gates

Melinda Gates is also an American woman who has associated herself with humanitarian field. She is the wife of 2nd richest person on the face of earth and the owner of Microsoft, Bill Gates. Melinda Gates is the co-chair of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. She has graduated from Duke University. She is widely known for her charity works and philanthropy in the health and educational fields.

3. Dilma Rousseff

Dilma Rousseff

Dilma Rousseff is the President of Brazil. She was elected in 2010 for this position, and is regarded as the first Brazilian woman to assume this seat. During her youth, she fought military campaigns. Then she established the Democratic Labor Party and is regarded as the most powerful woman in all Brazil.

2. Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Although she has given up the post of Secretary of State after the recent elections in United States of America, but Hillary Clinton is still regarded as the 2nd most powerful woman of the world. Hillary Clinton, wife of ex-President Bill Clinton, has served as 1st lady of the country as well. She is known all over the world for her great diplomatic skills. It is believed that she makes sense in all of her arguments which help her in a great deal while negotiating with other statesmen.

1. Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel is the Chancellor of Germany and is indisputably regarded as the most powerful woman of the world. She is the first German woman to hold this position. She also heads the ruling Christian Democratic Union. She really is a very skillful states-person who is expert with her ability of negotiations. She is also the de-facto leader of European Union. In the recent financial crisis which hit the Europe very hardly, Angela Merkel played a key role in tackling that menace.

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