Top 10 Most Valuable Sports Brands of 2013

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In the modern times, sports and games have assumed very different shape. These are no more confined only to enhance one’s physical fitness and health; rather they have become a very good source of entertainment and earning huge profits as well. There are a great number of sports brand currently working in the field, which are earning great profits. These brands include the sports equipment manufacturing companies, channels which telecast the sports matches, sports teams and clubs of different games, and sports related video games. In this highly competitive world, where each and every brand is in constant competition with rival brands to increase its shares in the economic market, it is very difficult for them to stay on top in this activity. However, there are few sports brands that have been earning great profits and are regarded among the most valuable sports brands because of their best policies, hard work, and determination. This article I an attempt to give information regarding these sports brands. Following is the list of top 10 most valuable sports brands of 2013. This list of sports brands of 2013 is based on the net earnings of these brands which help them to maximize their value in the highly competitive economic market.

10. MSG


MSG is regarded as the 10th most valuable sports brands of 2013. MSG is a media channel that telecasts the sports related activities and international matches being played in all corners of the world. It is estimated that MSG telecasts over 400 live sports events in a year which greatly attracts the investors to invest in this network. The brand value of MSG is $500,000,000.

9. YES Network

YES Network

YES Network is another best sports brand of the world. YES Network is particularly famous in America as it telecasts a great number of sports events being played in the region. With the brand value of $600,000,000, YES Network enjoys the 9th position on our list of top 10 most valuable sports brands.

8. EA Sports

EA Sports

EA Sports is highly popular video games producing brand. The games of EA Sports are sold at very high rates as they include the latest technologies. Those who are in love with playing with video games must surely be associated with this brand. The brand value of EA Sports is $625,000,000.

7. Under Armour

Under Armour

Under Armour is a sports equipments producing brand and is one of the fastest-growing brands in the market. The equipments produced by this brand are used worldwide which help it to earn huge profits. The brand value of Under Armour is $1,000,000,000 which help it to be regarded as 7th most valuable sports brand of 2013.

6. Reebok


Reebok is one of the widely known names in the fields of sports. The products of Reebok are widely used by international players in the major events which further enhance the popularity of this brand. The value of Reebok is $1,500,000,000. The sports shoes of Reebok do not have any match in the world.

5. Gatorade


Gatorade is a brand which deals with sports drinks. Gatorade surpasses its competitors in production of sports drink in a significant manner. The drinks of Gatorade are used by the sportsmen all around the world, particularly in the international events of cycling and many other games. The brand value of Gatorade is $2,500,000,000.

4. Sky Sports

Sky Sports

Sky Sports is one of the most widely seen channels of the world. This channel covers all games and sports played in different regions of the region. Sky Sports provide its viewers with live telecasts of different sports events. The brand value of Sky Sports is $3,000,000,000.

3. Adidas


Adidas is another one of the most popular sports equipment producing brand which is highly famous all around the world. The products of Adidas are available to be used in all types of sports. Moreover, Adidas has hired many sports celebrities who use these products during international matches which greatly increased the popularity of this brand. The brand value of Adidas is $5,000,000,000.



Another widely seen sports channel, ESPN, telecasts the sports activities from all parts of the world. ESPN gives value to each and every sport equally and provide its viewers with quality entertainment. Any person, having any type of interest related to sports, can have his demands fulfilled at ESPN. The brand value of ESPN is $11,500,000,000.

1. Nike


With the brand value of $15,000,000,000, Nike significantly surpasses all of its competitors and indisputably rules the list of top 10 sports brands of 2013. The products of Nike range from footwear to balls and rackets, thus providing great variety to international players. The trustworthy reputation of Nike greatly increases its customer’s loyalty and is therefore the most valuable sports brand of 2013.

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